Summerville South Carolina Emergency Workers Evacuate Post Office Over Bomb Smelling Odor, Which Turned Out To Be A Skunk

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA – The scene is all clear now, but earlier today the Oakbrook Post Office was blocked off and evacuated by emergency crews after they received a call about a suspicious package.

The call came into the Old Fort Fire Department about 7:30 Wednesday morning from a postal employee. Officials say the package was wrapped in plastic and was giving off a bomb-smelling odor.

They immediately evacuated the post office and several surrounding businesses, but after a few hours of searching there was no bomb to be found. “There was stink. It just stunk. At first you didn’t realize it was a skunk until they guy said ‘I’m expecting a skunk’ and then you’re like, ‘That’s what it was,'” said one fire fighter.

“That’s exactly what it was.”

Apparently, the skunk was being delivered to a taxidermist who later told officials he has animals delivered to his home all the time.

Three weeks ago the same post office had to close because one of the heating units was smoking.

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