Atlanta Georgia Firefighters Go To Wrong House, Second Time In One Week, As Another Burns

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — For the second time in a week, Atlanta 911 dispatchers sent firefighters to the wrong address.

Fire damaged a house on Howell Drive around 4:15 p.m. Sunday, but CBS Atlanta News learned that firefighters were sent to a location on Harwell Road.

CBS Atlanta obtained the recording of the call.

“Respond to number 66 Harwell Road northwest at Delmar Lane,” a dispatcher said.

Several minutes later, one of the firefighters corrected the dispatcher, letting her know the fire was on Howell, not Harwell.

“That’s going to be on Howell, Howell Road at Martin Luther King Drive. Working fire, we’ll let you know when we get on the scene,” the firefighter said.

“All units responding to 66 Harwell road, engine nine advised that it’s 66 howell road,” the dispatcher responds.

But five minutes after the first call went out, crews were still trying to clear up the confusion.

“Is that going to be Howell or Harwell?” another firefighter asked.

Fortunately, the two addresses are not far apart. Firefighters saw the smoke and figured out the correct location.

Fire officials said the mix-up did not effect response time.

That was not the case last weekend, when firefighters were sent to the wrong address. A Grant Park home was destroyed by fire.

“I’ve asked for the tapes, so that I can review it,” said Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin.

Martin said Sunday that he was still trying to get to the bottom of last weekend’s incident when he learned about this evening’s snafu.

“Do you think the 911 center is a time bomb?” CBS Atlanta’s Joanna Massee asked Martin.

“It’s ticking. Yes, I do,” Martin answered.

Martin blamed the situation on Mayor Shirley Franklin’s furloughs.

CBS Atlanta asked if 911 supervisors are looking into what happened and what’s being done to correct the problem. Officials had no comment.

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