Crackwhore Duped Durham North Carolina Police Into Believing She Was Raped And Latter Set House On Fire With Boyfriend And Children Inside

June 30, 2010

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — Crystal Gail Mangum believes the system is out to get her.

With a motion bracelet strapped to her right ankle, Mangum, 31, held a press conference in front of a Savannah Avenue home this morning – where she is on house arrest – to defend herself against a February domestic violence arrest.

Mangum was arrested at her Lincoln Street home after police alleged that during an argument with her ex-boyfriend, she set the apartment on fire and tried to kill her now ex-boyfriend while her three young children and two Durham police officers were in the home.

“I don’t feel like I’m going to get the justice that I deserve through the judicial system and I feel this my only and last means to reach out to the public and let them know that I did not set a fire that night,” she said while sitting in front of Savannah Avenue residence, unable to even walk to the driveway. “To let the public know that I am being unfairly treated due to preconceived notions that people have about me concerning another case. I feel like enough is enough.”

That case happens to be the Duke Lacrosse case, where Mangum accused three Duke University lacrosse players of sexual assault during a party in March 2006. State Attorney General Roy Cooper cleared the three men in 2007. Mangum never faced any charges in the case, which gained international headlines and led to the resignation of former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong after the State Bar charged him with 20 ethics violations.

Mangum never mentioned the case by name during this morning’s conference but believes it has led to the multiple charges from the February incident, including arson, child endangerment and attempted murder. She pleaded for her ex-boyfriend, who she said abused her, to come forward and tell the truth about what happened.

Mangum said that her ex-boyfriend, after taking her to the emergency room for a spinal tap, started hitting her and accusing her of cheating after she asked him to leave the residence. Mangum said she and her three children ran into a bedroom for safety. Mangum stated that she doesn’t know who set the home on fire but that her ex-boyfriend was the only other person in the home.

“I can’t explain to you why I keep going through issues with domestic violence,” she said, referring to past relationships. “Maybe it’s mistakes. Maybe I tell men too much about my past and they try to take that for granted. Maybe domestic violence is more prevalent than people think.”

Mangum’s next court date is Friday.

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Man Faces Jail For Having Hitler Speach As Cellphone Ringtone

June 30, 2010

HAMBURG, GERMANY – A German man is facing up to six months in jail for having a speech by Adolf Hitler as his mobile phone ring tone.

The 54-year-old had a Hitler speech – in which the Fuehrer pledged the ‘destruction of world Jewry’ if Germany was ‘dragged’ into war – programmed into his Nokia phone.

Passengers aboard a train in Hamburg heard the bizarre ring-tone several times during a journey and reported him to police who seized him at the end of his journey.

When he was taken into custody police also found swastika stickers and photo of Hitler on the telephone with the words: ‘The greatest commander of all time’.

He was charged with violating the German constitution which expressly forbids public displays of the Nazis and all their works.

He could face a maximum of six months in jail.

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Montpelier Vermont Police Officers Piss Away Taxpayer Dollars Tailing Walking Nude Woman

June 30, 2010

MONTPELIER, VERMONT – What better way to beat the heat than…walk naked through the Capital City?

That was one 18-year-old woman’s solution to the humidity on Monday afternoon, a tactic that turned heads and prompted a flurry of phone calls to the Montpelier Police Department starting at 1:26 p.m.

Police identified the woman and spoke with her but said there was little they could do from a law enforcement perspective.

“As long as they’re not exhibiting any kind of overt gestures or communicating any kind of lewd act, then they’re within their rights — if we’ll use that word — to do that,” said Sgt. Neil Martel of the Montpelier Police Department.

Police did not observe the woman doing anything that violated state laws or city ordinances, said Martel.

“We watched her and there wasn’t anything going on that would have violated the ordinance,” he said.

Martel said he had an officer go out and speak with the woman, whom he declined to name. “She just said it was a hot day, I guess, and she was taking a walk,” said Martel.

The woman, who was accompanied by a male, made her way around the downtown, said Martel. She was reported on School Street and Main Street.

The nudity issue has come up in the past for Montpelier city officials surrounding the annual naked bike ride, which is allowed to happen in the city for the same reasons the pants-free pedestrian was allowed to saunter through the city Monday. Under the laws and ordinances, you can be nude outside but can’t disrobe outside, said Martel.

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Three Police Officers In Toronto Canada Attack, Beat And Arrest Innocent Journalist Covering G20 Demonstration

June 29, 2010

TORONTO, CANADA – Freelance journalist Jesse Rosenfeld says police beat him Saturday night in Toronto as he covered a G20 demonstration.

A second journalist who witnessed the incident said it was “not a great night for democracy.”

Steve Paikin, host of TVO’s The Agenda public affairs show, was watching protesters on a downtown Toronto street, the Esplanade, on Saturday night.

In a message posted on Twitter, Paikin wrote that the demonstration was peaceful. “It was like an old sit-in. No one was aggressive, and yet riot squad officers moved in.”

Police told him to leave, and “as I was escorted away from the demonstration, I saw two officers hold a journalist.”

“The journalist identified himself as working for the Guardian,” Paikin tweeted. “He talked too much and pissed the police off. Two officers held him. A third punched him in the stomach. Totally unnecessary. The man collapsed. Then the third officer drove his elbow into the man’s back.”

The man was Rosenfeld, 26, is a freelancer from Toronto who is now based in the Middle East. He writes for Now Magazine, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, The Montreal Mirror and This Magazine.

“An officer came up to me, looked at my ID, my alternative media centre press pass and said: ‘This isn’t a legitimate press pass. Put him under arrest!'” Rosenfeld said.

“At which point I was immediately jumped and beaten. The officer grabbed my arm, ripped it behind my back. I was punched in the stomach to make me go down to the ground. I was being hit in the ribs.

“All the time I was saying ‘I am not resisting arrest. I am a journalist. Why are you beating me?'”

According to Paikin, “this guy is about 5-foot-4, 140 pounds. I later spoke to his father and found out he’s only got one kidney, and he’s an asthmatic. Hard to see how he was a threat to anything.”

“Not a great night for democracy in our city, the way I saw it.”

Toronto police said Rosenfeld is welcome to file a complaint. He has hired a lawyer.

Rosenfeld was not the only person whose arrest perturbed Paikin.

On Sunday, he said he had heard from author and academic Valerie Zawilski. She had just been released from jail after being arrested for breaching peace during the Saturday night demonstration. “Gimme a break,” Paikin tweeted.

And Paikin monitored the arrest of the son of Kate Holloway. Holloway is a journalist, activist and was a Liberal party candidate in the 2007 Ontario election.

Her son Sam and Sam’s girlfriend were watching a demonstration Saturday night and were arrested.

They spent a night in jail and Sam’s parents had no idea where they were.

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Chesterfield Virginia Police Arrrest Woman Who Wasn’t Driving For Drunk Driving

June 28, 2010

CHESTERFIELD, VIRGINIA – A Chesterfield County school volunteer is charged with DUI. Police tell us Erin Miller, 28, walked into a restaurant in Short Pump Saturday night and ordered an alcoholic drink. However, bartenders refused her because they claim she appeared to be intoxicated.

The manager of the restaurant then grabbed Miller’s keys and called a cab for her. But police say Miller then grabbed a set of spare keys out of her purse and as she approached her car, police arrived and arrested her for DUI.

Investiagtors say Miller then assaulted the arresting officer, and kicked out the back window of his police cruiser. Miller is a volunteer dance team coach at Chesterfield’s Manchester High School.

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Woman Assaulted By Costco Employee For Bypassing Line At Door

June 27, 2010

Let’s say you’re in a rush after buying a fan at Costco. You look past the line packed with people and carts and spy a lone employee standing by the exit. Do you walk over and show your receipt? What’s the worst that could happen? Let’s ask Reader Shay.

On June 23, 2010 at the [redacted] Costco Center at around 11am I made a quick stop in to return a couple items and to pick a fan. Both the returns process and the checkout went wonderfully as usual. It only took me 2 minutes to get in line and pay for the one item I had.

However when I reached the exit door there was a line of 8 people with baskets of stuff waiting to get out the door. So I went to the other door which does have exit illuminated above it and showed the lady standing there my receipt and one item. She shook her head at me and pointed at the line. When I started to walk out the exit anyways she grabbed a hold of my arm and told me to go to the other line. I told her that I was already running late and the line was moving very slowly, so I continued out the exit. At this point her hand slipped off of my arm and she grabbed a hold of my purse. The first time I politely asked her to let go of me, to which she promptly ignored me. So I continued to walk out the door as she still held onto my purse, eventually grabbing onto it with a second hand and began tugging it. I finally started yelling at her to let go of me when we were in front of the exit area (directly center to both entrances). Even after people started stopping and staring at us, She continued to tug on my purse and would not let go no matter how loud I yelled. She finally let go when I knocked her hands off of my purse with pretty reasonable force.

I was honestly pretty shaken up over this. I really couldn’t believe someone would do this in a public place especially an employee of that store. I sat in my car for about 5 minutes and calmed down. Then I had to find the number for Costco, because no where on my receipt does it list a phone number. I finally got a hold of the stores assistant manger and explained what had happened. He was polite and apologetic and end up meeting me in front of the store so I could point out who had done this to me. He said that he would speak with this Employee and that the Store Manger would call me when he came in.

True to his word the store manger did give me a call a few hours later. He once again apologized for the situation. I explained to what had happened and he confirmed that the statement that the employee had to fill out stated exactly what I had told him.

I have also mailed a letter to the regional manger letting him know exactly what happen as well. This should have never happen to me and I will continue writing to members of Costco Management, to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. There should be a Zero Tolerance Policy for this type of employee behavior.

The lone employee may not have been a loss prevention officer, but that doesn’t excuse her from using common sense. Still, was Shay wrong for trying to cut the line? Should Costco do anything else? Let us know in the comments.

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Toronto Canada Police Raid Wrong Home, With Warrant They Couldn’t Produce, And Terrorize Innocent Family

June 27, 2010

TORONTO, CANADA – A Toronto veterinarian says police conducting a raid on anti-G20 protesters stormed into his home early Saturday, confronted him at gunpoint and handcuffed him — only to release him when they realized he had not been involved in any protest activity.

Dr. John Booth said the raid occurred at around 4 a.m. Saturday at his family’s apartment in a three-storey house at 143 Westminster Ave. near Roncesvalles Avenue.

Booth, 30, lives with his wife, Dr. Hannah Booth, 31, and his six-month-old son in the top two floors of the house.

“I thought it was a bad dream. Basically I woke up, and there were four police officers in my room,” Booth told CBC News.

“It was one of the very few nights I forgot to lock the front door and, lo and behold, they gained access and did not ring the doorbell, did not knock.

“One of them has his gun drawn and [it] is pointed at me, which is obviously an extremely unsettling way to wake up.”

Booth said police questioned him and he gave them his identification. They said they had warrants to search his home and arrest him.

Booth also said the officers informed him he was going to be charged with conspiracy to commit mischief and then handcuffed him.

Police never produced the warrants they spoke of, Booth said. They also spoke to Hannah Booth and woke up the couple’s baby in the nursery, he added.

Booth declined to give the name of his son, saying he didn’t want to get him involved.
Raid on downstairs apartment

Police had apprehended a number of anti-G20 protesters who were staying in another apartment on the ground floor of the house. Booth said he was taken to the lawn outside the home and made to wait there with several other handcuffed males.

While the officers waited for a police vehicle to take some of those on the lawn to a police station, Booth pleaded his case with the officers.

He said both he and his wife, who is also a veterinarian, were professionals who had no involvement with any criminal activity and that officers had no right to arrest him.

“That seemed to hit home. They conferred with their superior and then they took me back and said, ‘We apologize,'” Booth said.

Booth said he believed police were looking for someone named Peter.

The G20 Integrated Security Unit confirmed later it had conducted legal raids on two homes in Toronto and had arrested four people, one of whom was a 24-year-old named Peter Hopperton.

It could not confirm the addresses of the accused, nor the time of the raids.

Jillian Van Acker of the ISU, which includes members of the RCMP, Toronto police, Peel Regional Police and the Canadian Forces, said she had no information about the incident involving Booth.

“They shouldn’t have ever been in my house if they’d done their due diligence to actually figure out who was on site,” Booth said.

Booth said in email after the interview that the officers he dealt with were Toronto police, “as far as I could tell.”
‘Abuse of power’

Booth said he’s concerned about what he says was an overreach of police power in the lead-up to the G20 summit.

“I was listening to CBC Radio yesterday and they’re talking about …all the money going towards security [for the G20 summit] and the ultimate irony is that this is taxpayer dollars going to ‘keep us safe,’ and me the innocent bystander gets caught up in the middle of his over-policing and [this] abuse of power that occurred as a result.”

The Booths have filed a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, a provincial police watchdog.

When asked if he and his wife will file a lawsuit, Booth said they aren’t interested in compensation.

“We would pursue that if it seems as though that’s the best means for accountability. Because that’s what we’re really after here — we just want them to ‘fess up’ and say, ‘Look, we screwed up royally and we’re sorry.'”

Booth works as a veterinarian at the Richview Animal Hospital in western Toronto. His wife, Hannah, is on maternity leave and recently took a position on the board of directors at the Toronto Humane Society.

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