Baltimore Maryland Police Officer Sgt. Duane Henry Covered Up Governor’s 18 Year Old Daughter Being Unconscious From Alcohol Poisoning

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A Baltimore police officer suspected Gov. Martin O’Malley’s unconscious 18-year-old daughter had alcohol poisoning and called for medical help, according to police calls released Friday.

A dispatcher questioned if alcohol poisoning was the reason the officer needed an ambulance for Tara O’Malley at Inner Harbor on May 27 and Sgt. Duane Henry said it was.

During a cell phone call to the dispatcher, Henry was careful to note that the young woman was the governor’s daughter and that he didn’t want it to be broadcast over the police radio.

“The governor’s daughter is passed out over here,” Henry said, adding: “I can’t put that on the air.”

Gov. O’Malley’s wife, Baltimore District Judge Katie O’Malley, issued a statement a day later, saying her daughter had attended a graduation celebration before she “became ill and received medical treatment.” She called it a “teachable moment” and asked that the family’s privacy be respected. The statement did not mention alcohol as the cause.

Police released recordings of the 911 call and cell exchange in response to a Public Information Act request by The Associated Press and other media.

According to the police report, Tara O’Malley “appeared to be unconscious” at about 7:30 p.m. She was treated and released from Harbor Hospital the same night.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said phone calls from a police officer to a dispatcher normally are not made public, but the decision was made after consulting with the governor’s office. It was a police department decision to make the calls public and the governor’s office agreed.

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