Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Department Chaplain Samuel Conley Arrested In Prostitution Sting

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA – The Kissimmee police department conducted an all day operation encompassing several checks and sting operations.

On October 28, 2010 the Kissimmee police department conducted sex offender checks, pawn shop inspections and prostitution stings. This operation was an all day event that included all areas of the Criminal Investigation Division.

The registered sex offenders that reside within the City limits were contacted as a part of the Department’s quarterly sex offender checks. All offenders were reminded that this coming weekend is Halloween and that they are to adhere to their court appointed restrictions. Detectives also ensured that the offenders did not have any items in front of their homes that would entice children to come and trick or treat.

During the inspection of pawn shops, 18 pawn broker inspection sheets were completed with very few violations noted at the pawn shops.

The Criminal Investigation Division also conducted an internet prostitution sting and a street prostitution reverse. During the operation the following were arrested for Assignation of Prostitution and Entering a Dwelling for Prostitution.

Name DOB City

Shambahran Harimian 4/23/41 Orlando

Samuel Conley 7/20/56 Haines City

Ramon Ayala 10/17/70 Orlando

Dae Hun Byun 5/6/60 Kissimmee

Allison Rice 8/5/74 Tavares was arrested for Prostitution

The following were arrested during the street prostitution reverse and were charged with Assignation to Commit Prostitution.

Name DOB City

John Doe # 2326 Kissimmee

Jose Aviles-Castro 3/29/74 Orlando

Radain Bonilaa 4/13/64 Kissimmee

Gemarine Totaram 5/7/46 St. Cloud

Yobani Aguilar 9/20/80 Kissimmee

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