Africans Outlaw Farting

January 31, 2011

MALAWI, AFRICA – Breaking wind is set to be made a crime in an African country.

The government of Malawi plan to punish persistent offenders ‘who foul the air’ in a bid to ‘mould responsible and disciplined citizens.’

But locals fear that pinning responsibility on the crime will be difficult – and may lead to miscarriages of justice as ‘criminals’ attempt to blame others for their offence.

One Malawian told the website ‘My goodness. What happens in a public place where a group is gathered. Do they lock up half a minibus?

‘And how about at meetings where it is difficult to pinpoint ‘culprits’?

‘Children will openly deny having passed bad air and point at an elder. Culturally, this is very embarrassing,’ she said.

Another said: ‘We have serious issues affecting Malawians today. I do not know how fouling the air should take priority over regulating Chinese investments which do not employ locals, serious graft amongst legislators, especially those in the ruling party, and many more.’

The crime will be enforceable in a new ‘Local Court’ system which will also have powers to punish a range of other crimes in the bill set to be debated in the country’s parliament.

These include insulting the modesty of a woman, challenging to fight a duel, and trespassing on a burial place.

It also outlaws pretending to be a fortune teller, according to local press in the country.

Opposition leaders complain the new courts will be ‘kangaroo courts’.

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$5 Million Federal Lawsuit Charges Whitfield County Georgia Deputies With Torturing 29 Inmates At County Jail

January 31, 2011

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GEORGIA – Twenty-nine northwest Georgia inmates were forced to rub cream on their bodies and stand in their cells naked for 12 hours, according to federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed against the Whitfield County sheriff’s office in U.S. District Court in Rome, seeks $5 million in punitive damages, The Daily Citizen in Dalton reported. The suit contends the inmates were humiliated while behind bars at the Whitfield County jail in October.

A sheriff’s office captain told the newspaper the cream was an anti-lice treatment. Two members of the jail staff were disciplined following the incident, according to the report.

“They came into the dorm and told us to strip, and never told us why,” David Bennett, one of the two inmates that filed the suit, told the newspaper. “They said it’d be for a couple of hours with no covering. I’ve been in prison, but this had never happened. It seemed absurd to me. I was physically sick for a week afterward from the cold, and all because they think some 18-year-old kid who had left the day before had lice.”

Bennett has been arrested and booked 35 times at the Whitfield County jail since 1999, according to documents provided by the sheriff’s office. His most recent arrest in October was for sale of methamphetamine, use of a communication facility in drug transactions, felony probation violation and giving false information to officers, the newspaper reported.

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North Carolina Police Free To Collect DNA Without Warrants

January 31, 2011

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – Tuesday marks the first day of a new law that allows law enforcement to take DNA from arrestees, not just those convicted of a crime.

The new state law begins February 1 and requires officers to take DNA samples from anyone charged with assault on handicapped persons, stalking, or any felony.

Previously, samples were only obtained from convicted felons with blood. Now officers can swab the inside of someone’s cheek to obtain DNA.

The samples will be sent to Raleigh for analysis and storage. They will be run against DNA taken from unsolved crimes to look for matches and stored to compare against evidence collected from crime scenes.

Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes previously said the extra effort will help solve a lot of cases.

The law requires a person’s sample be automatically removed from the state’s DNA database when the suspect is acquitted or charges are dismissed.

North Carolina’s DNA database, which is maintained by the State Bureau of Investigation, currently contains more than 200,000 profiles and has helped solve more than 1,900 cases since its inception.

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UK Immigration Officer Tried To Ditch His Wife By Adding Her To Terrorist Watch List And Hoping She Couldn’t Fly Home From Pakistan

January 31, 2011

UK – An immigration officer tried to rid himself of his wife by adding her name to a list of terrorist suspects.

He used his access to security databases to include his wife on a watch list of people banned from boarding flights into Britain because their presence in the country is ‘not conducive to the public good’.

As a result the woman was unable for three years to return from Pakistan after travelling to the county to visit family.

The tampering went undetected until the immigration officer was selected for promotion and his wife name was found on the suspects’ list during a vetting inquiry.

The Home Office confirmed today that the officer has been sacked for gross misconduct.

The incident is likely to raise new questions over levels of efficiency in the UK Border Agency, the organisation formed nearly three years ago by then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to take over all immigration controls.

It has been criticised for poor performance by the Parliamentary Ombudsman and has suffered its share of humiliating incidents – for example the incident 19 months ago when an illegal immigrant escaped from the channel tunnel port at Folkestone by clinging to the underside of a bus carrying Border Agency staff.


* Jacqui Smith to make porn show for BBC: After her blue movie expenses humiliation, she’s doing a sex documentary on Radio 5

The Agency is charged with putting into operation the Coalition’s policy of reducing numbers of workers from outside Europe allowed into Britain.
Prime mover: Jacqui Smith set up the UK Border Agency three years ago, but these latest revelations have led to calls for tighter vetting

Prime mover: Jacqui Smith set up the UK Border Agency three years ago, but these latest revelations have led to calls for tighter vetting

A spokesman said: ‘We expect the highest levels of integrity. Allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated and we always take action swiftly where we find members of staff who have abused their position.

‘On the extremely rare occasions where this occurs, the strongest action is taken.’

The officer in the latest incident to come to light was employed by a unit maintaining watch lists.

He is understood to have worked at the Agency’s headquarters at Lunar House in Croydon, South London.

His wife visited family in Pakistan but when she tried to return to Britain she was not allowed onto the aircraft. Airline and immigration officials refused to explain to her why.

She was forced to remain in Pakistan for three years until her husband’s manipulation of the suspect list came to light.

He is understood to have applied for a promotion that would have meant a higher level of security clearance.

During the vetting process the name of his wife was discovered on the suspect list, to the surprise of security staff.

When questioned, the officer confessed to his alteration of the lists and was sacked.

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Audio File Surfaces Of Man Being Beaten By Westland Michigan Police Officers Michael Little And Kyle Dawley – Faced Bogus Charges And Was Convicted Of One

January 31, 2011

WESTLAND, MICHIGAN – An attorney plans to use an inadvertent 21-minute recording from an officer’s lapel microphone as grounds to overturn a misdemeanor conviction against a husband who allegedly was beaten by officers trying to mediate a dispute between the man and his wife.

The husband, Jeffrey Kodlowski, suspected his wife of cheating and initiated the March 18, 2009, incident when he took her cell phone in an attempt to prove her infidelity. Marlyn Kodlowski then began a series of phone calls to police that led to the arrival of officers Michael Little and Kyle Dawley to the Kodlowski residence on South Hanlon Street.

Jeffrey Kodlowski’s attorney, Joseph Corriveau, says the recording, captured by Little’s lapel microphone, shows the police overreached their authority and allegedly attacked his client, who was charged with assaulting the officers; he was acquitted of the assault charge and found guilty of resisting arrest.

Although assaulting a police officer is a felony in Michigan, Westland officials did not submit the case to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for review; instead, Kodlowski was charged in 29th District Court under city code violations of assault and resisting arrest.

“The audio shows these officers clearly stepped over the line,” said Corriveau, who filed a motion with the Michigan Court of Appeals in December, after Wayne Circuit Judge Craig Strong refused to hear the case on appeal.

“If the microphone hadn’t been on, this would’ve been just a ‘he said, she said’ situation. But the audio tells the story,” the attorney said.

Corriveau said he also plans to file a civil lawsuit against the police seeking damages for the beating, but is waiting to see how the appeal plays out first.

“(District Judge Mark McConnell) didn’t allow photos of my client’s injuries, or any mention of the beating these officers gave him,” Corriveau said. “The judge also wouldn’t let the jury see a transcript of the audio.”

Westland Deputy Chief Daniel Karrick said he couldn’t comment on the case because it was still being adjudicated, although he said there’s nothing unusual about trying assault cases against officers in district court.

“Most of those cases are charged as misdemeanors,” Karrick said. “I’d say 99 percent of our cases are charged that way.”
“Try to make me leave.”

The incident began at 4:01 a.m., when Marlyn Kodlowski called the Westland Police Department claiming her husband had taken her cell phone and car keys and wouldn’t allow her to leave the house. The desk officer asked to talk to her husband; Jeffrey Kodlowski told the officer, “There’s no fight, like hitting or nothing.”

“Let me ask you this — how come you won’t let her have the keys to leave?” the officer asked. Jeffrey Kodlowski agreed to give his wife the car keys, and the officer hung up.

Marlyn Kodlowski again called police at 4:12 a.m.

Little and Dawley arrived at 4:17 a.m. to find the woman sitting in her van outside the home. She told the officers her husband had handed over her keys and purse, but would not give up the cell phone. “He thinks I’m cheating on him,” she said.

She told the officers she planned to go to her sister’s house.

Corriveau said “it was obvious Mrs. Kodlowski was free to leave” when the police arrived. “At that point, they should have just left,” Corriveau said.

The officers instead entered the house and are heard ordering Jeffrey Kodlowski to give the cell phone to his wife. He refused.

“You don’t believe me or nothing I say; what because I’m the dude here?” he asked.

“You’re a loudmouth; you’re acting like a jerk,” Dawley said.

“Loudmouth? You’re in my house; no one’s yelling at you,” Jeffrey Kodlowski replied. “You come off with this pumping the chest and throwing your authority at me for nothing, dude. You have no right to sit here over a phone.”

“Because you’re acting like a jerk,” Dawley said.

“OK, well, I will act like a jerk and be quiet,” the husband said. “You have no right to sit here over a phone.”

Dawley cut him off: “Try to make me leave your house. Go for it.”

Jeffrey Kodlowski twice informed the officers that he’d had an operation for a brain aneurysm.
“Let’s take him.”

At one point, Marlyn Kodlowski and the officers tried to use her husband’s wallet as a bargaining chip to get Jeffrey Kodlowski to give up the phone.

Again he refused, saying he wanted to learn the code so he could see who his wife had been calling.

Jeffrey Kodlowski is later heard saying, “I’m the victim. I asked you guys to please leave; she’s got the keys to the car, she wants to leave. I talked to an officer on the phone; he said ‘Just give her the keys and go.'”

A few minutes later, Marlyn Kodlowski says she wants to leave. Her husband is heard saying, “I’m curious . . . this is my wallet there?”

“Don’t touch me,” Little said.

The officers later would say Jeffrey Kodlowski had spun Little around when he touched him, but no struggle is heard on the audio. Instead, Kodlowski apologizes twice.

Dawley then says to his partner, “You know what? Let’s take him. (Expletive) him.”

The sounds of a struggle are heard. “Nobody is touching him . . . I was pointing,” Jeffrey Kodlowski says.

“Don’t resist,” Dawley says.

The husband screams, “Man, dude. Ow, ow!”

“Stop resisting,” Dawley says.

“I ain’t doing nothing,” Kodlowski says. “He punched me in the face.”

Marlyn Kodlowski then begs the officers, “Stop, stop. My son is outside.”

“Go outside with your son,” Little says.

“Don’t touch him,” Marlyn Kodlowski says. “You guys, stop. Oh please, you guys.”

When the struggle was over, Jeffrey Kodlowski was bleeding profusely from a huge gash in his head, and is allegedly rushed to Annapolis Hospital.

Curt Benson, a professor at Cooley School of Law, said police officers are required to leave a private residence once they determine no crime has been committed, even if they were invited inside.

“If they believe someone has committed a crime, they can make an arrest,” he said. “But in a case like this, if they weren’t sure who owned the phone, as long as there was no evidence of a crime, they should have told them to talk to a lawyer. They’re required to leave if they’re asked to leave and there’s no crime.

“The problem is, some people use the police as arbitrators in family squabbles,” Benson said. “The police know that, and their job is to de-escalate the situation. It doesn’t sound like that’s what happened here.”

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Appeals Court Overturns Sentence By Albany New York Federal Judge Gary L. Sharpe – Based Prison Term On “As-Of-Yet Undiscovered” Child Pornography Gene – Dumbass

January 30, 2011

ALBANY, NEW YORK – A federal appeals court in Manhattan overturned a six-and-a-half-year sentence in a child pornography case on Friday, saying the judge who imposed it improperly found that the defendant would return to viewing child pornography “because of an as-of-yet undiscovered gene.”

The judge, Gary L. Sharpe of Federal District Court in Albany, was quoted as saying, “It is a gene you were born with. And it’s not a gene you can get rid of,” before he sentenced the defendant, Gary Cossey, in December 2009.

A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said in ruling on the defendant’s appeal, “It would be impermissible for the court to base its decision of recidivism on its unsupported theory of genetics.”

Judges Amalya L. Kearse, John M. Walker Jr. and Rosemary S. Pooler ruled that a sentence relying on findings not supported in the record “seriously affects the fairness, integrity and public reputation of judicial proceedings.”

The panel ordered that Mr. Cossey be resentenced by a different judge, a step it said was taken only where a judge’s fairness or the appearance of fairness was in doubt. “This is one such instance,” the panel said.

Judge Sharpe, appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush, has been a district judge since 2004. His chambers declined to comment.

Mr. Cossey, who had pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, said at his sentencing that he felt therapy was “helping me tremendously in a lot of ways,” a transcript shows.

But the panel said that Judge Sharpe had rejected two psychological evaluations that found Mr. Cossey was “at a low to moderate risk to reoffend,” and that the judge told Mr. Cossey that the “opinions of the psychologists and the psychiatrists as to what harm you may pose to those children in the future is virtually worthless here.”

Prosecutors argued that Mr. Cossey might again violate the law because he was found to have continued viewing child pornography after an initial investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the ruling said.

The panel quoted Judge Sharpe as telling the defendant, “I’m not sure there’s any answer for what I see here beyond what I’m about to tell ya,” and predicting that in 50 years, Mr. Cossey’s conduct is likely to be found to have been caused by a gene.

“You are what you’re born with. And that’s the only explanation for what I see here,” the judge said.

Mr. Cossey’s lawyer, George E. Baird Jr., declined to comment, as did William C. Pericak, a prosecutor in the United States attorney’s office in Albany.

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Los Angeles California School Police Officer Jeff Stenroos Arrested, Charged After Bogus Police Report Saying He Had Been Shot

January 28, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Authorities arrested Los Angeles school police Officer Jeff Stenroos on suspicion of filing a false police report after he allegedly admitted to fabricating a story that he had been shot last week in Woodland Hills, according to a senior LAPD official close to the investigation.

The official said investigators are still piecing together how Stenroos pulled off the alleged hoax, which sparked a dragnet that inconvenienced thousands of people after police shut down a large swath of Woodland Hills in search of the supposed gunman.

The source added that Stenroos’ protective vest showed obvious signs of having been struck by a bullet, and the officer also suffered bruising on his chest. Detectives later raised questions about whether the officer shot himself accidentally and then fabricated a story or concocted the whole scenario.

The source declined to say whether additional arrests would be made in the case.

“Obviously, it’s as shocking to us as it is to anyone else,” Steven Zipperman, chief of the Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department, said Thursday night.

Zipperman, who recently left the Los Angeles Police Department, where he had been a captain, said his department is cooperating in the ongoing investigation.

The president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League called the incident an “embarrassment to law enforcement.”

“The law enforcement community is disgusted,” Paul M. Weber said in a statement. “While Mr. Stenroos is a disgrace to his badge, his individual and dangerous actions should not reflect on the hardworking men and women in law enforcement.”

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Dallas Texas Police Officer Theadora Ross Arrested, Chared In $250,000 Theft From Crime Stoppers Program

January 28, 2011

DALLAS, TEXAS – Dallas police Senior Corporal Theadora Ross — a 26-year department veteran — said nothing after being arrested Monday.

But now we know what she’s accused of.

Ross and another woman, Malva Delley, are accused of collecting $250,000 in rewards for bogus tips to the Crime Stoppers program for more than five years.

Russell Verney, executive director of the North Texas Crime Commission, which operates Crime Stoppers says, ”It’s shocking that it happened, that it happened for so long.”

Verney says it’s not lost on him that the commission, which helps solve crimes, became a crime victim. ”A bit of irony. It’s unfortunate.”

Ross was responsible for taking anonymous tips, and selecting those eligible for a cash reward.

To pick up that reward, tipsters receive a secret code word and tip number, then go to the bank.

But Verney says one legitimate tipster called him and said something was wrong. ”An individual went to pick-up his authorized tip at the bank,” Verney said, “and was told that somebody had preceded him, and had his secret number and his secret code word.”

Verney says they temporarily shut down the program and investigated.

Prosecutors say Ross gave Delley bogus tip and information numbers to collect the cash rewards.

From there, prosecutors say Delley got the money from the bank and split it with Ross.

When we stopped by Ross’ house in Rowlett today, no one came to the door.

Today Dallas police called this indictment “a major breach of public trust.”

Dallas police and the Crime Commission say they have already changed their procedures to keep this from happening again.

The Crime Commission says Crime Stoppers continues to receive numerous tips and pay cash rewards.

Both women have pleaded not guilty in court.

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Former Cobb County Georgia Police Officer Kenneth Reda Gets A Tiny Slap On The Wrist After Killing Fellow SWAT Team Officer

January 28, 2011

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA – A former Cobb County SWAT officer was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday for lying about a boating accident on Lake Allattoona last spring that left his friend and fellow SWAT Officer Brent Stephens dead.

The judge also gave Kenneth Reda 11 years of probation. Channel 2 Action News reporter Ross Cavitt was at the courthouse during the sentencing hearing.

Reda pleaded guilty earlier this month to second-degree homicide by vessel, among other charges.

Prosecutors said he lied and covered up events of the April 2010 boating accident.

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Atlanta Georgia Police Officers Suspended Amid Investigation Into Public Strip And Body Cavity Search

January 28, 2011

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The Atlanta Police Department has confirmed that it is conducting an internal investigation into inappropriate conduct accusations involving some members of the department’s Red Dog unit.

The three officers involved have been placed on administrative duty pending disciplinary decisions.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Eric Philips began piecing together the story after two men came forward and complained about possible officer misconduct during a June traffic stop on Fulton Street.

One of the men said members of the Red Dog unit pulled over his vehicle and forced him to pull down his pants on the side of the road in broad daylight, as officers conducted a search for drugs. No drugs were ever found, passenger Brian Kidd said.

Kidd told Philips that his roommate, Shawn Venegas, was also subjected to a body cavity search that left him feeling uncomfortable.

“One of the officers actually stuck his hand down into Shawn Venegas’ pants,” said attorney Mark Bullman.

Kidd said it was too much for him to bear.

“They went to his bottom part. That’s as low as you can go. I don’t think anybody should be subjected to that kind of search,” Kidd said. “I had to look away because I couldn’t watch my friend be done like that.”

Venegas said he was so traumatized by the incident that he moved to another state.

“I feel molested, and I feel like I was raped,” Venegas told Philips over the phone.

Two of the three officers involved in the stop were also named in the infamous Atlanta Eagle bar raid that the city recently settled. Co-counsel on the traffic stop case, Dan Grossman, was the lead attorney in the Atlanta Eagle case.

“I’ve heard many stories from citizens who were stripped in public by Red Dog,” Grossman said.

[Brian Kidd]
Enlarge Image


Brian Kidd
On Thursday, Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos e-mailed a statement to Channel 2 in response to the accusations.

“The Atlanta Police Department is in the process of concluding the internal investigation into this matter. There is evidence to suggest that some of the officers’ actions during this traffic stop were inappropriate,” Campos said. “As a result, Chief Turner intends to move swiftly to discipline some of the officers with actions – up to, and including, dismissal.”

According to the department’s website, the Red Dog unit’s mission is to provide a police presence in areas where drug sales and drug-related activities are prevalent.

“The Atlanta Police Department expects its officers to be truthful at all times, to follow all policies and procedures and to follow all of the local, state and federal laws they are sworn to uphold. Failure to do so will not be tolerated,” Campos said

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Kirksville Missouri Police Arrest Man Who Talked On Cellphone In His Parked Truck

January 28, 2011

Kirksville, Mo. —

A report of an armed man acting erratically in the Wal-Mart parking lot Wednesday led to the store being temporarily locked down before Kirksville Police responded to and diffused the situation with no injuries.

According to Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes, a passerby stopped a Kirksville Police officer and said they had seen an individual acting erratically in a truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot shortly before 2:30 p.m. The passerby believed the individual had a gun to his head.

“We don’t take these things lightly,” Hughes said, “especially nowadays.”

KPD responded to control the scene and ordered a lockdown of the store both to keep shoppers in and prevent the individual from entering the store.

After identifying the vehicle and person in question, Hughes said a decision was made on the scene for police to attempt contact. They were able to communicate with him and he voluntarily exited the vehicle. No weapon was found and the individual was taken into custody without incident less than 20 minutes after police arrived on scene.

The individual was talking on a cell phone at the time of the incident. It’s likely that is the object the passerby identified as a gun.

Hughes said no crime was committed and no additional information, including the person’s name, would be released.

Wal-Mart security offered full cooperation, Hughes said. The Adair County Sheriff’s Office also responded and offered assistance, but Hughes said the incident was resolved prior to their active involvement.

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102,000 Bogus Edmonton Canada Police Speed Camera Tickets Worth $12.3 Million To Be Refunded To Scammed Motorists

January 26, 2011

EDMONTON, CANADA – Unable to verify the accuracy of certain speed camera readings, the government of Alberta, Canada announced Monday that it would issue full refunds to motorists. Doubt surrounds speeding citations issued from any of the forty-seven red light camera intersections in the city of Edmonton under a program known as “speed on green.” The refunds cover automated tickets mailed between November 2009 and January 14, 2011.

“This is the right action to take,” Minister of Justice and Attorney General Alison Redford said in a statement. “Our first concern is the fair administration of justice, and we cannot proceed with legal action when there is doubt about the accuracy of the city’s speed on green ticket technology.”

Edmonton Police Service officials have not disclosed the precise cause of inaccurate speed readings, but they admitted the automated ticketing machines generated at least twenty-six bogus readings. The problem was discovered when prosecutors examined a ticket claiming a vehicle was traveling at 143km/h (89 MPH) on Yellowhead Trail — along with every other vehicle on the road.

Although 141,729 tickets worth about $17 million were generated, only 102,700 worth $12.3 million have been paid. The profit is split between the city, the for-profit vendor, and the province which takes about 17 percent.

Despite the significant pricetag of paying back the fines, the Edmonton incident is far from the largest photo ticketing refund on record. In July 2003, a speed camera in Victoria, Australia accused motorist Vanessa Bridges’ 1975 Datsun 120Y of driving at 98 MPH, setting off a chain reaction of events that ultimately cost the state government A$26 million in refunds. Even after the thirty-year-old Datsun was tested and found to be capable of reaching speeds no greater than 73 MPH, police dug in their heels and insisted the photo enforcement system was accurate and that Bridges’ fine would stand. Intense publicity arising out of her case, however, forced an investigation into the cameras on the Western Ring Road. Independent testing showed faulty in-ground sensors and electromagnetic interference had been responsible for generating bogus speed readings. The government had no choice but to cancel 165,000 camera tickets.

Last year, police in Victoria, Australia admitted accuracy problems had surfaced again on the Hume Highway as the clocks used by average-speed cameras became unsynchronized. So far, officials have refused to provide refunds while a formal review is conducted. A report on the incident is expected within a week.

Alberta, Canada Cancels 141,729 Photo Tickets

Ohio Mother Jailed For Efforts Not To Send Her Daughters To Skid-Row Public School

January 26, 2011

OHIO – An Ohio mother’s attempt to provide her daughters with a better education has landed her behind bars.

Kelley Williams-Bolar was convicted of lying about her residency to get her daughters into a better school district.

“It’s overwhelming. I’m exhausted,” she said. “I did this for them, so there it is. I did this for them.”

Williams-Bolar decided four years ago to send her daughters to a highly
ranked school in neighboring Copley-Fairlawn School District.

But it wasn’t her Akron district of residence, so her children were
ineligible to attend school there, even though her father lived within
the district’s boundaries.

The school district accused Williams-Bolar of lying about her address,
falsifying records and, when confronted, having her father file false
court papers to get around the system.

Williams-Bolar said she did it to keep her children safe and that she lived part-time with her dad.

“When my home got broken into, I felt it was my duty to do something else,” Williams-Bolar said.

While her children are no longer attending schools in the
Copley-Fairlawn District, school officials said she was cheating because
her daughters received a quality education without paying taxes to fund

“Those dollars need to stay home with our students,” school district officials said.

Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District – ABC News

“War On Cops?” Propaganda Surfaces After String Of Police Officers Catch Bullets And Die

January 25, 2011

US – Authorities are worried a recent wave of police officer shootings may not be a coincidence.

In just 24 hours, at least 11 cops were shot around the country.

The most recent incident at a fugitive’s house in St. Petersburg, Fla., left two officers dead and a U.S. marshal wounded Monday. Hours earlier, an Oregon officer was critically wounded after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop.

Monday’s violence followed a bloody Sunday that left an officer in Indianapolis critically wounded during a traffic stop shooting, four officers in Indianapolis wounded after a gunman opened fire in a precinct and two more officers in Washington wounded in a shootout in a Walmart parking lot.

“It’s not a fluke,” Richard Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, told “There’s a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on.”

Florida officers Tom Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz were killed Monday when agents tried to arrest 39-year-old Hydra Lacy Jr. on an aggravated battery charge. Police believe Lacy opened fire on the agents, also injuring an U.S. marshal.

Lacy, who was found dead at home following an hour-long standoff, had a long and violent criminal record including a sexual battery conviction.

In Oregon, a gunman is still on the loose after shooting officer Steven Dodds, 45, during a traffic stop Monday. Police say the gunman, driving a 1984 Dodge truck, led police on a chase after the shooting and fired several shots at officers but missed, before being stopped by spike strips and escaping on foot into a wooded area. He is described as armed and extremely dangerous.

Indianapolis Police Chief Paul Ciesielski says he believes 60-year-old Thomas Hardy is the man who shot officer David Moore twice in the face and in his chest and leg during a traffic stop Sunday, critically wounding Moore.

The Indiana Department of Correction says Hardy had a criminal history dating back to at least 1984, when he was sentenced to 13 years in prison on a burglary conviction. He was released on parole in 1990, but has been in and out of prison since then on various charges, including seven sentences for theft, one for cocaine possession and one for misdemeanor battery.

Detectives in Port Orchard, Wash., are investigating why a man ran from deputies and then opened fire in a Walmart parking lot Sunday, sparking a shootout that left him and the woman he apparently was with dead and two officers wounded.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies were answering a call about a suspicious person at the store. When they located the man and tried talking to him he ran, then opened fire as the officers followed.

Both men were hit and unable to return gunfire, but a female officer arriving on the scene shot and killed the gunman, sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilson said. Authorities said it wasn’t immediately known who shot the woman, who died later at a Tacoma hospital.

And in Detroit, 38-year-old Lamar D. Moore was fatally shot after opening fire at a police station, wounding the precinct commander, two sergeants and an officer the day before a family spokesman said his brother was to be sentenced in a double-homicide case.

“There’s nothing in this that makes sense at all,” Police Chief Ralph Godbee told reporters during a briefing on the case.

While all the shootings don’t appear to be connected, Roberts says they have one thing in common.

“We don’t have any data, but there seems to be a type of criminal out there looking to thwart authority,” he told the station.

According to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, an organization that tracks police casualties, there have already been as many officer deaths in January 2011 as there were in January of last year. The organization reported that officer deaths were up 43 percent in 2010 compared to 2009.

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Lawsuit Charges New York City Police Officers With Arresting Man For Stealing His Own Car

January 25, 2011

BRONX, NEW YORK – A Bronx man arrested in front of his kids for “stealing” his own car is suing the NYPD for $1 million.

Jamieson Prince, 43, says cops swarmed his 2007 GMC Yukon and cuffed him as he prepared to drive his daughters to school on Nov. 11 – even though he had papers proving ownership.

“I told them it was a mixup and proved to them I owned the car, but they wouldn’t listen,” Prince, a Norwood resident, told the Daily News.

“My little girls saw me arrested over nothing. It was so painful and humiliating.”

Prince explained to the officers that his 23-year-old son had borrowed the SUV in July and fled from a crash in Harlem – leading to the son’s arrest.

Cops say he hit a pedestrian and they seized the Yukon as part of that investigation.

When the elder Prince went to the 28th Precinct stationhouse to retrieve his SUV, police couldn’t find it, according to court papers.

“They had absolutely no idea what happened to it,” said Prince, an MTA track worker. “It had disappeared.”

An NYPD spokesman confirmed Monday that the Yukon was stolen around 2 a.m. on July 7.

Four months later, Prince says, he found the Yukon, parked three blocks from the stationhouse.

He drove off, thinking everything was okay, but cops rolled up to his home and arrested him a week later – accusing him of removing police property without permission.

“How can the NYPD just confiscate property, lose it, then arrest you for possessing it?” said Prince. “It’s totally wrong. I want an apology.”

Prince’s lawyer Neil Wollerstein said a rogue police employee may have improperly used the SUV, leading to its disappearance.

“You can’t lose a 5-ton truck,” said Wollerstein. “Either they’re completely incompetent or someone was up to no good.”

The charges against Prince were dropped Jan. 12.

“I just want my daughters to know their father didn’t break the law,” he said.

“This turned my world upside down.”

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DEA And Rockland County New York Deputies Raid Wrong Address – Home Of Innocent Family Cooking Dinner, Wouldn’t Let Woman Turn Off Stove, Fire Starts, And Three People Were Stuck Upstairs – Threatened To Shoot Family Dogs – Pointed Guns At Man’s Daughter

January 15, 2011

ROCKLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK – A case of mistaken identity put a Spring Valley family in jeopardy.

Deputies surrounded a house on Nereis Drive on reports that an armed gunman, suspected of robbing a medical marijuana delivery provider, was inside. Turned out it was just a family cooking dinner.

Christine Houston told 10News…deputies ordered everyone out of the house and ignored her plea to go back in and turn off the stove. Moments later a fire broke out, trapping three people upstairs, including a seven year old girl. Deputies grabbed a sledge hammer and a skateboard and broke off the metal bars on the windows, then broke the windows to get inside. All eleven people escaped relatively unharmed. one person suffered a minor case of smoke inhalation.

That can’t be said for the kitchen which is a charred mess. A Sheriff’s spokeswoman is denying reports that the department has offered to pay for the damages.

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Selma Alabama Police Officer Christopher Harris Arrested And Charged With Raping A Child

January 12, 2011

SELMA, ALABAMA – A Selma Police Department officer faces charges of raping a child less than 16 years old but older than 12, according to a WSFA 12 News Montgomery report.

Christopher Harris was arrested by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and taken to the Dallas County Jail, where he remains under a $50,000 bond, WSFA reports.

The Grand Jury will take the case later this month, the report says.

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Dekalb Georgia Police Officer Quevius Thornton Arrested, Suspended, Charged With Molesting 15 Year Old Girl

January 5, 2011

DEKALB, GEORGIA – A DeKalb police officer is in jail Wednesday on charges of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl, authorities said.

Quevius Thornton, 29, was arrested and placed on administrative leave following an investigation by DeKalb police detectives.

Thornton is charged with two counts of statutory rape, one count of aggravated child molestation and one count of child molestation, according to DeKalb police.

DeKalb detectives began investigating Thornton’s actions based on information received earlier in the week, police said. Thornton was arrested Tuesday.

“Once these allegations were brought to light swift action was taken. This type of officer misconduct is inexcusable. It’s inherent in order to maintain the public’s trust that our officers serve with great character and honor,” Chief William O’Brien said in a statement.

Thornton joined the DeKalb police department in 2008.

Police did not provide any additional information and have declined interviews with the media.

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