SIX Fire Departments And DOZENS Of Police Officers And Boone County Kentucky Sheriff’s Deputies Show Up To Rescue A Dog

HEBRON, KENTUCKY – Dozens of police officers, firefighters and even a technical rescue team showed up to rescue a dog that had taken a 60-foot drop off a cliff Tuesday night.

“One minute he’s here, the next second he’s gone and I hear a yelp,” said Abby Hanger, who owns the 14-year-old dog named Jack.

The dog had gone over a cliff at her Hebron home.

“He rolled a lot. I could shine the light down and I could see the glow of his eyes and he was barking at me and I was so helpless,” Hanger said.

She just moved to the Tri-State and didn’t know whom she should call.

Her neighbor loaned her a flashlight and called 911.

“And then I wondered, will they come? I mean, if you call 911, will someone come rescue your dog? Do they do that?” Hanger said.

Apparently they do.

“And then all of a sudden the cavalry arrived, department after department. I was blown away,” Hanger said.

Six fire departments, Boone County Sheriff’s deputies and animal control were all at the scene. One firefighter even rappelled down the cliff to get Jack.

“A lot of people might think, is that a waste of resources? But there were no other emergencies going on in Hebron at the time, and we had the time to spare to facilitate the rescue,” said Mike Fronimos, with the Hebron Fire Department.

“Anybody who gripes about their taxes or the taxes going up, look at what they do for a dog, imagine what they do for your family,” Hanger said.

On Wednesday night, Jack was on an intravenous drip, but Hanger was hopeful he’d make a full recovery.

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