Suicidal Sevierville Tennessee Police Officer Timothy Owen Coulter Arrested After Ramming Blount County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Car And Assaulting Deputies

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – An off-duty Sevierville police officer was arrested this afternoon after ramming a Blount County patrol car and causing injury to two deputies last night, according to Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong.

Berrong said 43-year-old Timothy Owen Coulter of Mize Road, Seymour, is at the Blount County Detention Facility charged with three counts of aggravated assault, DUI, felony vandalism and possession of a handgun while intoxicated. He is being held on bonds totaling $102,500.

Sheriff Berrong says he and other deputies responded to an area near Davis Ford Road after a domestic report. Berrong says Coulter was involved in a domestic situation involving a weapon in Sevier County and was threatening suicide. He allegedly was traveling into Blount County to his family’s farm with weapons and threatened to do harm to any law enforcement officer who tried to stop him.

When officers spotted Coulter’s Ford F-250 pick-up truck parked in a driveway on Davis Ford Road, deputies blocked the road and called Coulter on his cell phone. Berrong says Coulter repeated his threat to kill any deputy who tried to approach him, and then backed his truck out of the driveway and sped toward an unoccupied cruiser. He rammed the front end of the cruiser as deputies standing nearby dove into a ditch to avoid being struck. Another cruiser was also damaged. Two officers suffered minor injuries while getting Coulter out of his truck. Both officers have been treated and released at Blount Memorial Hospital.

Officers found a handgun and box of ammunition in Coulter’s truck. He was taken to Blount Memorial Hopsital and then to the Detention Center. He faces charges in Blount County General Sessions Court at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

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