Cincinnati Ohio Police Officer Alvin Triggs Sr Arrested, Charged WIth Felony Obstructing Justice And Unauthorized Use Of A Computer

CINCINNATI, OHIO – Cincinnati Police Officer Alvin Triggs Sr. showed up at a Hamilton County courtroom expecting to be a witness in a Tuesday prosecution.

Instead, he was arrested.

Triggs was charged with two felonies – obstructing justice and unauthorized use of a computer.

Triggs, 45, was arrested by members of the Regional Narcotics Unit, comprised of police from Cincinnati and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office.

Police alleged “that he advised a target which he’s related to of some sort of information about a surveillance,” said Greg Cohen, Triggs’ attorney.

The relative, Cohen said, is Triggs’ cousin. The incident is alleged to have happened Jan. 28.

Triggs is accused of using police computers to punch in the license number of the relative and then telling the relative about a drug investigation involving the cousin being under way.

“That’s a crock of (expletive) and you can quote me,” Cohen said. “I guarantee you that there is no tape of Officer Triggs providing information.”

Triggs is a trainer of other officers, Cohen said, and has never been disciplined during his approximately 15 years on the force. He also is a member of the Vortex unit that focuses on arrests, especially in drug cases.

“He’s crushed by these allegations,” Cohen added. “He feels he’s wrongfully accused. He said he’d never do anything to endanger other police officers.”

After his 10:27 a.m. arrest, Triggs was walked across the street and booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center.

The charges against Triggs carry a maximum prison sentence of 2 1/2 years. If convicted of felonies, Triggs will lose his job. Cincinnati police don’t allow convicted felons to work on the force.

Cincinnati police did not release other information Tuesday about Triggs – such as his salary or how long he has been a Cincinnati police officer.

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