San Antonio Texas Park Police Officer Scott Little, Arrested, Charged With Drunk Driving After Running Stop Sign

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A San Antonio Park Police officer has been arrested and is facing a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Scott Little, 25, was taken into custody by a San Antonio police officer early Sunday.

According to a police report, Little was driving his own vehicle near Loop 1604 and Lockhill-Selma early Sunday when another officer noticed him run a stop sign. The officer said he also noticed the smell of alcohol on Little’s breath.

The report said Little cooperated fully, taking part in a field sobriety test, which showed he had slurred speech and was off-balance while walking.

Later, the report states, Little submitted to a blood alcohol test, which confirmed he was over the legal driving limit.

“My reaction? That officer is going to have a very short career,” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, reacting to news of the arrest.

Although members of 18 different law enforcement agencies took part in an event last week to draw attention to the drunken driving issue, McManus has been one of the most outspoken.

In recent months, several SAPD officers have been injured in incidents involving suspected drunken drivers. One officer, Stephanie Brown, 27, was killed.

“We’ve been talking about this again and again and again, and there’s no excuse,” McManus said. “(Police) should know better. There’s just no excuse and we will not tolerate it.”

Records show Little was released from jail Sunday after posting a $1,000 bond.

A police spokesman said Little, a two-year veteran, has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

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