Gulfport Mississippi Police Officer Adam Dedeaux And Girlfriend Arrested For Felony Child Abuse

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI – A Gulfport Police officer and his girlfriend were arrested Thursday and charged with Felony Child Abuse involving the woman’s two-year-old child.

Adam Dedeaux, 30, of Gulfport; and Kristen Eason, 28, of Bay St. Louis, were both being held at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center on $50,000 bond each.

The investigation began after police received information that Eason’s son showed signs of abuse.

“Child abuse alone is a difficult case, and you always have to follow the facts and go with the facts,” said Deputy Chief Leonard Papania. “The facts of this case pointed both to Adam Dedeaux and Kristen Eason, and that is what it is. We have made those arrests. We’ve worked closely with the District Attorney’s Office throughout the investigation.”

“we investigated it and we pursued it, and it is our intent to see that it is prosecuted and all parties are held accountable.”

Dedeaux is a nine year veteran of the Gulfport Police Department, assigned to the patrol division. He was placed on administrative leave from all his duties when the investigation started.

Deputy Chief Papania said the decision to put Dedeaux on leave was made because of the seriousness of the allegations.

“It’s disappointing that the number of professionals that we have working for this police department and throughout the Gulf Coast any time that a police officer is arrested for criminal misconduct,” Papania said. “It puts a bad light on all of us. And for that I, we have to be extra vigilant in our work to make sure that the public can continue to trust us.”

“Our job just got tougher today because the faith of the community in police has a bad shadow,” Papania said.

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