Dallas Texas Police Officer Rafael Mendoza Arrested And Suspended After Shooting At A Car – Suspended Last Month After Attacking His Girlfriend

DALLAS, TEXAS – A Dallas police officer, arrested over the weekend for allegedly firing a gun at another vehicle, received a five-day suspension last month over a prior family violence case after the alleged victim decision not to prosecute, police officials said Monday.

In July 2011, Officer Rafael Mendoza was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and unlawful restraint after his girlfriend alleged he knocked her to the ground, handcuffed her and threatened to send her to prison.

Mendoza’s girlfriend later signed an affidavit of non-prosecution so the charges were not filed, police said.

The department’s internal affairs investigators later concluded that Mendoza precipitated, caused or escalated a domestic disturbance and was untruthful to a supervisor. He received a five-day suspension on March 1.

He also was on administrative leave from July 31 until March 1. He has now been put back on administrative leave as a result of the incident that occurred early Sunday, which my colleague Melissa Repko detailed in this blog item.

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