Detroit Lakes Minnesota Firemen Turn Staged Demonstration Crash Scene Into A Real One – Sending 6 People To The Hospital

DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA – A bizarre incident in Detroit Lakes this morning where a mock crash almost turned into a real life tragedy.

The mock crash was staged right here along Madison Avenue near the High School, you can see benches are still in place where the nearly 400 students were standing. An unmanned fire truck that officials believe was in neutral with the park break on began sliding and rolled about 30-feet into the mock scene, sending six people to the hospital.

These are pictures from the scene moments after the accident. Detroit Lakes police say their were two cars staged with both student and community volunteers.

The fire truck hit the first car at a low rate of speed less than 5-miles-per-hour, but the 36-thousand-pound vehicle pushed both cars about 15-feet. Two students, an EMS worker, two community volunteers and a state trooper were all injured in the incident.

From what we gathered, everyone has been treated and released from the hospital, calling it just bumps and bruises. Tonight at six, hear first hand from students who saw the terrifying accident.

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