Hingham Massachusetts Police Officer Justin Burns Arrested, Suspended, And Charged After Attacking His Girlfriend

HINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS – A Hingham Police officer was arrested on Monday afternoon for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Hingham patrolman Justin Burns, age 30 of Hull, has been put on paid leave by the Hingham Police Department after he was arrested on four counts of domestic assault and battery.

While arguing with his girlfriend at their Hull home, Burns allegedly poured beer on her, kicked her with his barefoot in the shin, spit in her face and later pushed her to the ground, according to the police report.

The Hingham officer’s girlfriend admitted to throwing his items around their home and to hitting him in the arm during the argument.

After leaving their home, she reported the incident to a Hull Police officer who she flagged down while in her vehicle on Nantasket Avenue.

While reporting the incident to police, Burns had called the Hull Police Department and reported that his girlfriend was drunk and out of control and throwing things, the report stated.

Police later arrived on scene to Burns’s Avalon Drive home and arrested him. They contacted the Hingham Police Department who took custody of Burns’s two firearms and ammunition that were locked in a case in the closet.

Burns told police that his girlfriend trashed the house, but the argument never got physical.

Hingham Town Administrator Ted Alexiades said Officer Burns was placed on paid administrative leave indefinitely and said the town is conducting an internal investigation while awaiting the outcome of the charges.

“We’re asking everyone to have patience with the process and not to jump to conclusions,” Alexiades said.

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