Woman Screams For Help From Police As She Is Molested By TSA Agent At Phoenix Arizona International Airport – Son Videotaped Attack, And Was Harassed And Threatened With Arrest By TSA Agents

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Footage show a woman screaming frantically for help in an airport terminal after claiming she was ‘molested’ by officials during a security pat down.

The unidentified passenger yells hysterically that she has been molested after a female security staff member touched her breast during the screening process at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video filmed by her son shows the woman bursting into tears after the alleged ‘sexual assault’, while other staff members tell her son to stop filming the distressing episode.

She shouts: ‘I want a police officer, I think she molested me. Her cries becoming louder and louder throughout the footage.

She adds: ‘I want a police officer now! She just molested me! For god’s sake somebody help me!’

Officials begin to surround her, creating a human shield between her and other passengers. Helpless, she holds her head and begins to weep

‘This was illegal. I can’t believe she just did that to me. How can none of them care? I want her arrested.’

The woman becomes more and more agitated before TSA officers demand that her son leave the area.

He continues to film the incident from afar, though several more officers harass him and threaten to arrest him if he does not stop.

Eventually, the weeping woman is escorted by police officers past her son.

The TSA didn’t immediately return the MailOnline’s request for comment on whether or not the woman’s complaint could be verified.

The family had been subjected to similarly ‘invasive’ security scrutiny at the same airport earlier in the year in a similar video.

On that occasion, they had protested against TSA that the security screening had violated their Constitutional Rights.

The incident is not the first time TSA officials have been accused of being heavy-handed.

Thousands of Americans have reacted furiously to the imposition of new airport security measures, including full body scans and hands-on pat downs.

Those who refuse the ‘invase’ pat downs risk arrest and an $11,000 fine.

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