Veteran Lake Havasu City Arizona Police Officer Brad Jacobs After Violent Attack On His Pregnant Girlfriend

LAKE HAVASU, ARIZONA – Lake Havasu City senior police officer Brad Jacobs, 34, of Havasu, was charged with two counts of alleged disorderly conduct and assault, all misdemeanor offenses.

The charges stem from police investigations sparked by a third-party report to police about an incident that occurred in February between Jacobs and his live-in pregnant girlfriend during an argument at a residence on Tahitian Drive.

According to police reports, investigations determined Jacobs allegedly kicked his girlfriend, pressed against her stomach, called her obscenities, told her the unborn child wasn’t his, and threw several kitchen knives at her.

Investigators met resistance from both the victim and Jacobs during the investigation.

On Feb. 13, an investigating officer spoke with the victim who said she and Jacobs had been arguing for weeks about his drinking, but said he was sober during the incident in question on Feb. 11. She also hesitated before reporting Jacobs kicked her but she had no injuries or bruising from the act. She also declined to respond to inquiries about the knives, according to police reports.

The victims’ two children were present during the incident, one of which was interviewed by police during the investigation. The child told police she heard the argument, saw Jacobs kick her mother and said Jacobs also called her mother names.

When police questioned Jacobs he said he didn’t do anything wrong and that if he gave his story the victim would go to jail, according to police reports.

Jacobs also claimed he had injuries from the incident and that household items were damaged. Jacobs wouldn’t discuss the incident further, or show his injuries. Other than to say this was the victim’s way of trying to ruin him, the police report stated.

“I’m very clear on with what happened is our business and we don’t feel that any police involvement should take place,” Jacobs told police. “I have a baby to worry about and if she loses her temper, then she lost her temper, and that’s it. I’ll deal with it, it’s my problem.”

During the interview, Jacobs and the victim arrived together and said they were working things out for their family. Jacobs stated the argument that night escalated and that was it. And he didn’t see a need for any police investigation on an argument.

The case was transferred to La Paz County Attorney’s Office for their review, for reasons of conflict of interest because Jacobs is employed by the city, said Lake Havasu City Police Department spokesman Sgt. Joe Harrold.

The charges were filed April 25 by La Paz county attorney Dan Terrell. Jacobs had until the end of May to respond to the charges. Jacobs turned himself in to local authorities May 2, according to police reports.

Harrold declined to comment about the incident on behalf of the department.

Harrold said Jacobs currently is assigned administrative duties at the department’s front counter until the court process progresses. Furthermore, an administration investigation into any misconduct on the part of any of the department’s employees doesn’t commence until after the court process is completed. Administrative investigations are conducted by the department’s Professional Standards Bureau.

Jacobs has been a police officer with the department for 10 years, Harrold said.

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