Suspended Princeton Kentucky Police Officer Abigal Tucker Indicted For Tampering With Public Records And Abuse Of Public Trust

CALDWELL, KENTUCKY – A grand jury has indicted a local woman well known for wearing several hats in her community. She’s a Princeton Police Officer, County Animal Control Director and founder of a local shelter.
On Friday morning the Caldwell County Grand Jury indicted Abigail Tucker on one count of Abuse of Public Trust and one count of Tampering with Public Records.

Commonwealth Attorney G.L. Ovey said the indictments are in direct connection to Tucker’s time running the Caldwell County Animal Shelter from 2007 to 2010.

“Included in that count there are several acts by Ms. Tucker which involve improper accounting of monies given to her as donations, failure to make proper dispositions and accounting of property that she had possession of as the animal control officer here in Caldwell County. Improperly inducing donations to the animal shelter,” Ovey said.

As for the indictment of Tampering with Public Records, Ovey added, “She, being in charge of the employees’ time records – county employees that worked at the shelter, submitted false pay vouchers.”

People who support Tucker are shocked by the investigation and the indictments.

“Everyone knows that she’s such an honest person, hardworking person, I don’t understand it at all,” Kathi Thompson said. “It’s like a witch hunt to have taken and destroyed her life like this just, it just makes me sick.”

Commonwealth Attorney Ovey wouldn’t elaborate on details of the investigation or the indictments, but says Tucker committed the acts while serving as a Princeton Police Officer and as an Animal Control Officer.

Meanwhile, Thompson is not only a Tucker supporter, she’s also a former treasurer for the animal shelter.

“I think it’s bogus,” Thompson said. “There’s no way that she can be charged with the improper handling of money. She didn’t even handle the money!”

Both the County Judge Executive and the Princeton Police Chief said Tucker is currently suspended. Tucker will appear for an arraignment in the case in August.

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