Update: Longview Texas Police Officer Aulderson Franklin Jr. Arrested, Suspended, And Charged With Assaulting A Family Member After Choking His Wife

LONGVIEW, TEXAS – The City of Longview launches an internal investigation after Officer Aulderson Franklin, Jr. was arrested for choking his wife. CBS 19’s Abby Broyles spoke with people in Longview about the arrest and has the latest on the investigation tonight from the Longview Police Department.

City leaders say Officer Franklin was hired on at the Longview Police Dept back at the end of January, so he’s only been on the job here for about 6 months. News of his arrest spread quickly in the community, and people we spoke with today say they’re shocked and disappointed at what Officer Franklin is accused of.

Residents in Longview are concerned after one its police officers lands on the wrong side of law.

“That kind of rage from a police officer, it does concern me,” Kathy Rowan says, “you think these people are supposed to be protecting us and looking out for us and you know, they’re not really protecting their loved ones.”

Upshur County deputies arrested 42-year old Officer Aulderson Levi Franklin, Jr. late Saturday night. He’s charged with assault of a family member for impeding breath, a third degree felony.

Deputies arrested Franklin after a domestic disturbance call from a home in Big Sandy. Arrest records show witnesses told investigators Franklin was trying to choke his wife.

“No man should go after a woman like that, I don’t care if they’re married 100 years,” Rowan said.

Officer Franklin is now free on a $5,000 bond. He’s on paid administrative leave, and the City of Longview has launched an internal investigation.

“Our staff will look at the situation, look at what all the circumstances are and determine what will happen moving forward whether that’s whatever discipline take place, or what happens to his employment,” City spokesman Shawn Hara said.

Upshur County District Attorney Billy Byrd tells CBS 19 the case has not reached his office yet. We’re told the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating, and until that investigation is complete, city leaders say they won’t be able to make a long-term decision as far as Franklin’s future here as an officer in Longview.

CBS19 is working to speak with officer Franklin but he has not gotten back in touch with us.

If convicted, Franklin faces a two to ten year sentence. No word yet on his court date.

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