Pleasant Hill Iowa Police Officer Craig Brooks Charged With Drinking In Public

PLEASANT HILL, IOWA – Pleasant Hill police officer Christopher Craig Brooks, 28, was charged with public consumption on Saturday, according to Iowa court records.

Pleasant Hill Police Chief Tim Sittig confirmed Wednesday morning the weekend incident involving Brooks, who has not worked any shifts for the Pleasant Hill Police Department since receiving the $123 charge, Sittig said.

“He was issued a citation and released for open consumption in Des Moines,” Sittig said, adding the department has not yet determined the consequences for their officer. “We’re right in the middle of an internal (investigation), so we don’t know which way we’re going to go.”

Sittig said he learned of the incident Saturday night through his staff, which was notified by Des Moines authorities. The chief said whether the individual was the first person to notify the department of the offense can give some bearing on the consequences, which are determined on a case-by-case basis.

“Every situation is different, so you have to take each situation on its own merits,” Sittig said.

Brooks, 28, of Altoona, has spent a little more than three years with the Pleasant Hill Police Department, according to the city manager, and ran for Altoona City Council in the fall. Council member Mike Harmeyer beat Brooks in a runoff election in December.

More recently, Brooks was involved in an internal investigation by the Pleasant Hill Police Department prompted by complaints and allegations against the police chief and the City of Pleasant Hill from Christopher’s parents and private investigators, Craig and Debbie Brooks. The allegations – which were later dismissed after Moulder and Associates conducted an investigation – involved derogatory and slanderous comments and tolerance of violence within the police department.

City Manager Don Sandor said he expects the department to make a decision about the consequences for Brooks’ offense by the end of the week. Sandor also said he believes this is the first incident of a Pleasant Hill police officer being charged with public consumption.

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