Drug Addict/Dealer Wife Of 30+ Year Veteran Tacoma Washington Police Officer Arrested For Selling Meth And Oxycodone

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – Police arrested the wife of a veteran Tacoma police officer for selling oxycodone and meth. Her arrest was result of a sting operation.

Cynthia Joy Roberts, 47, was charged on July 17 with three counts of unlawful possession and distribution of the drugs. She allegedly dealt drugs while her husband was at work.

“I watched from my window and they kept coming more and more and they brought dogs to search the house,” said neighbor Linda Hanson.

Roberts insists that her husband was not aware that she was selling drugs or of her addiction to painkillers. Roberts’ husband has been a member of the Tacoma Police Department for more than 30 years. The Pierce County Sheriff said that no charges will be filed against him. He will not be named since he is not being charged with any crime.

Police became familiar with Roberts after arresting two other individuals as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation.

“We have nothing to show he was involved in it this was just as much a surprise to him as it was to us,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Det. Ed Troyer.

The two people arrested each told police they had been buying drugs from Roberts. One of them told police they had known her for more than a year and began purchasing drugs from her about six months ago.They also said that Roberts had a drug problem and would pay them to shoot her up with a cocktail of meth and painkillers, court documents stated.

After setting up the sting in which the two purchased drugs from Roberts, deputies pulled her over and a search of her vehicle revealed pills, pipes and gram scales.

Roberts posted bail at her arraignment and was released from jail.

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