Former Veteran Phoenix Arizona Police Officer Justin Griffith Arrested By US Marshals And Charged With Prescription Forgery – Quit Before Department Could Fire Him

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – U.S. Marshals have taken a former Phoenix police officer into custody after an arrest warrant was issued on prescription forgery charges.

Authorities said Justin Griffith did not respond to a court summons Friday. He was suspected of prescription forgery in January. The warrant listed one count of conspiracy to possess a narcotic drug and six counts of using wire communication in drug-related transactions.

CBS 5 News learned in January that Griffith was placed on administrative and suspected of forging prescriptions.

He allegedly had a blank prescription pad and gave the blank scripts to a partner who allegedly filled them out for OxyContin. Once the dealer sold them on the street, Griffith reportedly received a cut.

Sgt. Trent Crump told CBS 5 News that Officer Griffith resigned during the investigation before he could be terminated.

Griffith was with the force for nine years and had been assigned to code enforcement.

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