Maricopa Arizona Police Officer Victor Valenzuela Fired After On Duty Sex With Another Man’s Wife

MARICOPA, ARIZONA – A city of Maricopa police officer is out of a job for something he did on the job in December.

“I don’t think any officer should be able to stay on the force if they’ve been caught having an affair with somebody else’s wife while they’re on duty,” Perry Edwards said.

Back in March, Edwards showed 3TV sex texts between his wife and a city of Maricopa police officer.

Edwards suspected his wife was having sex with an officer while the cop was on duty.

Edwards’ sister, Roberta Schneider, was so disgusted she asked the police department to investigate.

“He is supposed to be serving our community, not making booty calls in the back of his car,” Schneider said.

3TV got a hold of the department’s investigative report.

Edwards got his wish.

Officer Victor Valenzuela was fired from the department in March.

“He showed remorse, he was embarrassed and he wishes to go on with life and hopes that this goes away,” said police Chief Steve Stahl.

Stahl said Valenzuela admitted to having sex with a married woman while he was working.

“It’s sad. There’s no doubt about it,” Stahl said. “I want to ensure the residents as soon as we found out about the conduct it was investigated very quickly and it was handled very quickly.”

According to the report, Valenzuela also admitted to wearing his uniform and driving his patrol car to the Edwards’ home.

Valenzuela also told the investigator the sexual encounter happened just once, for a half-hour, and afterward he signed up for a 12-step sex addiction program.

The officer didn’t have to repay the department for the half-hour spent at the Edwards’ home.

“He risked his career in this behavior and the behavior in and of itself and the penalty in and of itself of losing your career as a law enforcement officer is a pretty heavy penalty to pay,” Stahl said.

According to the state, Valenzuela’s certification is suspended until September.

As for the Edwards, they’re in the middle of divorce proceedings.

3TV tried getting in contact with Valenzuela but was unable to locate the former police officer.

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