Madison Wisconsin Police Officer Rudy Natera Suspended For 30 Days After Threatening Citizen Who Told Him To Get His Patrol Car Out Of Private Lot So Snow Plow Could Work

MADISON, WISCONSIN – A Madison police officer who violated department policy twice in January was suspended for 30 days without pay, according to the Madison Police Department’s Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Division.

An internal investigation found that on Jan. 17, after being contacted by a citizen who asked that he move his squad car from a private lot to facilitate plowing and business access, Officer Rudy Natera threatened the citizen with arrest.

Officials found Natera violated policies prohibiting “overbearing, oppressive, or tyrannical” behavior in relations with the public.

A summary of the investigation also said Natera had been disciplined previously for violating the same policy.

On Jan. 27 Natera had contact with another citizen regarding a disabled parking citation. During that contact, Natera discovered the citizen did not have a valid driver’s license and issued a traffic citation for driving after suspension. But the accompanying report contained “little if any documentation” of the citation, violating a department policy to file complete and accurate reports.

Natera had previously been disciplined for violating this policy.

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