Stratford Connecticut Police Officer, With Nothing Better To Do Than Harass People (Like All Other Cops In Connecticut), Ticket Man For “Wooing” At People

STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT – Deshawn Fields, 18, of 306 Bond St., Bridgeport, was just “being stupid for no reason” according to Stratford police when he proceeded to repeatedly yell “woo” at people along Main Street, Sept. 18. He’ll have to explain his reasoning to a judge on Aug. 3.

Fields was the passenger in a vehicle traveling along Main Street where an officer in an unmarked car first noticed him.

Police said Fields “wooed” at patrons at Blue Point Grill, Acapulco’s and McCoy’s Pub. According to the report, “several people were disturbed over his disturbing behavior.”

It wasn’t until Fields burst out of the car window again, this time startling a cyclist who almost lost control that the officer pulled the vehicle over.

Fields told officers he was simply “being stupid for no reason.” He apologized for his behavior and promised not to do it again.

Fields was issued an infraction for creating a public disturbance with a summons date of Aug. 3.

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