Homestead Florida Police Officer Juan Senabre Asked Woman To Show Breasts In Exchange For Her Freedom

HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA – A Homestead Police officer has been fired for allegedly asking a woman to show him her breasts in exchange for getting out of trouble.

Officer Juan Senabre, who was with the department for six years, was terminated on June 25 , as first reported by the Miami Herald.

34-year-old Zenaida Figueroa-Ortiz told authorities she was sitting in her car in front of a friend’s house eating with her boyfriend December 11 when she noticed a police car circling. After she got out of her car, the officer, whom she later identified in a photo lineup as Senabre, approached and told her that her license was suspended and displayed a list of what appeared to be tickets.

Senabre put Figueroa-Ortiz in the back of his police vehicle and said he was going to “take her,” according to a police report. She said he then drove to a secluded area of the apartment complex and began asking in Spanish what Figueroa-Ortiz was wearing under her clothes, what color was her underwear, and if she was wearing a bra. Senabre allegedly asked to see her “tits,” and insisted that he was going to help her.

“She stated the officer stated, ‘I’m going to ask you a question, have you ever been with a crazy policeman?’” read the report.

When Figueroa-Ortiz refused to acquiesce and asked to be taken straight to jail, she said, Senabre drove her back to her friend’s apartment, told her to go to court the next day, and instructed her not to mention what happened. Fifteen minutes after he left, she said he returned and said the address on her license was incorrect and she would have to “fix that.”

Figueroa-Ortiz went to the Homestead Police Department five days later to report the incident, saying she waited because she worried he knew her address and would retaliate if she talked. She and two friends picked Senabre out of a photo lineup, and police data showed that he had accessed her driver’s license information at the times she reported.

Senabre maintained his innocence, but was fired after an investigation and hearing. His attorney Teri Guttman-Valdes told Local10 that Senabre “denies the allegations of wrongdoing… and expects to be vindicated based on discrepancies and inconsistencies in the complainant and witness testimonies.”

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