Chewelah County Washington Health Inspector Targets 12 Year Old Boy Raising Money For WWII Veterans – Health District Board Members Personally Pay His Fine Using Their Own Money

CHEWELAH– A Chewelah student who has raised more than $25,000 dollars for World War II Veterans is facing a hefty fine for his good deeds.

12-year-old Justin Peterson holds fundraisers year round for the Honor Flight Program. Last Saturday, he held another fundraiser at the Chewelah City Park.

While selling hamburgers, a health inspector stopped by Peterson’s booth and fined him $170 for not having the proper food permit.

Peterson said, “She charged us for it and I was kind of sad. I was just trying to raise money for vets.”

The Tri County Health District said the inspector was only following policy. Administrator Dave Windom added, “You don’t want someone in the field making judgment calls on what they consider a worthy cause and cutting people slack. It opens the door for accusations of favoritism.”

The Health District isn’t forgiving the fines, but board members have agreed to pay them off using their own money.

Windom said, “Because of this particular cause and our board’s personal connection to this cause, we thought this could be a good case where we could help with that.”

Peterson said he is glad to make a difference in the lives of our veterans. “It’s kind of cool and it’s kind of cool to know I’m inspiring other people.”

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