Doylestown Pennsylvania Police, With Better To Do, Cite Kids For Chalk Drawings Of Turtle And Whale In Parking Lot – Being A Child In America Now “Criminal Mischief”

DOYLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA – On the streets of Doylestown, Connor Logan never expected his artwork would get so much attention.

“I kind of started to draw a shape and it looked like a turtle, so I just went with it,” said Logan.

When the Central Bucks West graduate and his 17-year-old buddy spotted some chalk on the side of North Clinton Street Tuesday night, their teenage imagination took hold. They drew outlines of a whale and sea turtles on the street.

But their fun did not last. Just before midnight, police officers spotted Logan and his friend, and the two were ticketed for criminal mischief.

“I’ve seen the graffiti around town. It’s a problem. But I think the fact that I got a ticket for drawing sidewalk chalk might be a little much,” said Logan. “I’m just going pay the fine and it’s not going to be a big deal.”

Doylestown Borough Police Department did not return our phone calls. Neighbors spotted the two drawing, and thought nothing of it. They say police have more important crimes to worry about.

“I thought it was pretty whimsical and fun. I got a kick out of it. They were very pleasant people,” said Mike Cosdon, “and I think you would be hard pressed to find a neighbor who was offended by what they did.”

“Absolutely ridiculous,” said a frustrated Carl Ohrberg. “It makes no sense at all, and Doylestown has some crime now unlike in the past. For them to worry about stuff like that, it’s ludicrous.”

Logan says he will pay the fine and move past this as quickly as he can. He says his days as an artist are over. Instead he will focus on engineering in college.

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