Video Catches Arlington Texas Police Officer’s Violent Attack On Tiny 15 Year Old Girl

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – A startling video captures the moment a police officer apparently body slammed a 15-year-old girl to the ground during a street fight.

Police in Arlington, Texas are now investigating whether the force used by the unnamed officer was too extreme.

The incident was caught on a mobile phone camera after a venue kicked out teenagers for fighting, and their brawl escalated in the street.

‘They got in a couple of fights. At that point, our staff did follow protocol. What we did was stop the party and told everybody to go home.’

The fights then spread to the parking lot outside of the hall, where police arrived to ‘de-escalate the crowds and the fights’.

Amid the ruckus, a police officer apparently forcibly grabbed the teen girl as she ran away, raised her off the ground and slammed her to the floor.

As the crowd shouted obscenities at him, he pinned her to the ground and handcuffed her, as other police officers gathered on the scene.

The girl was arrested for fighting in public along with four others. She was taken into custody but later released to her parents, CBS reported.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the Arlington Police Department said they would be investigating the officer’s actions.

‘Several fights began to break out after a promoter ended the party close to midnight,’ it read. ‘Officers attempted to de-escalate… the fights.

‘Anytime an APD Officer uses force on a person, there is a multi-layer, impartial administrative review that occurs to review the force used.

‘This review will be conducted to determine if the level of force was reasonable as compared to the level of resistance.’

Police asked the public not to make a snap judgment about the video and appealed for any other footage to help them in their investigation.

‘What we look at: Was there force used? Was it reasonable, based upon the resistance that was being encountered?’ Sgt. Chris Cook said.

‘We can’t see in the video what happened before. We know what the officer said happened, but that’s under investigation.’

The officer has now been assigned to traffic duty while the investigation is ongoing, police said.

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