Kids Given Day Off From School As White Supremacists Rally In Front Of North College Hill Ohio Police Station To Protest White Man Brutally Beaten By Pack Of Savage Black Beasts

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OHIO — School officials have given concerned parents permission to keep children at home Friday because a white power group plans a rally near the schools.

The National Alliance, identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist group, has said it will demonstrate noon-2 p.m. across the street from the North College Hill police department, to protest the brutal attack Aug. 11 of a man by six teenagers. The victim is white and the suspects are black.

Both North College Hill school buildings are near the protest site, said Superintendent Gary Gellert. The district serves more than 1,600 students. He would not say how many parents have notified the district that they plan to keep children home.

He said absent students will be excused with a parent phone call or note. He urged parents to accompany students during the school day; unaccompanied minors may be considered truant.

North College Hill police asked residents who oppose the views of the National Alliance to not attend the rally or engage the group.

“The choice to send a child to school is ultimately the parents’ choice,” the police said in a statement, “but to deny a child a day of education because of this rally disrupts your child’s education and we believe this sends the wrong message.”

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