Store’s Video Camera Catches Los Angeles California Police Officers Brutal And Violent Attack On Defenseless Nurse Who Talked On A Cellphone While Driving – Cops Celebrated Afterwards With Fist Bump And Filed Bogus “Resisting Arrest” Charge Against Her

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating two officers who were allegedly caught on surveillance camera slamming a nurse on the ground twice — and then fist bumping afterward — during a recent traffic stop.

The two officers pulled over Michelle Jordan, 34, of Sunland, Aug. 21, for allegedly talking on her cell phone while driving in Tujunga, in northeast Los Angeles, the department said.

Police say they pulled her over for allegedly using her cell phone while driving. It looks like a routine traffic stop, until Jordan gets out of her vehicle.

The taco joint’s surveillance video appears to show the officers, both men, yanking the 5-foot-4 inch registered nurse from the open driver’s seat and then slamming her on the ground to cuff her.

The duo then yank Jordan to her feet and bring her to the patrol car, where they pat her down.

Moments later, one of the cops slams the married mom to the ground a second time.

Jordan sustained multiple scrapes.

After placing her in the cruiser’s backseat, the two appear to share a celebratory fist-pound.

Jordan was booked for resisting arrest and later released.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement Tuesday that the video caused him “to have serious concerns about this use of force.”

“We will investigate this thoroughly and hold our officers accountable for their actions,” Beck said, according to KABC-TV.

The officers, whose names were not given, were placed on desk duty while the department investigated the alleged beatdown.

Surveillance video from a Del Taco not far from where Michelle Jordan, 34, was stopped by police has prompted an internal investigation into how LAPD handled the arrest, which the woman says was unnecessarily rough.

One was said to be a 20-year-veteran of the force while the other was a probationary officer on the force for 10 months, according to local reports.

Jordan’s lawyers said Jordan mouthed-off at the cops, but that her behavior didn’t warrant the officers’ goon squad-style takedown.

“We have a defenseless woman in a sun dress, two fully armed police officers with training and various restraining devices that they could have used, and instead they used nothing but brute force,” one of her lawyers, Arthur Corona, told KABC.

Jordan was said to be weighing a lawsuit, according to local reports.

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