Mercer County West Virginia Home Confinement Officer Blaine Franklin Charged After Sex With An Inmate

PRINCETON, WEST VIRGINIA — A former Mercer County home confinement officer is facing a charge of sexual intruson of an inmate after allegedly having sexual relations with a woman in the home confinement program.

Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ash said Tuesday that home confinement officer Blaine Franklin, 25, of the Bluefield area was arrested for having sexual relations with someone he was supervising.

“Once we got word of it, he was fired from the day report center almost immediately,” Ash said. A referral was made to the West Virginia State Police at that time, Ash said, and “within a week the investigation started.”

The investigating officer, Cpl. A.P. Christian, said Franklin was arrested Aug. 16.

“We received an anonymous tip that came through the home confinement office itself,” Christian said.

“The home confinement director contacted us and asked us to do an investigation into it,” he said.

Franklin was charged with sexual intrusion of an inmate, Christian said. He was released on a personal recognizance bond and is now awaiting trial.

The inmate was an adult female who was under Franklin’s care and control as a home confinement officer, Christian said. Christian declined to release her name

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