Jefferson County Kentucky Prosecutor Paul Richwalsky Told Child Rape Victim “Get Over It” And That Prison Is For “Real” Rapists After Her Attackers Get Sweet Plea Deal – Records Opened To Public After Victim Named And Shamed Attackers Who Photographed Their Crimes

JEFFERSON COUNTY, KENTUCKY – A teenager who was sexually assaulted at a high school party was told by a prosecutor to ‘get over it’, according to court documents.

Savannah Dietrich made headlines when she risked jail by tweeting the names of her attackers in order to express her outrage at what she considered their overly lenient sentence.

Now it has been revealed that the culprits attacked the 16-year-old because they believed it would be ‘funny’.

New details of the case have emerged from the unsealing of hundreds of documents relating to Savannah’s case, which were unsealed following a ruling that the proceedings should no longer be kept secret.

The assault in Louisville, Kentucky dates back to last August, and in June this year the two boys who admitted attacking Savannah accepted a plea deal which will see them avoid prison time.

The victim then took to Twitter to unmask the perpetrators – and was threatened with a prosecution for contempt of court by their lawyers.

The motion was withdrawn, and last week Savannah scored another victory when a judge agreed to make the records of the case public.

One of the revelations which emerged from the newly released documents relates to an encounter between the teenager and county prosecutor Paul Richawlsky, according to the Courier-Journal.

When Savannah complained about her attackers’ plea deal, Mr Richawlsky told her to ‘get over it and see a therapist’, adding that ‘the jail was for “real” rapists, murderers and robbers’, according to an affidavit.

The victim’s lawyer accused the prosecutor of giving the defendants unduly lenient treatment because they were star athletes at the high school he had attended.

The court documents have also revealed the content of the interviews the defendants gave to the police in February.

One of the boys said they had sexually assaulted Savannah when she was drunk because ‘we thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t.’

They photographed her in a state of undress, and later shared the pictures with classmates.

The elder boy told police that Savannah ‘was fine with it’, adding: ‘She could have definitely been like, “Stop, don’t do this” and we would have stopped, but she didn’t.’

Following the attack, the boys exchanged text messages with their victim begging her not to take the case to court.

One wrote: ‘Savannah I know u probably think I’m the worst person in the world.

‘There is another way to deal with this other than jeopardizing our lives forever. I’m not a bad person just a dumb one.’

The girl replied to one of her attackers: ‘How would you feel knowing you basically got raped. Knowing people are seeing your pictures, tell me who all saw these pictures? It’s humiliating I feel exposed.’

The boys are due to be sentenced later this month.

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