Secret Service Didn’t Know They Were In The Middle Of A War Zone, Loses Entire Trailer Full Of Equipment Hours Ahead Of Vice President’s Visit In Detroit Michigan

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Brazen thieves snatched a Secret Service truck from outside a Detroit hotel late Saturday, hours ahead of a Labor Day visit by Vice President Joe Biden.

The 14-foot rented U-Haul was parked outside the Westin Book Cadillac hotel downtown and loaded with equipment for the veep’s appearance, the Secret Service said.

Secret Service spokesman Edward Donovan said no weapons were taken, but wouldn’t otherwise comment on what was inside, according to reports.

“It won’t affect the visit at all,” Donovan told The Detroit News. “We would never compromise the security of a visit.”

Agents left the vehicle on Saturday night and discovered it stolen on Sunday morning.

The Secret Service was working with local authorities to recover the truck, which is painted with an Arizona scene and has Arizona plates, Donovan said.

Biden is due to speak at a campaign rally in Motor City at around noon on Monday, one of a handful of stops before he addresses the Democratic convention in Charlotte on Thursday.

The truck flap comes one week after a Secret Service agent travelling with Mitt Romney to Indianapolis from the GOP convention in Tampa left her gun in the plane’s bathroom, where a reporter found it.

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