Arlington Texas Police Officer Attacks Petite 15 Year Old Girl – Body Slams Unresisting Child

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – An Arlington, Texas police officer responding to a call about brawling teens at a dance hall was caught on video body-slamming a 15-year-old girl to the ground.

Arlington police are investigating the incident, which took place on Wednesday night outside the 1010 Collins banquet hall.

According to CBS, the trouble started inside the hall when some teenagers began brawling. “At that point, our staff did follow protocol,” Edna Tijerina, the hall’s manager, said. “What we did was stop the party and told everyone to go home.”

But the fighting continued outside in the parking lot. Police arrived and attempted to “de-escalate the crowds and the fights.”

In a video shot on a cell phone camera, one officer lifts an unnamed 15-year-old girl off her feet and violently slams her to the pavement while witnesses look on in shock. The girl was reportedly arrested for fighting in public before being released to her parents.

The Arlington Police Department urged the public not to “rush to judgment” over the apparent police brutality show in the video. The department said an investigation is underway.

“What we look at: Was there force used? Was it reasonable, based on the resistance that was being encountered? We can’t see in the video what happened before. We know what the officer said happened, but that’s under investigation,” Sgt. Chris Cook told CBS.

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the officer who body-slammed the girl has been reassigned to traffic duty.

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