Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mayor Michael Nutter Stalling On Disclosing Cost To Taxpayers For Unprecedented Private-For-Profit “Make In America” Concert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The remnants of the Made in America Music Festival are still very visible. While the big stages and structures are gone, the lawn remains brown and torn up as it awaits new grass. What remains to be seen is how many taxpayer dollars were spent to bring this unprecedented, private-for-profit event with Jay-Z and Live Nation to Philadelphia.

Mayor Michael Nutter’s continually said that the numbers will be released when they’re ready.

But Eyewitness News decided to ask him again today.

“For all of the various departments and agencies, we are gathering their information–who all worked and how long they worked, etc. As we’ve said just a few times before, as soon as all that information is together at one place at one time, we’ll certainly release it,” answered Mayor Nutter.

It is not clear what was in the contract with Made in America. The Mayor has said previously that there would be cost-sharing, and that any taxpayer dollars would be worth it because of the publicity it would give Philadelphia.

The Controller’s Office previously told Eyewitness News this concert was not part of the recently passed 2012-2013 city budget.

Certain council members are questioning the transparency of this particular process.

“When people are kind of hesitant to show you the numbers, you begin to wonder why,” said Councilman Jim Kenney. “There may be nothing to be concerned about, so then why not just show the numbers?”

Councilman-at-Large Bill Green thinks the City will make a profit on the concert, but he also thinks the numbers need to be disclosed as soon as possible.

“I support the effort, but if the decision was made to spend city dollars, that should be disclosed to the public,” Green said.

Mayor Nutter was asked why his office hasn’t released at least rough estimates.

“We’re not going to do rough estimates,” he said. “when there’s an actual count, we’ll release that information very shortly, and then you’ll have them.”

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