War Zone: Google Street View Car Captures Image Of Savage Black Beast In Detroit Michigan Pointing Shotgun At Their Car

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – It would be so fun to drive around in one of those Google street view cars, wouldn’t it? Happily capturing the world around you so it can be carefully digitized and archived for everyone with an Internet connection to see. Except for like, when you drive through a rough urban area and happen to have a large gun pointed at you.

A Redditor published a screencap from a Google Maps street view camera today that shows a gaggle of young men and one woman hanging out on a front porch in Detroit. Innocent enough, except that one of the young men is holding what looks to be a shotgun. As the streetview camera drives off onto the next block, the kid aims the gun at the car.

Whoever said cartography wasn’t a dangerous job has clearly never been to Detroit.

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