Okaloosa County Flordia Deputy Sheriff Stops And Searches Random Pedestrian Because She Didn’t Recognize Her

FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA – A woman walking down the street piqued a sheriff’s deputy’s suspicion, resulting in her arrest for drug equipment possession.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was patrolling near Tilden Street on Sept. 3 when she saw a woman in a pink/gray sun dress walking near Elaine Avenue and stopped because she did not recognize her.

She asked what she was doing and she said, “visiting friends.”

“I asked if she had anything on her that was going to get her into trouble,” the deputy wrote in her arrest report, “(i.e., guns, knives, bazooka, etc.). She said she had nothing.”

The woman consented to a search of her purse, which produced two narcotics smoking devices.

The woman admitted after her arrest she used one of the pipes to smoke, saying it gives her a better high.

She was charged with drug equipment possession, a misdemeanor. Her court date is Sept. 25.

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