Don’t Go To The Park Anywhere Okaloosa County Florida Deputies Patrol Unless You Want Your Car And Body Searched For No Reason

CRESTVIEW, FLORIDA – An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy on patrol near Duggan Park saw a woman sitting in a car and decided to check out what she was doing there, as the park was closed.

The woman told the deputy she was meeting a friend at the park to go fishing. The deputy wrote in the report she thought this was suspicious, as the woman had no fishing gear and was wearing a Taco Bell uniform. So she asked the woman if she could search her vehicle.

As the search got under way, the woman admitted she had some Xanax and Adderall in her right pants pocket.

She was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, a felony.

She was identified as Amy Elizabeth Brege, 30, of Crestview.

The incident occurred Sept. 9.

Her court date is Oct. 16.

About the same time, the deputy saw another vehicle enter the park and stopped it. The driver, 21-year-old Cody Taylor of Hurlburt Field, told the deputy he was meeting a friend there to go fishing. He too was wearing a Taco Bell uniform.

The deputy searched Taylor’s vehicle and found a container with about 1 gram of marijuana inside. A pill ID’d as Adderall was found in Taylor’s pocket.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and marijuana possession not more than 20 grams.

His court date is also Oct. 16.

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