Millionaire Manhattan Madam’s Law Enforcement Connections Won’t See Light Of Day As She Receives Sweet Plea Deal – Headline Grabbing Case Of Prostitution, Money Laundering, Police Involvement, And High-Paying Clients Fizzles In Court

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Anna Gristina, the suburban mom and so-called Millionaire Madam accused of running a pricey prostitution business in Manhattan, is set to plead guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution, sources told the New York Post.

Under a deal, Gristina, who sat behind bar at Rikers Island for four months after her arrest in February, could be sentenced to time already served or could go back to jail for a short stint, the Post reported.

Prosecutors had alleged that Gristina spent years running the hooker ring that catered to high-paying clients.

But the Scotland-born married mother of four said her business was simply a matchmaking service that catered to wealthy men, many of whom were married.

Authorities claimed they had years of wiretap evidence that Gristina had law enforcement connections and had laundered millions of dollars.

But her arrest was on a sole charge that she and an alleged accomplice Jaynie Mae Baker arranged for two prostitutes to perform a sex show for an undercover cop posing as a client.

Baker — a young and beautiful redhead whose appearances in court wearing high heels and expensive fashions became tabloid fodder — and two alleged call girls apparently struck a deal with the D.A. to avoid jail time.

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