Sacramento Calfirnia School Guard Returning To Work 2 Weeks After Beating 13 Year Old Disabled Girl – School District Acts Like Nothing Happened – His Victim Doesn’t Want To Go To School And Worries About Other Student’s Safety

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – The Twin Rivers Unified School District is putting a security Guard back at school on Monday — two weeks after he allegedly assaulted a 13-year-old girl in the classroom.

“Makes me not wanna go to school knowing that he’s gonna be there,” the alleged victim, Alexus Harris said. “It was shocking that they would let him back onto the school campus with other students.”

Alexus said the school district didn’t protect her from the guard, who allegedly pushed her against a desk and slammed her against the wall after she threatened to go to the principal when the guard took away her cell phone.

Cell phones aren’t allowed in the classroom.

It’s unclear what disciplinary action, if any, the school district took against the guard. The assistant superintendent didn’t return phone calls.

Principal Danny Williams said his students are priority.

“Our students will be safe and I’ll be vigilant, making sure that everyone treats our students with respect and care,” Williams said.

Alexus’ mother, Colleen Lee, said the district’s decision is unacceptable, especially because they know her daughter suffers from Cerebal Palsy. Alexus has suffered seizures and has had a stroke.

“They’re allowing him to go back and possibly do this to another child,” she said with tears. “They’re acting as though nothing has happened.”

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