9/11 Hysteria And Gross Stupidity Had A Baby: Houston Texas City Council Member Andrew Burks Wants To Ban Food Trucks – Potential “Terrorist Weapons”

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In case anyone thought that Council Member Andrew Burks’s statements on food trucks and terrorists at a City Council public hearing on Tuesday, September 18, were misrepresented or exaggerated, a new video puts those ideas to rest.

The video was created by local community activist Kyle Nielsen, whom the Houston Press named the Best Breaking News/Bloodhound Twitterer in our 2011 Houston Web Awards. In the video, Burks — who occupies the At-Large Position 2 seat on City Council — can be seen at two separate public hearings insisting that propane tanks on food trucks could potentially be used as terrorist weapons.

Yes, there are dozens of propane tanks stacked in front of grocery stores throughout the city, as well as propane tanks currently on downtown restaurant patios (and restaurant patios all over Houston).

When speaker Sarah Troxell attempts to question whether the points raised by Burks are relevant — “I’m not sure how that relates to food trucks…” — he shuts her down, continuing to warn of the worldwide threat against U.S. embassies.

“What I’m saying to you is this,” Burks tells Troxell. “We live in a different world now than what used to be. Used to be that you could go into an embassy and feel safe. Everyone said — you know — you see on TV…people are running to one place to the next trying to get to the embassy where they can feel safe. Now, American embassies are under attack all across this world just about.”

So there you have it, Houston. American embassies are under attack, and food trucks may be a possible vehicle (no pun intended) for those terrorist activities, even though Houston itself doesn’t, y’know, have any American embassies since we’re already in America.

But if Burks is even the least bit curious about what it takes to blow up one of those propane tanks — in front of an embassy or not — here’s some real knowledge on the subject, courtesy of Mythbusters: It’s nearly impossible to blow up a propane tank with something as basic as a rifle or even as intimidating as an automatic weapon. What does it take? Incendiary rounds:

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