Boston Massachusetts Police Claim Of Having Seized “Large Cache Of Weapons” Turns Out To Be 2 Rifles, 4 Pistols, And A Tear Gas Launcher – No Arrests

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Boston police are looking for suspects after finding a large cache of high powered weapons and ammunition in Roslindale this week, including a machine gun, military-style assault rifles, and grenade-type projectiles.

On Thursday around 1 p.m. members of the Boston Police Department’s Youth Violence Strike Force raided a garage on Seymour Street in Roslindale, where they found an arsenal of weapons and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition.

No arrests have been made. Officers are asking anyone with information to get in touch with them. Police are investigating.

Police put out the following list of items that were seized:
• Panther Arms Mod A-15 .223 with 37mm Launcher and Scope (AR-15 Style Assault Rifle)
• Russian American Armory .223 (AK-47 Style Assault Rifle)
• Intra-Tec Tec-9 Machine Pistol
• Taurus .357 Magnum Revolver
• Ruger .44 Magnum “Super Blackhawk” Revolver
• Springfield Armory 9mm Semi-Auto Handgun
• Lorcin .25 Caliber Semi-Auto Handgun
• Several Large Capacity Feeding Devices (Ammunition Magazines) to include an ammunition magazine for the assault rifle with the capability of holding 100 rounds of .223 armor piercing rounds of ammunition
• In excess of 1,000 live rounds of ammunition (including armor piercing bullets)
• Over 50 shotgun shells
• Numerous grenade type projectiles designed for a grenade launcher
• Numerous holsters and other ballistic attachments and speed loaders as well as gun cleaning kits

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