Lake Oswego Oregon Police Officer’s Motorcycle Burst Into Flames During Traffic Stop – Stumped “Investigators” Think Gas In Tank “Contributed To The Rapid Flame Spread”

LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON – A Lake Oswego Police motor bike officer was on a traffic stop at the intersection of McVey Ave and Laurel St in Lake Oswego when he heard a strange noise from his motor bike.

When he looked over to the bike, he noticed flames coming from the front of the bike. He immediately reacted by grabbing as much as he could from the bike including the radar gun and saddle bags.

Those were the only items he was able to recover as the fire grew rapidly.

Lake Oswego firefighters arrived within 2 minutes of being alerted but the bike was completely engulfed in flames.

Investigators have not determined an exact cause but believe the fuel in the gas tank contributed to the rapid flame spread making the bike a total loss.

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