Veteran Massachusetts State Police Trooper Daniel Sheehan Arrested For OUI In Connecticut And Suspended

July 24, 2012

ENFIELD, CONNECTICUT – A Massachusetts state trooper was relieved of duty this weekend after he was charged with operating under the influence in Connecticut early Saturday morning, a department spokesman said.

Police in Enfield, Conn., found Daniel Sheehan, 46, “passed out or sleeping” in the driver’s seat of a Cadillac Escalade that was pulled to the side of the road at 12:51 a.m. Saturday, said the spokesman, David Procopio. Sheehan is assigned to the Russell Barracks and graduated from the State Police Academy in 2002, Procopio said in a statement. He was off-duty at the time of the incident.

He said there was no damage to the vehicle, no signs of a crash, and Sheehan was uninjured. Enfield police officers administered field sobriety tests to Sheehan, Procopio said, and they arrested the trooper after determining he was impaired. He is also charged with a marked lanes violation.

Procopio said Sheehan posted $500 cash bail at the Enfield police station. State Police will hold a duty status hearing for Sheehan this week to determine his future assignment, he said.

Sheehan is scheduled to appear for arraignment in a Connecticut courtroom on the charges on July 30, according to Procopio

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New Haven Connectict Police Officer Lawrence Burns Fired After Shooting His Gun Outside A Bar – One Of Three Officers Charged In Incident

July 11, 2012

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – One of three police officers arrested after shots were fired outside a New Haven bar in April has lost his job.

The New Haven Register reports Officer Lawrence Burns was fired Tuesday night after a three-hour hearing before the city’s Board of Police Commissioners.

Burns was arrested along with officers Charles Kim and Krzystof Ruszczyk.

Burns and Kim were accused of firing their guns in the air after a night of off-duty drinking on April 1. They face charges of reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm and interfering with police

Ruszczyk was charged with interfering with the investigation after all three left the scene of the shooting.

Kim and Ruszczyk agreed to take a leave of absence until their criminal cases are resolved.

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Nutcase Former New Haven Connecticut Police Officer John Kelly, Facing Weapons Charge, Arrested Again And Charged With Burglary And Larceny After Stealing Generator From Man’s Garage

July 2, 2012

MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT — A former New Haven police officer recently arrested on a weapons charge was arrested again over the weekend and charged with burglary and larceny for allegedly stealing a generator, state police report.

John Kelly, 45, 1 Brookside Ave., Old Lyme, was in Middletown Superior Court on Monday and Judge Susan Handy set bond for $25,000 cash or surety, which he posted through a bail bondsman. According to court personnel, Kelly will be held on a suicide watch and is due back in court July 20.

State police responded to call of an accident on June 23 around 10:45 a.m. and found a pickup truck in the middle of the travel lane on New City Street in Essex. The truck came back as registered to Kelly, and the trooper found him a short time later, walking back to the truck.

Kelly told police he had run out of gas and was pouring gas from a Dunkin’ Donuts cup into the truck, police said. He was disheveled and dirty, wearing one shoe and hobbling around, stating he had sprained his ankle, police said.

Kelly was able to start the truck and told police he was going home. Less than two hours later, troopers responded to a call from Kelly’s ex wife, saying Kelly was on Dennison Road limping and “acting strange.”

Troopers reported seeing the truck in the roadway again, and Kelly, “sweating profusely” said he was out of gas again, according to police. While waiting for a tow truck to arrive for Kelly, police were approached by a man who said he lived on the road and said he found a cup of water in his garage.

Police asked Kelly if he had been in the man’s house, and Kelly allegedly said he went into the garage for water and gas. Kelly had a newer Honda generator in the bed of his truck and the man identified it as his generator, police said. Kelly, however, told police he had found it in the bushes behind the man’s house and had tried to get gas from it, then placed it in the back of his truck. After investigating, police determined the generator had been in the back of the man’s garage.

When police arrested Kelly, he became irate and yelled “cops are supposed to take care of each other,” police said, and that “the state police were out to get him.” He tried to minimalize the incident by saying he had only gone into the garage a few feet, police said.

Kelly, who was a New Haven police officer for 21 years and has also served in the U.S. Navy, said he had a stellar career as a police officer in New Haven, according to state police. According to statements made in court, Kelly suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

While in the cell at the state police barracks, Kelly was yelling, banging on the cell doors and walls, and covering himself in water from the sink, police said. He was unable to post the $5,000 bond and was taken to Hartford Correctional until his arraignment Monday.

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Dumbass New Haven Connecticut Police Officer Sgt. Chris Rubino Arrested Woman Who Videotaped An Arrest, Took Her Phone

June 6, 2012

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — New Haven police have launched an internal affairs investigation into the arrest of a woman who had been videotaping an officer take a Bridgeport man into custody outside a bar.

Jennifer Gondola’s arrest, first reported by the New Haven Independent newspaper, occurred early Saturday morning outside the Pulse bar.

Gondola told the newspaper she was charged with interfering with police after stuffing the cell phone she used to tape the arrest inside her bra. The phone was confiscated.

Lt. Anthony Duff says the department is investigating whether police Sgt. Chris Rubino violated the department’s rule that allows bystanders to film arrests.

Officer Arpad Tolnay, president of the police union, told the New Haven Register the sergeant concluded the video was evidence and properly seized the phone.

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Savage Black Beast Bit Chunk Of Flesh From New Haven Connecticut Store Owner And Spit It Back In His Face After Stealing Wig

June 6, 2012

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – A woman accused of stealing a wig from a beauty shop in New Haven is also accused of biting the store owner as well as the police officers who arrested her.

Police said Lowpel Davis, 38, of New Haven, stole a wig from the Sassy Beauty Supply shop at 800 Chapel Street on Tuesday afternoon.

The shop owner told police he saw Davis come into his store with a juvenile girl and then noticed that a wig was missing from a mannequin.

He went through surveillance system and saw Davis take the wig and hide it, as well as several other items, in her bag, so he told staff to keep Davis from leaving the shop, police said.

It didn’t work and Davis fled with the girl, according to police.

The store owner and his 70-year-old father pursued her, police said, and Davis fought back.

Police said she punched both men in the face and the bit the store owner’s bicep, taking a chunk of flesh from his arm and then spit it in his face, police said.

When police responded around 3:30 p.m. Davis was “crazed,” in front of the Giaimo Federal Building at 150 Court St., struggled with four federal protective service officers and kicked and swore at New Haven police, police said.

When officers handcuffed Davis, she tried to kick out the window of a police car and was eventually transferred to a windowless prisoner transportation van.

Officers were taken to area hospitals to be evaluated for bites and other injuries sustained during the struggle.

The store owner was taken by ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he received treatment for his bite wound and facial injury.

Davis was charged with sixth-degree larceny, breach of peace in the second degree, criminal mischief in the first degree, assault in the second degree and two counts of assault on police officers.

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Greenwich Connecticut Police Officer Donnell Fludd, Charged With Stalking And Harassing Ex-Lover Faces More Charges

May 19, 2012

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT – The Greenwich police officer charged with stalking and harassment in February now faces a first-degree unlawful restraint charge in connection with the same case, according to a state prosecutor.

Donnell Fludd, 44, made a brief appearance in Courtroom B in state Superior Court Friday afternoon alongside attorney Michael Thomas, a colleague of Fludd’s attorney Darnell D. Crosland, who did not make the appearance.

Wearing a blue striped shirt tucked into khaki pants, Fludd listened quietly and with little reaction during a five-minute court appearance in which Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Dunn explained why he had levied the new charge.

Fludd, who remains on paid administrative leave from the Greenwich Police Department, was initially charged with second-degree harassment, second-degree stalking and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanors, in connection with his continuing contact with a former girlfriend.

Dunn confirmed the unlawful restraint charge is the result of an incident that the alleged victim in the case, a 32-year-old Greenwich woman, reported to have occurred in her apartment building elevator.

After she filed a complaint in November, the woman provided police with photographs of the injuries she claimed to have sustained, according to a 19-page affidavit filed in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Thomas said a discussion of Fludd’s family violence program application, which Fludd and Crosland filed earlier this month, was scheduled to occur at Friday’s court appearance, but Crosland could not attend because he was delayed at state Superior Court in Stamford, where a bomb scare forced the evacuation of the 123 Hoyt St. building and held up court proceedings.

Multiple messages seeking comment were left with Crosland.

Fludd, the co-founder of the popular Greenwich Flag Football League, is next scheduled to appear in Bridgeport May 31.

In the affidavit, the woman described various ways in which Fludd allegedly stalked and harassed her, despite her requests to stop, and told police there were several instances in which Fludd used his position as a police officer, his large size and his knowledge of firearms to intimidate her.

The department subsequently launched an internal affairs investigation, which is ongoing.

Crosland said in a previous statement to Greenwich Time that the allegations against Fludd do not reflect the way he has conducted himself throughout his life

Fludd, who acknowledged he had a relationship with the woman, said he never physically harmed her, tried to intimidate her, or took his gun out in front of her in a threatening manner, according to the affidavit.

Greenwich police have said they will not comment further on the case at this time.

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Trial To Begin For Former Windsor Locks Connecticut Police Officer Michael Koistinen – Killed Bicyclist In 70 MPH Drunken Wreck – Father, Police Officer Robert Koistinen, Also Faces Trial For Hindering Investigation

May 19, 2012

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT – Nineteen months after teenager Henry Dang was struck and killed while riding his bicycle in Windsor Locks, jury selection is set to begin for the trial of a former police officer accused of crashing into the high school sophomore.

The prosecution and defense in the case of Michael Koistinen of Suffield are scheduled to start picking jurors Monday in Hartford Superior Court. The trial is slated to begin June 19.

The former police officer is charged with first-degree manslaughter, misconduct with a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence in the Oct. 30, 2010, accident that killed the 15-year-old Dang. Koistinen, 26, faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of all three charges.

Police say Koistinen had been drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages for several hours, including outside a University of Connecticut football game and at a Suffield bar, before he struck Dang at more than 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. One of the Windsor Locks officers who responded to the scene was Koistinen’s father, Sgt. Robert Koistinen.

A state police investigation found that Robert Koistinen drove his son away from the crash site to the police station and back as many as three times, and later prevented an investigating officer from interviewing and getting a blood sample from Michael Koistinen when he was treated at a hospital.

Robert Koistinen was charged with hindering the investigation and awaits trial. Both father and son were fired from the police department.

An 82-page independent investigation report found a series of problems with the way police responded to the accident, including officials’ failure to question Michael Koistinen about possible alcohol consumption at the scene and their failure to test his blood-alcohol level. The report found no evidence of a cover-up, but faulted department officials for a lack of leadership and poor management.

Troopers said authorities found an unopened 30-pack of beer, several other unopened beer containers and many bottle caps in Michael Koistinen’s car. They also said a beer glass was found near the scene and officials believe Koistinen threw it from his car, which resulted in the tampering with evidence charge. Police and paramedics at the scene said they didn’t notice any signs of Koistinen being intoxicated.

Because a blood test wasn’t done, authorities said they couldn’t charge Koistinen with drunken driving. Court records show that hospital officials destroyed a urine sample from Koistinen under hospital policy before police obtained a search warrant for Koistinen’s medical records.

Michael Koistinen’s former lawyer had denied allegations that Koistinen was drunk, and blamed the accident on the night’s darkness.

Dang’s family settled its wrongful death suit against Michael Koistinen and a former tavern owner last year for $420,000.

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