Trespassing Hollywood Florida Police Shoot And Kill Innocent Resident’s Dog In Back Yard It Was Trained To Protect

October 1, 2012

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA – A Hollywood police officer shot and killed a pit bull in a resident’s back yard while searching for a man who had committed a strong armed robbery.

It happened just before noon Wednesday in the 2300 block of Wiley Street. The 4-year-old male pit bull, named Pup-pup, was shot in the back yard of a home that he was trained to protect.

“I just heard gunshots as I was walking back to the house,” said dog owner Antonio Williamson.

It happened just after Williamson came outside to ask why so many police officers were parked in front of his house. They were looking for a man who had punched another guy in the face and stole his bike in front of a convenience store on Pembroke Road and 22nd Avenue. A witness followed the suspect to the area on Wiley Street and called 911.

“The police suspected the robber may have gone into the back yard so they entered through a side gate.

“When they got to the back yard, they were confronted by a pit bull,” said Hollywood Police Sgt. Lester Cochenour.

The dog was shot multiple times and died in the back yard. Williamson was angry that officers didn’t knock first. He said Pup-pup was a humble dog and was great with kids, but was also trained to protect to his property.

“There have been a lot of break ins around here, in this area for the last year and a half or so, and I have my dog out here just for that purpose,” Williamson told Local 10’s Roger Lohse.

Lohse reported that there are no signs on the side of Williamson’s house indicating that a dog was in the backyard. Under the law, police are allowed to enter private property if they are pursuing or searching for a felony suspect.

But none of that makes either side feel any better about how this confrontation ended.

“It is an unfortunate circumstance that the dog and the police met. It was not the initial call but the officer had to shoot the dog to protect himself,” said Sgt. Cochenour.

“Well, you know, they apologized about it but naturally the dog was protecting its area,” Williamson told Lohse.

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Stolen iPad Traced To Home Of Orlando Florida TSA Agent Andy Ramirez In ABC News Sting – He Is No Longer With Agency

September 27, 2012

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – In the latest apparent case of what have been hundreds of thefts by TSA officers of passenger belongings, an iPad left behind at a security checkpoint in the Orlando airport was tracked as it moved 30 miles to the home of the TSA officer last seen handling it.

Confronted two weeks later by ABC News, the TSA officer, Andy Ramirez, at first denied having the missing iPad, but ultimately turned it over after blaming his wife for taking it from the airport.

The iPad was one of ten purposely left behind at TSA checkpoints at major airports with a history of theft by government screeners, as part of an ABC News investigation into the TSA’s ongoing problem with theft from passengers.

The full video report will be seen today on “Good Morning America,” “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” said Rep. John Mica, R.-Florida, chair of the House Transportation Committee and a frequent critic of TSA senior management. “It is an outrage to the public, and actually to our aviation system.”

The TSA said Ramirez was no longer with the agency as of Wednesday afternoon. In a statement to ABC News, the agency said it has “a zero-tolerance policy for theft and terminates any employee who is determined to have stolen from a passenger.”

According to the TSA, 381 TSA officers have been fired for theft between 2003 and 2012.

The agency disputes that theft is a widespread problem, however, saying the number of officers fired “represents less than one-half of one percent of officers that have been employed” by TSA.

In the ABC News investigation, TSA officers at nine of the ten airport checkpoints followed agency guidelines and immediately contacted the owner, whose name and phone number were displayed prominently on the iPad case.

Luggage checked at the same airports with iPads and cash went through security undisturbed.

But in Orlando, the iPad was not immediately returned and two hours later its tracking application showed the device as it moved away from the airport to the home of the TSA officer.

After waiting 15 days, ABC News went to the home and asked Ramirez to return the iPad.

He denied knowing anything about the missing iPad and said any items left behind at security checkpoints are taken to lost and found.

The Orlando airport lost and found said there was no record of an iPad being turned in on the day in question.

Ramirez produced the iPad only after ABC News activated an audio alarm feature, and turned it over after taking off his TSA uniform shirt.

His explanation for the missing iPad in his home was that his wife had taken it from the airport.

“I’m so embarrassed,” he told ABC News. “My wife says she got the iPad and brought it home,” he said.

Moments later, his wife appeared at the door to say she had found it and “no told my husband.”

Asked how that was possible given that ABC News tape showed him handling the iPad at the security checkpoint, Ramirez shut the door and has not responded to questions since.

 No TSA official, including director John Pistole, would agree to be interviewed by ABC News about the issue of theft and what steps TSA has taken to address the long-standing problem.

In its statement, the TSA said it “holds its employees to the highest ethical standards.”

A spokesperson said Pistole has established the Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate allegations of misconduct and that most TSA employees are “honest, hardworking people.”

Congressman Mica says TSA management has failed to properly do background checks on the employees it hires as officers, and had earlier this year asked the Government Accountability Office to do a full investigation of TSA’s theft problems.

“[If] you’re not vetting them before you put them on the job, and allow them to rummage through people’s personal effects, there is something wrong,” said Mica. Follow ABCNewsBlotter on Facebook

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Nutcase Veteran Ocoee Florida Police Officer Shoots And Kills Innocent Family’s Dog In Front Of Children While Woman Had Hold Of It, Bullet Fragments Hit Door Where 2 Children Were Standing – Cop Lies And Says He Was Bitten, But Refused Treatment From Paramedics

September 26, 2012

OCOEE, FLORIDA – A Central Florida family is demanding justice after their pet dog was shot and killed by a police officer.

Jackie and Mitch Schutt said an Ocoee police officer knocked on their front door on Sept. 18 to return an ID, but when Jackie opened the door, her dogs ran out to the porch and, she said, the unthinkable happened.

“The officer just pulled out his gun and shot her three times while I had a hold of her,” said Jackie Schutt.

The Schutts say their family is traumatized and devastated after the officer shot and killed their 3-year-old boxer, Laila. They said it happened seconds after opening their door, without warning, right in front of their eyes.

“You can’t get another dog to replace her. She was our family member,” said Mitch Schutt.

The Schutts say Laila, and their other boxer, Ali, came outside just to protect the family. They think Laila barked at the officer’s feet and scratched his ankle with her nail, but the officer said he was bit, felt threatened and opened fire.

The Schutts say bullet fragments struck their front door right where their 9-year-old and 6-year-old children were standing.

“My kids witnessed it all,” said Mitch Schutt. “He could have not only shot my wife, but ricochet could have hit my kids.”

They have now turned to Facebook, launching a “Justice for Laila” page.

They’ve also hired an attorney, but said they don’t want money, but they do want the officer off the job.

“What if I jumped on top of her and he shot me because he didn’t even say, ‘Hey, I’m pulling my gun, I’m going to shoot your dog.’ Nothing,” said Jackie Schutt.

Ocoee police confirmed to Local 6 they are investigating the shooting.

They would not release the officer’s name, but said he was not suspended and is now back on duty.

Ocoee police Lt. Stephen McCosker said the officer involved is a veteran who’s been on the force for more than 10 years. Lt. McCosker also said the officer also took a few days of medical leave to recover from the bite.

Local 6’s legal expert Luis Calderon said officers have the right to come onto someone’s property and shoot and kill a dog, but only if the officer has reason to believe they are in danger.

The Schutts say the Ocoee officer was never in danger and added he refused treatment from paramedics after the incident.

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Fort Myers Florida Police Officer Jason Jackson Arrested, Suspended, And Charged After Attacking His Pregnant Wife

September 25, 2012

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – A Fort Myers Police Officer has been arrested for the alleged aggravated battery on his pregnant wife.

26-year-old Jason Jackson was allegedly arguing with his pregnant wife around 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

Chief Doug Baker released the following statement concerning the arrest:

“This is not the conduct that we would expect from one of our officers. State Statute and department policy requires due process and Officer Jackson has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a criminal investigation and an internal affairs investigation by our Professional Standards Bureau.”

Jackson was booked at the Lee County Jail. He was later released on $15,000 bond.

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Sarasota Florida Police Officer Christopher Childers Rewarded With Job And 3 Years Of Back Pay After Firing For Brutally Beating Handcuffed Man – Says Believe Him And His Cop Buddies, Not The Video Of His Violent Attack – Another Crazed Cop Back On The Streets

September 24, 2012

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – The City of Sarasota’s Civil Service Board has overturned the firing of a Sarasota Police officer from a 2009 incident. Officer Christopher Childers was fired after being found to have used excessive force during an arrest in 2009. Childers appealed that decision, and now, he will be back on the job by October.

According to one of the Civil Service Board members, after hearing two days of testimony and cross examinations, it became clear that Christopher Childers did not use excessive force. But even now that Childers will be reinstated, the changes made in the way the city handles incidents within the police department remain.

It’s surveillance footage that Civil Service Board member Ken Shelin says is the most damaging. But in this case, looks are deceiving. “When you talk to the people who were there and up close and personal, with respect to what actually happened, you could understand that he did not use excessive force.”

In the video, it appears that Officer Childers kicks the suspect, Juan Perez, while handcuffed, after arresting him for disorderly intoxication. But Shelin says medical records proved Perez wasn’t injured, and other witness testimony proved the force Officer Childers did use was reasonable given Perez’s level of intoxication and behavior, and it’s because of this 2009 incident that the city formed the first Ad-hoc Police Advisory Panel, which Adam Tebrugge sat on as Vice Chair. “Our job was not to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident with officer Childers, our job was to move forward and recommend improvements the department could make to build trusting relationships with the citizens of Sarasota,” says Tebrugge.

Tebrugge says many of the recommendations made by his original panel still remain in place as policy, and now, nearly three years later, the city has two panels in place, made up of citizens, as well as city officials, who oversee operations and disciplinary actions by the Sarasota Police Department, and now, looking forward, Tebrugge says he hopes the relationship between the police department and citizen’s continues to improve. “We are now getting ready to hire a new chief for the Sarasota Police Department. It would be a great opportunity for the city commission and the new chief to review the recommendations of the police advisory panel, and going forward, make sure the new chief has all the tools necessary to be successful.”

Also, as a result of this incident, and the way it was originally handled by the Sarasota Police Department, then Police Chief Peter Abbott resigned, and the city was sued twice– by Perez for police misconduct, and for a Sunshine Law violation.

Childers will receive back pay for the last three years.

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Savage Black Beast Tries To Steal White Undershirts From Margate Florida Walmart, Shoots And Kills Security Guard And Then Himself To Prevent His Arrest For The $16 Theft

September 23, 2012

MARGATE, FLORIDA – A man who tried to steal undershirts valued at $16 from a Wal-Mart in Margate, Fla., shot and killed a loss prevention employee there Friday evening, police said.

Lewis Jhon, 49, of Coral Springs, was pronounced dead at North Broward Medical Center after the shooting at about 7:15 p.m., Margate Police Lt. Andy Zettek said.

Hollywood resident Terrell Kennith Johnson, 22, was identified as the subject. He fled on foot, and police said they later found what they believed to be his body, which appeared to have a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Zettek said.

Johnson was found on the 500 block of NW 51st Avenue, he said.

The incident began when Johnson tried to steal packages of white undershirts at the Wal-Mart at 555 W. Atlantic Blvd in Margate, Zettek said. Jhon detained him, and at some point Johnson shot Jhon near the front entrance of the store, Zettek said.

“Everybody was scared that something was going to happen to them,” witness Edward Jorgenson said of when people heard the gunshots in the store.

A woman was also taken into custody but her involvement in the incident is unknown.

After the shooting, police from Sunrise, Margate, Coconut Creek and Plantation converged on the scene, and a helicopter flew in the area searching for the suspect.

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Don’t Go To The Park Anywhere Okaloosa County Florida Deputies Patrol Unless You Want Your Car And Body Searched For No Reason

September 21, 2012

CRESTVIEW, FLORIDA – An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy on patrol near Duggan Park saw a woman sitting in a car and decided to check out what she was doing there, as the park was closed.

The woman told the deputy she was meeting a friend at the park to go fishing. The deputy wrote in the report she thought this was suspicious, as the woman had no fishing gear and was wearing a Taco Bell uniform. So she asked the woman if she could search her vehicle.

As the search got under way, the woman admitted she had some Xanax and Adderall in her right pants pocket.

She was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, a felony.

She was identified as Amy Elizabeth Brege, 30, of Crestview.

The incident occurred Sept. 9.

Her court date is Oct. 16.

About the same time, the deputy saw another vehicle enter the park and stopped it. The driver, 21-year-old Cody Taylor of Hurlburt Field, told the deputy he was meeting a friend there to go fishing. He too was wearing a Taco Bell uniform.

The deputy searched Taylor’s vehicle and found a container with about 1 gram of marijuana inside. A pill ID’d as Adderall was found in Taylor’s pocket.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and marijuana possession not more than 20 grams.

His court date is also Oct. 16.

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