Dumbass At Microsoft Hires Wigger Rapper To Promote New Atlanta Georgia Store – Who Trashes Store, Sings About His Genitals, Bitches, And “Fuck These Computers”

October 2, 2012

It must have seemed like such a wonderful idea – hire an up-and-coming rapper to promote Microsoft’s latest store opening in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta Georgia. It all ended in tears, however, with trashed computers, the police being called, and embarrassing videos circulating on YouTube.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK to his fans, or Richard Colson Baker to his missionary parents) was hired to perform at the store opening in what the bookers no-doubt hoped would be a performance that would bring some edginess to Redmond’s image. However, in a video promulgated on YouTube, he went off-script almost from the start.

“Suck my d*ck; I’m up in this motherf*cker. MGK in this b*tch. F*ck these computers,” he announced, before bounding onto a display rack and singing about his genitals and how they related to the topic of “bitches.” He also made obscene gestures at staff asking him to stop.

After about a minute of this, and after damaging five laptops by treading on them, according to AllHipHop.com, the Microsoft staff saw that he wasn’t going to stop and cut his backing track. A burley security guard escorted him from the store, although the rapper claims the police were needed to get him to leave.

El Reg suspects that someone at Microsoft will be handed their cards over the incident, or at least will be getting coal in their bonus envelope this Christmas. But one has to ask what the company was thinking by employing the rapper.

In case you’re feeling out of touch by not knowing who MGK is, you’re not alone. The 23-year old rapper recently awarded the 2012 MTVu Breaking Woodie award (awarded by US students voting for their favorite artist on the US music channel) and has his first album out this month on Bad Boy records.

Given the need for publicity, Microsoft’s lucky he didn’t “pop a cap in someone’s ass,” as shooting someone is known in the parlance of the genre, or “lay some hurt on some hoes.” This had disaster written all over it – they should have stuck to reliable a tech-whore like will.i.am.

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Man Ticketed By Atlanta Georgia Police Officer For Having Romney Bumper Sticker

October 2, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – An Atlanta man says a parking officer criticized his Mitt Romney bumper sticker and then slapped a ticket on his vehicle. The Georgia Republican Party is incensed about the incident and is urging Mayor Kasim Reed to speak out.

The motorist admits that he was illegally parked, but is upset over the ticketing officer’s reaction to the bumper sticker.

“I overheard her say that, when she saw the sticker on the back of my car, the Mitt Romney sticker, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to give you a ticket now,'” he said.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart said she was surprised to hear of the incident.

“I am just amazed that this happened in this city, and I know this is not what Mayor Reed would like to see his employees do. It reflects on the whole city,” said Everhart.

The motorist said that he’ll pay the ticket, but thinks that he’s due an apology.

“It sounded like she was almost insulted by the fact that I had a Mitt Romney sticker on the back of my car,” he said.

The mayor’s office and Park Atlanta, the company the enforces parking in the city, had not responded to FOX 5’s request for comment as of Thursday afternoon.

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Living Up To Their Persona: Savage Black Beast Rappers Argue Inside, Shoot It Out In Parking Lot At Taping Of BET Hip Hop Awards – Witnesses Say Shots Fired, But Atlanta Georgia Police Don’t Arrest Anyone

September 29, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Shots were allegedly fired on Saturday night outside the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta following a shoving match that broke out backstage between rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.

According to TMZ sources, the two performers exchanged heated words during the ceremony and started pushing each other before their bodyguards and BET security intervened and separated the two men.

But that was apparently not the end of the incident. According to eyewitnesses, soon afterwards a member of Ross’s entourage went to the parking lot of the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center and pulled out a gun, firing several shots.

No injuries were reported, and police have denied that shots were in fact fired.

Sources said that the concert venue was temporarily shut down during a musical tribute to the late hip hop mogul Chris Lighty. The building later reopened and the taping of the awards show continued with heightened security.

Queen Beyonce looks on with pride as her husband Jay-Z is crowned King of Brooklyn at his sold out concert

According to the Atlanta Police Department, neither Young Jeezy nor Rick Ross was arrested in connection to the altercation.

Rick Ross, 36, and Young Jeezy, 34, have not enjoyed a good relationship in the past, but lately the two appeared to be on good terms.

But on Saturday, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex tweeted that things between the rappers came to a head when members of their cliques crossed paths backstage.

At around 9.30pm, the DJ tweeted: ‘Jeezy and Rick Ross just had words backstage!! Pushing and shoving!!!’

Minutes later, he posted an update, telling his followers: ‘Beef just spread to the parking lot!!!’ before tweeting, ‘Shots fired in parking lot!!! Gunman arrested!!! Back to the show and the Club later!!!’

Multiple sources confirmed to MTV News that Ross’s protégé Gunplay was also involved in a fight with members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit camp.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Jeezy was arrested in 2005 for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and in 2008 for DUI, while Ross was arrested in 2008 for gun and marijuana charges, and in 2011 for possession of marijuana.

The BET Hip Hop Awards will air on October 9.

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9/11 Hysteria: Crazed Gwinnett County Georgia Police Charge Man With Bogus Charge For Wires And Gadgets That Control His Cellphone And MP3 Player

September 27, 2012

GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA — A man strapped with wires caused a big scare at a Gwinnett County mall, police said.

They said 30-year-old Daniel Tudela, of Stone Mountain, was strapped with wires and electronic devices hanging from his body Sept. 13. He was headed toward the movie theater at Discover Mills.

“One would put together, and reasonably assume, that he is here to commit some type of heinous crime, deadly crime,” said Cpl. Ed Ritter with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police said that’s what the officers were prepared to confront after the mall employees called 911. Responding officers quickly determined the devices were not a threat.

According to a police report, Tudela told investigators the devices were part of his style and all of the gadgets were for personal use.

Still, police said on the heels of the mass shooting in Colorado and two days after the Sept. 11 attacks anniversary, the gadgets sparked concern.

“In the day of age that we’re in today, with terrorist activity, and dressing like one, one would assume that you are one,” Ritter said.

Police told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh they wanted to continue the investigation to make certain he wasn’t a threat. Police decided to charge Tudela this week with a misdemeanor for having a hoax device.

Kavanaugh went to Tudela’s home to get his side of the story, and a woman identifying herself as a friend said, “It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal.” She added she didn’t understand the police reaction to what Tudela was allegedly wearing.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kavanaugh spoke over the phone with Tudela’s attorney Regina Matthews. She said the gadgets were just toys to operate his cellphone and MP3 player.

She emailed a statement to Channel 2 Action News saying in part:

“This was an unfortunate arrest that was completely unwarranted. Family, neighbors and friends who know Mr. Tudela are expressing their concern and outrage over how such charges could be brought against someone who is kind, gentle and would never pose a risk of harm to anyone.”

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Video Shows Nutcase TSA Agents Ordering Passengers In Secure Portion Of Air Terminal To “Freeze” On Command In Obedience Training Drill

September 27, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The TSA’s bizarre new policy where it orders travelers who have already passed security to “freeze” on command has been caught on camera, with the clip illustrating once more how the federal agency has implemented a series of ludicrous policies that seemingly have no other purpose than to act as an obedience test for the traveling public.

The video shows the final 24 seconds of a 2 minute period during which travelers were ordered to “freeze” by TSA workers and were not allowed to move.

One TSA screener is heard to say, “stay right where you are,” at a man who is walking through the airport, as the other static travelers look on in bewilderment.

According to the You Tube user responsible for uploading the clip, “This video was shot within the “secure” area of the terminal, BEYOND the security gate.”

“Note that the TSA “guard” is offering no explanation, only giving harsh threats and orders to stay still. Note that there was NO event or threat taking place of any kind,” he adds.

As we have previously highlighted, the “freeze” policy, which has been experienced by numerous travelers across the country, is known as Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo by the TSA.

New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey described how he was caught up in the policy on two separate occasions last year while traveling through airports in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

When Sharkey failed to obey a TSA screener who shouted “freeze,” he was assailed by another traveler who “growled” at him, “You’re supposed to freeze!” as other passengers complied with the bizarre demand. Sharkey later discovered that the TSA had no power to force travelers to comply with the command.

“Passengers are not required to ‘freeze’ in place like statues,” TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee admitted.

“It was clear to me that travelers believed they were required to stop and stand motionless — even those who had cleared security and were merely within shouting distance of the checkpoint. Officers seemed to reinforce that impression, too,” writes Sharkey.

As WeWontFly.com’s James Babb describes, this is nothing more than “obedience training.” The American people and travelers in general are being ‘broken in’ to accept their subservience in what represents the human equivalent of horse training.

“There is literally no other purpose to this “drill” than to reinforce the notion in travelers’ heads that this is a “security state”, and that you may be told to stop dead in your tracks by a TSA “voice of authority” at any time. Legally, TSA has NO RIGHT TO STOP YOU… but it’s hard to imagine that defending your rights by walking away would end well in a (phony) tense situation if there happens to be an armed police officer nearby,” concludes the You Tube user who uploaded the video.

This absurd policy has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with security. Would a terrorist really be so dumb as to make himself stand out from the crowd by refusing to freeze and making himself look conspicuous?

It makes no sense whatsoever, until you realize that this is just another “layer” of pointless TSA security theater. It’s about reinforcing the notion that people are mandated to obey every order made by someone in uniform no matter how asinine.

The TSA has also provoked controversy by implementing other preposterous policies which have a tenuous security justification, most notably a new procedure where TSA agents test travelers’ drinks for explosives after they have already passed through security and purchased beverages inside the secure area of the airport.

Given that these bizarre policies are solely based around coercing obedience and have nothing to do with genuine security, we are encouraging Americans to show civil disobedience and reclaim their human dignity by opting out and filming TSA procedures during Thanksgiving week November 19-26. Click here for more details about the campaign or click here for the Facebook page.

Remember, it is your right to opt out of radiation firing naked body scanners and the TSA’s website also admits that it is perfectly legal to film TSA procedures, whether that’s inside an airport, in a subway, at a political event, a music concert or wherever else TSA screeners have infested. The TSA also admits it has no power to force you to “freeze” as is depicted in the video above.

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Macon Georgia Police Officer Anita M. Harrell And Officer Courtney Coleman Fought At 4 AM In Waffle House Parking Lot – Included Name Calling (Whore), Punching, Kicking – Officer Harrell Arrested, Suspended, And Charged Hours Latter

September 25, 2012

MACON, GEORGIA – Two female Macon police officers were involved in a brawl in a Waffle House parking lot during the weekend that led to one of them being charged with a crime and recommended for firing.

Officer Anita M. Harrell and Officer Courtney Coleman fought about 3:45 Saturday morning in the parking lot of the restaurant at 4094 Pio Nono Ave., according to a Macon police report.

Harrell was charged later that morning with violation of her oath of office and is on administrative leave pending termination, according to a police news release. Contacted Monday, Harrell said she plans to appeal in hopes of keeping her job.

The incident began with Harrell and Officer George Witherspoon talking in the restaurant’s parking lot for about an hour, said Harrell, who had just left her part-time job and was off-duty.

Harrell said she started dating Witherspoon about nine years ago and that he is the biological father of her 3-year-old child.

The couple broke up about a year and a half ago, Harrell said, but they have been “seeing each other” for the past eight months.

While the couple talked, Coleman arrived, which Harrell said surprised her.

Harrell admitted calling Coleman “a whore” within Coleman’s earshot, sparking the fight.

“She swung at me and missed, and I punched her,” Harrell said Monday.

Harrell said she punched Coleman in the face, slammed her to the ground and kicked her.

Coleman told police the women exchanged words before Harrell struck her in the face with her hands, according to the police report.

Coleman said she defended herself and hit Harrell. Witherspoon broke up the fight, and neither woman had visible injuries or wounds requiring medical attention, according to the report.

Coleman declined to comment Monday.

Harrell said police called her several hours after the fight, and she told them she would go to the police station Monday with her lawyer. But she said police arrived at her home two hours later to arrest her.

“I never got a chance to tell my side of the story,” Harrell said. “I feel like they did a one-sided investigation.”

She alleges police didn’t talk with witnesses, “lots of people” who were in the parking lot during the fight.

Harrell was arrested at 11:43 a.m. Saturday and released on $6,250 bond at 2:04 a.m. Sunday, according to county jail records.

She has been a Macon police officer for four years.

Harrell was assigned to Precinct 1, according to police.

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An Hour After Release From Lawrenceville Georgia SummitRidge Psychiatric Hospital, Savage Black Beast Stabbed His Brother 35 Times While Screaming Bible Verses – Doctor Cleared Him For Release Despite “Homicidal Thoughts” And Wanting To Kill Himself

September 24, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – A Gwinnett County mental patient is accused of stabbing his younger brother 35 times, less than an hour after he was released from a Lawrenceville psychiatric hospital.

His mother said similar tragedies happen to other Georgia families. She told Channel 2’s Diana Davis it all comes down to a lack of mental health services.

Stephon Banks’ psychiatric problems began around the time he turned 18. His mother, Margaret Burton, said he went from a straight-A student to behaving strangely and isolating himself. She said she discovered her son covered in blood after he cut his own eye.

“We rushed to the emergency room where they said he had punctured it with a knife,” Burton told Davis.

Banks, now 24, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his condition got worse. For the next six years, he was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. His latest stay was for 10 days at SummitRidge in Lawrenceville.

He was discharged one week ago and sent home to his family.

“They said he was OK. The doctor cleared him,” Burton said.

Less than an hour after Burton brought her son home, she said he attacked his 18-year-old brother, stabbing him 35 times. Burton said she heard a commotion in the living room.

“I saw the knife, and I tried to fight him for it, grab it out of his hand,” she said.

She got the knife but said Banks grabbed two more knives and continued stabbing his brother while screaming Bible verses. Burton described her son’s look as strange and lifeless.

“It was hollow, empty. It just didn’t seem like it was him,” she said. “He was saying, ‘Satan leave me. Satan leave me.’”

Banks is being held at the Gwinnett County Jail on aggravated assault charges.

His brother spent six days in intensive care for the stab wounds, a collapsed lung and a lacerated liver.

Now, Burton is in agony for both of her sons. She’s worried about her 18-year-old’s recovery and angry that her other son was discharged from SummittRidge, along with two other hospitals last month, including East Side Heritage in Snellville. Both hospitals declined to comment due to hospital privacy laws.

East Side discharged Banks after six days. His release papers said he had homicidal thoughts and wanted to kill himself and his mother, but his mother said no one at the center told her. She discovered the discharge papers only after the attack.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. If someone says they’re going to kill someone. That’s not serious enough to warrant a phone call?” Burton said.

She told Davis she’s sharing her story to expose the cracks in the system and the lack of services for the mentally ill.

“It’s not just my story. This is happening almost every day. Everywhere, people are being discharged from hospitals, and they’re not ready and who’s accountable? Who’s responsible?” she said.

An advocate for the mentally ill told Davis what happened to Banks is by no means an isolated incident. She said both private and state psychiatric hospitals are underfunded.

Five years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Georgia for poor conditions in state mental hospitals. Though improvements are being made, Georgia ranks near the bottom when it comes to funding for the mentally ill.

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