Dumbass At Microsoft Hires Wigger Rapper To Promote New Atlanta Georgia Store – Who Trashes Store, Sings About His Genitals, Bitches, And “Fuck These Computers”

October 2, 2012

It must have seemed like such a wonderful idea – hire an up-and-coming rapper to promote Microsoft’s latest store opening in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta Georgia. It all ended in tears, however, with trashed computers, the police being called, and embarrassing videos circulating on YouTube.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK to his fans, or Richard Colson Baker to his missionary parents) was hired to perform at the store opening in what the bookers no-doubt hoped would be a performance that would bring some edginess to Redmond’s image. However, in a video promulgated on YouTube, he went off-script almost from the start.

“Suck my d*ck; I’m up in this motherf*cker. MGK in this b*tch. F*ck these computers,” he announced, before bounding onto a display rack and singing about his genitals and how they related to the topic of “bitches.” He also made obscene gestures at staff asking him to stop.

After about a minute of this, and after damaging five laptops by treading on them, according to AllHipHop.com, the Microsoft staff saw that he wasn’t going to stop and cut his backing track. A burley security guard escorted him from the store, although the rapper claims the police were needed to get him to leave.

El Reg suspects that someone at Microsoft will be handed their cards over the incident, or at least will be getting coal in their bonus envelope this Christmas. But one has to ask what the company was thinking by employing the rapper.

In case you’re feeling out of touch by not knowing who MGK is, you’re not alone. The 23-year old rapper recently awarded the 2012 MTVu Breaking Woodie award (awarded by US students voting for their favorite artist on the US music channel) and has his first album out this month on Bad Boy records.

Given the need for publicity, Microsoft’s lucky he didn’t “pop a cap in someone’s ass,” as shooting someone is known in the parlance of the genre, or “lay some hurt on some hoes.” This had disaster written all over it – they should have stuck to reliable a tech-whore like will.i.am.

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Man Ticketed By Atlanta Georgia Police Officer For Having Romney Bumper Sticker

October 2, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – An Atlanta man says a parking officer criticized his Mitt Romney bumper sticker and then slapped a ticket on his vehicle. The Georgia Republican Party is incensed about the incident and is urging Mayor Kasim Reed to speak out.

The motorist admits that he was illegally parked, but is upset over the ticketing officer’s reaction to the bumper sticker.

“I overheard her say that, when she saw the sticker on the back of my car, the Mitt Romney sticker, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to give you a ticket now,'” he said.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart said she was surprised to hear of the incident.

“I am just amazed that this happened in this city, and I know this is not what Mayor Reed would like to see his employees do. It reflects on the whole city,” said Everhart.

The motorist said that he’ll pay the ticket, but thinks that he’s due an apology.

“It sounded like she was almost insulted by the fact that I had a Mitt Romney sticker on the back of my car,” he said.

The mayor’s office and Park Atlanta, the company the enforces parking in the city, had not responded to FOX 5’s request for comment as of Thursday afternoon.

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Living Up To Their Persona: Savage Black Beast Rappers Argue Inside, Shoot It Out In Parking Lot At Taping Of BET Hip Hop Awards – Witnesses Say Shots Fired, But Atlanta Georgia Police Don’t Arrest Anyone

September 29, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Shots were allegedly fired on Saturday night outside the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta following a shoving match that broke out backstage between rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.

According to TMZ sources, the two performers exchanged heated words during the ceremony and started pushing each other before their bodyguards and BET security intervened and separated the two men.

But that was apparently not the end of the incident. According to eyewitnesses, soon afterwards a member of Ross’s entourage went to the parking lot of the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center and pulled out a gun, firing several shots.

No injuries were reported, and police have denied that shots were in fact fired.

Sources said that the concert venue was temporarily shut down during a musical tribute to the late hip hop mogul Chris Lighty. The building later reopened and the taping of the awards show continued with heightened security.

Queen Beyonce looks on with pride as her husband Jay-Z is crowned King of Brooklyn at his sold out concert

According to the Atlanta Police Department, neither Young Jeezy nor Rick Ross was arrested in connection to the altercation.

Rick Ross, 36, and Young Jeezy, 34, have not enjoyed a good relationship in the past, but lately the two appeared to be on good terms.

But on Saturday, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex tweeted that things between the rappers came to a head when members of their cliques crossed paths backstage.

At around 9.30pm, the DJ tweeted: ‘Jeezy and Rick Ross just had words backstage!! Pushing and shoving!!!’

Minutes later, he posted an update, telling his followers: ‘Beef just spread to the parking lot!!!’ before tweeting, ‘Shots fired in parking lot!!! Gunman arrested!!! Back to the show and the Club later!!!’

Multiple sources confirmed to MTV News that Ross’s protégé Gunplay was also involved in a fight with members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit camp.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Jeezy was arrested in 2005 for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and in 2008 for DUI, while Ross was arrested in 2008 for gun and marijuana charges, and in 2011 for possession of marijuana.

The BET Hip Hop Awards will air on October 9.

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9/11 Hysteria: Crazed Gwinnett County Georgia Police Charge Man With Bogus Charge For Wires And Gadgets That Control His Cellphone And MP3 Player

September 27, 2012

GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA — A man strapped with wires caused a big scare at a Gwinnett County mall, police said.

They said 30-year-old Daniel Tudela, of Stone Mountain, was strapped with wires and electronic devices hanging from his body Sept. 13. He was headed toward the movie theater at Discover Mills.

“One would put together, and reasonably assume, that he is here to commit some type of heinous crime, deadly crime,” said Cpl. Ed Ritter with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police said that’s what the officers were prepared to confront after the mall employees called 911. Responding officers quickly determined the devices were not a threat.

According to a police report, Tudela told investigators the devices were part of his style and all of the gadgets were for personal use.

Still, police said on the heels of the mass shooting in Colorado and two days after the Sept. 11 attacks anniversary, the gadgets sparked concern.

“In the day of age that we’re in today, with terrorist activity, and dressing like one, one would assume that you are one,” Ritter said.

Police told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh they wanted to continue the investigation to make certain he wasn’t a threat. Police decided to charge Tudela this week with a misdemeanor for having a hoax device.

Kavanaugh went to Tudela’s home to get his side of the story, and a woman identifying herself as a friend said, “It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal.” She added she didn’t understand the police reaction to what Tudela was allegedly wearing.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kavanaugh spoke over the phone with Tudela’s attorney Regina Matthews. She said the gadgets were just toys to operate his cellphone and MP3 player.

She emailed a statement to Channel 2 Action News saying in part:

“This was an unfortunate arrest that was completely unwarranted. Family, neighbors and friends who know Mr. Tudela are expressing their concern and outrage over how such charges could be brought against someone who is kind, gentle and would never pose a risk of harm to anyone.”

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Video Shows Nutcase TSA Agents Ordering Passengers In Secure Portion Of Air Terminal To “Freeze” On Command In Obedience Training Drill

September 27, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – The TSA’s bizarre new policy where it orders travelers who have already passed security to “freeze” on command has been caught on camera, with the clip illustrating once more how the federal agency has implemented a series of ludicrous policies that seemingly have no other purpose than to act as an obedience test for the traveling public.

The video shows the final 24 seconds of a 2 minute period during which travelers were ordered to “freeze” by TSA workers and were not allowed to move.

One TSA screener is heard to say, “stay right where you are,” at a man who is walking through the airport, as the other static travelers look on in bewilderment.

According to the You Tube user responsible for uploading the clip, “This video was shot within the “secure” area of the terminal, BEYOND the security gate.”

“Note that the TSA “guard” is offering no explanation, only giving harsh threats and orders to stay still. Note that there was NO event or threat taking place of any kind,” he adds.

As we have previously highlighted, the “freeze” policy, which has been experienced by numerous travelers across the country, is known as Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo by the TSA.

New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey described how he was caught up in the policy on two separate occasions last year while traveling through airports in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

When Sharkey failed to obey a TSA screener who shouted “freeze,” he was assailed by another traveler who “growled” at him, “You’re supposed to freeze!” as other passengers complied with the bizarre demand. Sharkey later discovered that the TSA had no power to force travelers to comply with the command.

“Passengers are not required to ‘freeze’ in place like statues,” TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee admitted.

“It was clear to me that travelers believed they were required to stop and stand motionless — even those who had cleared security and were merely within shouting distance of the checkpoint. Officers seemed to reinforce that impression, too,” writes Sharkey.

As WeWontFly.com’s James Babb describes, this is nothing more than “obedience training.” The American people and travelers in general are being ‘broken in’ to accept their subservience in what represents the human equivalent of horse training.

“There is literally no other purpose to this “drill” than to reinforce the notion in travelers’ heads that this is a “security state”, and that you may be told to stop dead in your tracks by a TSA “voice of authority” at any time. Legally, TSA has NO RIGHT TO STOP YOU… but it’s hard to imagine that defending your rights by walking away would end well in a (phony) tense situation if there happens to be an armed police officer nearby,” concludes the You Tube user who uploaded the video.

This absurd policy has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with security. Would a terrorist really be so dumb as to make himself stand out from the crowd by refusing to freeze and making himself look conspicuous?

It makes no sense whatsoever, until you realize that this is just another “layer” of pointless TSA security theater. It’s about reinforcing the notion that people are mandated to obey every order made by someone in uniform no matter how asinine.

The TSA has also provoked controversy by implementing other preposterous policies which have a tenuous security justification, most notably a new procedure where TSA agents test travelers’ drinks for explosives after they have already passed through security and purchased beverages inside the secure area of the airport.

Given that these bizarre policies are solely based around coercing obedience and have nothing to do with genuine security, we are encouraging Americans to show civil disobedience and reclaim their human dignity by opting out and filming TSA procedures during Thanksgiving week November 19-26. Click here for more details about the campaign or click here for the Facebook page.

Remember, it is your right to opt out of radiation firing naked body scanners and the TSA’s website also admits that it is perfectly legal to film TSA procedures, whether that’s inside an airport, in a subway, at a political event, a music concert or wherever else TSA screeners have infested. The TSA also admits it has no power to force you to “freeze” as is depicted in the video above.

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Macon Georgia Police Officer Anita M. Harrell And Officer Courtney Coleman Fought At 4 AM In Waffle House Parking Lot – Included Name Calling (Whore), Punching, Kicking – Officer Harrell Arrested, Suspended, And Charged Hours Latter

September 25, 2012

MACON, GEORGIA – Two female Macon police officers were involved in a brawl in a Waffle House parking lot during the weekend that led to one of them being charged with a crime and recommended for firing.

Officer Anita M. Harrell and Officer Courtney Coleman fought about 3:45 Saturday morning in the parking lot of the restaurant at 4094 Pio Nono Ave., according to a Macon police report.

Harrell was charged later that morning with violation of her oath of office and is on administrative leave pending termination, according to a police news release. Contacted Monday, Harrell said she plans to appeal in hopes of keeping her job.

The incident began with Harrell and Officer George Witherspoon talking in the restaurant’s parking lot for about an hour, said Harrell, who had just left her part-time job and was off-duty.

Harrell said she started dating Witherspoon about nine years ago and that he is the biological father of her 3-year-old child.

The couple broke up about a year and a half ago, Harrell said, but they have been “seeing each other” for the past eight months.

While the couple talked, Coleman arrived, which Harrell said surprised her.

Harrell admitted calling Coleman “a whore” within Coleman’s earshot, sparking the fight.

“She swung at me and missed, and I punched her,” Harrell said Monday.

Harrell said she punched Coleman in the face, slammed her to the ground and kicked her.

Coleman told police the women exchanged words before Harrell struck her in the face with her hands, according to the police report.

Coleman said she defended herself and hit Harrell. Witherspoon broke up the fight, and neither woman had visible injuries or wounds requiring medical attention, according to the report.

Coleman declined to comment Monday.

Harrell said police called her several hours after the fight, and she told them she would go to the police station Monday with her lawyer. But she said police arrived at her home two hours later to arrest her.

“I never got a chance to tell my side of the story,” Harrell said. “I feel like they did a one-sided investigation.”

She alleges police didn’t talk with witnesses, “lots of people” who were in the parking lot during the fight.

Harrell was arrested at 11:43 a.m. Saturday and released on $6,250 bond at 2:04 a.m. Sunday, according to county jail records.

She has been a Macon police officer for four years.

Harrell was assigned to Precinct 1, according to police.

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An Hour After Release From Lawrenceville Georgia SummitRidge Psychiatric Hospital, Savage Black Beast Stabbed His Brother 35 Times While Screaming Bible Verses – Doctor Cleared Him For Release Despite “Homicidal Thoughts” And Wanting To Kill Himself

September 24, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – A Gwinnett County mental patient is accused of stabbing his younger brother 35 times, less than an hour after he was released from a Lawrenceville psychiatric hospital.

His mother said similar tragedies happen to other Georgia families. She told Channel 2’s Diana Davis it all comes down to a lack of mental health services.

Stephon Banks’ psychiatric problems began around the time he turned 18. His mother, Margaret Burton, said he went from a straight-A student to behaving strangely and isolating himself. She said she discovered her son covered in blood after he cut his own eye.

“We rushed to the emergency room where they said he had punctured it with a knife,” Burton told Davis.

Banks, now 24, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his condition got worse. For the next six years, he was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. His latest stay was for 10 days at SummitRidge in Lawrenceville.

He was discharged one week ago and sent home to his family.

“They said he was OK. The doctor cleared him,” Burton said.

Less than an hour after Burton brought her son home, she said he attacked his 18-year-old brother, stabbing him 35 times. Burton said she heard a commotion in the living room.

“I saw the knife, and I tried to fight him for it, grab it out of his hand,” she said.

She got the knife but said Banks grabbed two more knives and continued stabbing his brother while screaming Bible verses. Burton described her son’s look as strange and lifeless.

“It was hollow, empty. It just didn’t seem like it was him,” she said. “He was saying, ‘Satan leave me. Satan leave me.’”

Banks is being held at the Gwinnett County Jail on aggravated assault charges.

His brother spent six days in intensive care for the stab wounds, a collapsed lung and a lacerated liver.

Now, Burton is in agony for both of her sons. She’s worried about her 18-year-old’s recovery and angry that her other son was discharged from SummittRidge, along with two other hospitals last month, including East Side Heritage in Snellville. Both hospitals declined to comment due to hospital privacy laws.

East Side discharged Banks after six days. His release papers said he had homicidal thoughts and wanted to kill himself and his mother, but his mother said no one at the center told her. She discovered the discharge papers only after the attack.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. If someone says they’re going to kill someone. That’s not serious enough to warrant a phone call?” Burton said.

She told Davis she’s sharing her story to expose the cracks in the system and the lack of services for the mentally ill.

“It’s not just my story. This is happening almost every day. Everywhere, people are being discharged from hospitals, and they’re not ready and who’s accountable? Who’s responsible?” she said.

An advocate for the mentally ill told Davis what happened to Banks is by no means an isolated incident. She said both private and state psychiatric hospitals are underfunded.

Five years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Georgia for poor conditions in state mental hospitals. Though improvements are being made, Georgia ranks near the bottom when it comes to funding for the mentally ill.

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CNN, “The Most Trusted Name In News”, Goes Well Beyond Reporting News And Exposes Filmmaker After The Private American Citizen’s Extraordinary Attempts To Conceal His Identity

September 17, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – This morning on CNN, the identity and past of scapegoated filmmaker Nikoula Nikoula was revealed to American audiences despite the private citizen’s extraordinary attempts to conceal his identity.

During his late night frog march with Los Angeles County Deputies last week, Nikoula wore a heavy winter coast, scarf and hat with sunglasses to conceal his identity, this despite a heat wave that has left Southern California sweltering even in the middle of the night. The efforts to conceal his identity was due to death threats made against him from radical Islamist terrorists who, according to the White House, see the YouTube video Nikoula produced as justification for cold-blooded murder.

CNN acknowledged this fact and then went on to show a picture of Nikoula as well as reveal information that the boastfully said they “dug up” on the filmmaker. CNN went on to editorialize by saying the film would be “Oscar worthy, if HATEFUL were a category.” This continues CNN’s long history of going beyond reportage of “facts,” as they pretend to do, and actual advocacy for the agenda of America’s enemies. Former Chairman Ted Turner was famous for his support of the Soviet Union during the cold war and CNN gained exclusive access to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq while staying silent about many of the regime’s atrocities they witnessed.

One wonders if CNN would have done all this digging on author Salmon Rushdie when he was first threatened with a fatwah in 1989. At the time, Rushdie was celebrated and hailed as a courageous artist for penning “The Satanic Verses” which radical Islamist found so offensive Rushdie was sentenced to death in abstention in Iran.

Here we are, only 23 years later, and CNN, the most trusted name in news, aids the terrorists in finding their man… and aids the Obama Administration in furthering the scape-goating of Nikoula and his video to distract from their failed leadership in the Middle East.

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Former Atlanta Federal Prison Doctor Lewis Jackson Arrested, Charged After Sexually Abusing Inmates And Lying To Federal Agents – Also Charged With Abusing Another Inmate In Washington DC

September 17, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – A former federal prison doctor has been charged with sexually abusing inmates.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Atlanta says Dr. Lewis Jackson appeared in court Thursday and was released on bond. He was indicted last week on three counts of sexually abusing a ward and one count of lying to federal agents.

A lawyer for Jackson could not immediately be located.

Prosecutors say the 30-year-old Lewis worked at the federal penitentiary in Atlanta from January 2011 through last month. They say he tried to perform sex acts on three male inmates in October 2011.

Jackson was charged last week in superior court in Washington, D.C., with three counts of sexually abusing another inmate there in 2008. He was out on bond in that case when he was arrested in Atlanta.

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District Attorney Candidate Wants Answers – Current District Attorney Julia Slater And Columbus Georgia Police Dragging Their Feet For Over A year Since Police Officer Vincent Lockhart Jr. Shot And Killed Ft. Benning Fire Inspector

September 15, 2012

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA – It has been more than a year since the robbery of the MEA Federal Credit Union that ended in a deadly shooting. A man running for District Attorney on the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit is frustrated with the way the investigation is being handled.

Mark Post held a press conference Thursday and spoke about a civilian fire inspector at Fort Benning who was shot by a police officer during the robbery. That man’s involvement in the robbery or status as a victim has not yet been determined by officials.

“Tony Carr’s family wants to know what happened that day. My opponent should act on that case and she should act now,” said Post.

Post doesn’t understand what is keeping investigators from arriving at a conclusion. He believes there is no reason for the delay. Post added that in addition to the lack of closure for the family, there is the additional issue of keeping an officer on indefinite leave.

“Officer Vincent Lockhart Jr. has been on paid administrative leave since that day in September of last year. I suspect that Officer Lockhart would like to get back to work. And, of course the taxpayers are paying for that,” said Post.

Julia Slater, the current District Attorney, said there is a good reason why she is taking so long but she could not elaborate on the specific details.

“I can assure you that I have been working diligently on this matter and it will be resolved as soon as possible,” said Slater, “Having performed this task in my role as District Attorney, I know that each officer-related shooting must be handled on a case-by-case basis and there can be no artificial timeline.”

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Murray County Georgia Deputy Sheriff Josh Greeson Fired After Planting Drugs And Arresting Woman Who Accused County Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran Of Soliciting Sex – Judge Quit Amid State Investigation Into It And Presigned Warrants Provided To Law Enforcement

August 31, 2012

MURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA – The Georgia watchdog agency for judges is re-examining how it investigates wayward judges and how it protects witnesses in light of allegations coming out of Murray County.

One Murray County sheriff’s deputy has been fired and his supervisor is on paid leave after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation examined whether the officers planted drugs on the car of a woman who accused a county judge of soliciting her for sex.

Angie Garmley’s complaint against Chief Magistrate Bryant Cochran sparked a state Judicial Qualification Commission investigation and led to Cochran’s resignation. Her complaint also revealed that Cochran was illegally presigning warrants for officers to use.

Cochran has denied that he solicited Garmley but admitted to presigning warrants.

Prosecutors dropped the drug charges against Garmley last week.

On Wednesday, Deputy Josh Greeson, the arresting officer, was fired based on evidence that he lied to the GBI when agents were investigating Garmley’s arrest, said Murray County Sheriff Howard Ensley.

Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Henderson is on paid leave, and Ensley said he won’t decide whether Henderson will be fired until Friday.

The sheriff said he hasn’t been told that anyone else at the sheriff’s office was involved, and he wouldn’t say what Greeson lied about to the GBI.

“We’re concerned greatly and it’s a saddening situation that this has come about,” he said.

Judicial Qualification Commission officials said the allegations and the entire investigation are alarming.

The GBI investigation showed Garmley was targeted because she was cooperating with the Judicial Qualification Commission, said commission Director Jeff Davis. Such an act is unheard of at this level, he said.

“It sends a chilling message to the public,” he said. “It could discourage legitimate complaints from being filed from fear of retribution.”

Commission Chairman John Allen said state authorities are also going to re-examine the resignation agreements they work out with judges. During an investigation, the commission often tries to get a wayward judge to resign by agreeing not to disclose the information gathered against him or her to law enforcement, Allen said. However, the commission will turn the information over to the GBI or FBI if there is an ongoing criminal investigation, he said.

“This will give us pause for working out agreements with judges in the future,” he said.

On Aug. 15, Cochran was allowed to resign from his position after he agreed with the commission that he would never seek a judicial office again.

The day before his resignation, Garmley was arrested after Greeson said he found meth inside a magnetic box underneath her car.

Henderson was also on the scene after Greeson requested backup, said Henderson’s attorney Larry Stagg. He was on the scene because Garmley’s husband, who wasn’t in the car, was violent, Stagg said.

GBI Agent in Charge Jerry Scott said he couldn’t discuss the case in detail but said authorities felt the evidence needed to be given to the sheriff to take quick action against the officers.

The sheriff’s office has been helpful with the investigation and authorities believe Greeson and Henderson were the only two involved from the office, he said.

“We have no information that there is widespread corruption within the Murray County Sheriff’s Office,” Scott said.

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Georgia Department Of Transporation Cameras In Sandy Springs Targeted By Copper Thieves – Miles Of Wiring Also Stolen From About 50 Light Poles

August 29, 2012

SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA – Copper thieves are getting bolder, having struck another government installation in north Fulton County. This time, they disabled Georgia Department of Transportation pole-mounted traffic cameras on a busy expressway.

GDOT workers called police when the video feed from a pair of cameras on Ga. 400 at the Chattahoochee River in Sandy Springs went dark at the start of the Monday afternoon rush hour.

When officers arrived at the scene, “they realized copper and fiber had been stolen from a junction box out there,” Capt. Keith Zgonc of the Sandy Springs Police Department told Channel 2 Action News. About 1,000 feet of cable and copper wiring was gone.

GDOT spokesman Mark McKinnon said, “We’re having a real problem with people going out and taking that copper.”

“Having those cameras operable is important,” McKinnon said. “That’s what helps your average motorist get to work every day, that we’re able to see what’s going on out there.”

The thefts also cause projects to be delayed, waste taxpayer money and are dangerous to the thieves, McKinnon said.

“Someone could get themselves killed doing something like that,” he said.

The latest theft follows the recent arrest of a man who, with an accomplice, allegedly stole miles of copper wiring from about 50 light poles in Sandy Springs.

Antonio O. Beasley, 48, of Atlanta was arrested and charged with felony theft by taking and other offenses in a series of heists that cost Sandy Springs an estimated $30,000. Police are seeking Beasley’s companion.

In the GDOT camera copper theft, authorities are asking anyone who saw something suspicious around 4 p.m. Monday at Ga. 400 and the Chattahoochee to contact Sandy Springs or Roswell police.

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Dumbass Clayton County Georgia Corrections Officer Christina Danielle Allen, Training To Be A Deputy Sheriff, Suspended After Arrest For Buying Drugs On A Lunch Break

August 28, 2012

CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – Police have arrested an officer accused of trying to buy drugs on her lunch break, and it’s all caught on tape.

Channel 2’s Mark Winne obtained undercover video that shows the officer, who was wearing the camera with his gun drawn, as he walked up to the Clayton County officer’s car.

Butts County Sheriff Gene Pope said a Clayton County corrections officer and deputy in training, Christina Danielle Allen, made an appointment for her lunch break to buy a highly addictive painkiller, Roxicodone.

“That’s a heavily abused drug?” Winne asked Pope.

“Yes it is,” Pope said.

Pope said she even asked the alleged drug dealer for a police discount before she left the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, where she was in training to move up to deputy.

“We were monitoring a phone used by a known drug dealer and that phone started receiving texts regarding the purchase of some pills,” Pope told Winne.

Allen’s arrest was caught on camera from the arresting officer.

On the video you can hear the officer say to Allen, “That has got to be the stupidest thing a law enforcement officer can do! OK? You’re under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. You will not finish the academy. You will not go back to work as a police officer. You understand that?”

“She came up, made the purchase and we made the arrest,” Pope said.

Allen has now been charged with drug possession and violating her oath.

An investigator told Winne, Allen had been abusing pills since January, using them to alleviate pain and get sleep.

“She’ll be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation,” Deputy James Beveridge of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office told Winne. “If she has an abuse problem could she have gotten help? She certainly could’ve. All she had to do was bring that to any person in the Sheriff’s Department from a supervisory standpoint and we would have immediately gotten her help.”

Allen’s mother told Winne by phone her daughter does not take drugs, has been drug tested in recent months and passed, and takes pride in her job.

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Murray County Georgia Chief Magistrate Bryant Cochran Under Investigation For Pre-Signing Arrest Warrants

August 11, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – A prosecutor says a judicial watchdog agency is investigating a north Georgia judge for allegedly pre-signing warrants for law enforcement officials.

District Attorney Bert Poston said the Judicial Qualification Commission is investigating Chief Magistrate Bryant Cochran of Murray County over the accusations. Public defender Mike McCarthy said he was aware of the investigation.

Police must explain to a judge why they believe a suspect likely committed a crime before getting a warrant. If a judge believes there is probable cause, he then signs the warrant, allowing the police to arrest the suspect.

Cochran attorney Christopher Townley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (http://bit.ly/P8iLKE ) that if the public defender’s office thinks there were illegal warrants, they will be “greatly disappointed.”

Officials for the Judicial Qualifications Commission declined to comment.

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Lithonia Georgia Police Chief Washington Varnum, Jr. Took Stupidity To A New Level – Attempted To Serve His Own Eviction Notice – Returned It With Box Checked Saying He Couldn’t Find Himself Anywhere

August 2, 2012

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA – Channel 2 Action News has learned a local police chief is fighting to keep his job after the state agency that certifies officers voted to revoke him.

Lithonia Police Chief Washington Varnum, Jr. is accused of attempting to serve his own eviction notice.

“He basically provided a sworn statement to the courts that he himself could not be found,” said Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) spokesman Ryan Powell.

Varnum was living at the Les Jardins apartment complex and working as a DeKalb County Deputy Marshal when, he said, a co-worker asked him to serve a stack of eviction notices at the complex.

Varnum told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer that he noticed his name was at the top of one of the notices, but he did not serve any of them. He instead checked the box which read, “Defendant not found in the jurisdiction of this court,” and hand-wrote underneath, “All breezeways must be properly marked with the unit numbers for service.”

The option chosen is a technicality used when officers cannot find a certain address, but the marshal’s office has a policy that deputies cannot be an interested party in papers they’re serving.

“Well, it’s an honesty issue. You could argue that it’s a violation of the law. So, POST takes those issues very seriously,” said Powell.

The POST Council voted to revoke Varnum’s police certification in December 2010, citing unprofessional or deceptive conduct and bad moral character.

“I think it sends a pretty strong message that the council felt that this person at that time should not be in law enforcement anymore,” said Powell.

Varnum fought the revocation saying he treated his own eviction notice like all of the others. He resigned from the marshal’s office while under investigation on charges of neglect of duty, falsifying a document and unbecoming conduct.

Months later, the Lithonia Police Department hired him anyway, and then promoted him to chief. The case has been on appeal for more than a year and a half.

“Of course, we wish we could do things faster, but we are bound by the process. So we really have no control over how fast the case moves,” said Powell.

An administrative law judge finally heard Varnum’s appeal earlier this month. If he agrees with POST, Varnum’s certification would be revoked immediately.
But if Varnum wins, his case still isn’t over. The ruling would go back to the POST Council for reconsideration. The council could still uphold its own decision, thus forcing Varnum to appeal in superior court. The judge should rule on the case within the next few weeks.

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Atlanta Georgia Voters Kick Sales Tax Increase To The Curb – City’s Planned $7.2 Billion Transportation Spending Spree Ain’t Going To Happen

August 2, 2012

GEORGIA – Distrustful of government and riven by differences, metro Atlanta voters on Tuesday rejected a $7.2 billion transportation plan that business leaders have called an essential bulwark against regional decline.

The defeat of the 10-year, 1 percent sales tax leaves the Atlanta region’s traffic congestion problem with no visible remedy. It marks failure not only for the tax but for the first attempt ever to unify the 10-county region’s disparate voters behind a plan of action.

“Let this send a message,” said Debbie Dooley, a tea party leader who early on organized opposition to the T-SPLOST tax measure. “We the people, you have to earn our trust before asking for more money.”

Kasim Reed, who fought years for the referendum as a legislator and as Atlanta mayor, rallied supporters gathered at a hotel in downtown Atlanta. “The voters have decided,” Reed said. “But tomorrow I’m going to wake up and work just as hard to change their minds.”

Gov. Nathan Deal’s office told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he would now take a central role in transportation planning for the state’s metro areas, and he would not support a sequel to Tuesday’s referendum.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Ashley Robbins, president of Citizens for Progressive Transit, one of dozens of organizations that worked for the referendum. She predicted a loss of valuable young workers to the region’s economy. “If Atlanta’s not the region that we want, the young energetic people that drove these campaigns are going to leave.”

Results were still pending Tuesday night in the state’s other 11 regions. The Transportation Investment Act of 2010, which set up the referendum, was touted to raise as much as $19 billion if approved district by district.

Leaders with the Metro Atlanta Chamber, which pushed to create the referendum in the Legislature and then poured millions into a campaign to pass the tax, did not immediately return telephone calls.

Voter revolt

The metro Atlanta result was no surprise to independent pollsters who in recent weeks predicted an overwhelming loss, fueled by citizens’ distrust of government and the metro area’s splintered transportation desires.

Voters interviewed Tuesday — urban transit fans and suburban drivers — confirmed the predictions.

Shirley Tondee, a Brookhaven Republican, thinks the region must do something to solve constant transportation woes. But she voted against the T-SPLOST anyway. “I just don’t trust that government is going to take the money and do what they say they’re going to do,” the retired sales representative said outside her precinct.

Robert Williams, a 59-year old electronic technician and a Decatur Democrat, is skeptical too. But in the end he voted yes.

“It was a struggle,” he said. However, “we need to be able to grow. Traffic is one of the things that employers do take into consideration when they’re thinking about where to bring jobs.”

The metro Atlanta tax would have built a $6.14 billion list of 157 regional projects — relieving congestion at key Interstate highway chokepoints and opening 29 miles of new rail track to passengers, among others — as well as $1 billion worth of smaller local projects. The list was negotiated by 21 mayors and county commissioners from all 10 counties, and it contained about half transit and half roads.

The compromise didn’t work.

Re-playing 40 years of Atlanta history, controversy built instantly around the proposed expansion of mass transit. Some loved it, some hated it.

Nevertheless, the campaign had set its sights on winning over conservative voters — at least, more of them than might usually say “yes.”

Perhaps as a result, the campaign for the tax seemed at times unwilling to trumpet the transit in the list. Advertisements for the referendum showed many cars but little mass transit, until later on.

But that affected some transit supporters. Some metro Atlantans love transit, and some business interests favoring the tax said its expansion was key to drawing new jobs. But how much those voters understood the transit and other projects in the list was unclear.

DeKalb T-SPLOST opponents hit hard on the fact that south DeKalb did not get a new rail line in the list. The T-SPLOST would, however, give $225 million for commuter buses and stations in South DeKalb and $600 million for upgrades to the current MARTA system.

Gladys Pollard, a Decatur Democrat and attorney, mocked promises of the T-SPLOST. “‘We’re going to improve roads,'” she said. “What does that mean? It’s so vague.”

Pollard voted “no” because she believes south DeKalb should have gotten rail.

“They’re not proposing anything that will benefit me,” Pollard said. “We’re not getting anything out of this. People in the north — they’re going to benefit big-time.”

Soft-pedaling the transit message didn’t help the campaign with transit opponents, either, who called the transit a waste of $3 billion in a car-loving region. They came out early and in force, starting with tea party gatherings where the first organized opposition met.

Deeper insecurities were at play as well. A poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last year found that 42 percent of respondents believed new mass transit brings crime.

By election day, the issue was such a hot potato that a number of elected officials who voted for the T-SPLOST law or for the project list had stepped away or turned against it.

The campaign

Those may be challenges beyond any campaign’s control.

But for all the money poured into it — more than $8 million for education and advocacy — the campaign had its own problems.

It drew some critics who found it top-down or obtuse, and it hit turbulence almost from its first moments.

Campaign tensions naturally grind as pressure rises. But by election night, transit advocates wouldn’t watch election returns with the central campaign, but went to their own location at a Midtown Irish pub.

At the campaign’s outset, its biggest hire was Glenn Totten, a Democratic strategist who once helped push the Georgia lottery to victory among referendum voters in this Bible-belt state. But within months, Totten, and then another Democrat, communications director Liz Flowers, left abruptly.

Those Democratic gaps in the Republican-Democrat team were eventually filled.

But when challenges arose within the T-SPLOST’s Democratic, transit-fan base of voters, the campaign seemed to be caught flat-footed.

The campaign lost huge potential endorsements at the core of its voter base this spring, when the state organizations for both the Sierra Club and the NAACP came out against the tax, feeling there should be more transit in the list.

In each case, the decisionmaking boards of those groups spent weeks in debate over their positions, but were never contacted by the tax campaign, according to the heads of the groups.

Edward DuBose, president of the Georgia conference of the NAACP, said the NAACP even had a string of conference calls with speakers for and against, to help the group make its decision. They would have been glad to have a campaign representative speak, DuBose said, since the advocates the statewide group heard from didn’t have a great deal of knowledge about the tax program. But he had no idea who the campaign manager was.

“I do find it odd” that they were never contacted by the campaign, DuBose said then. “Especially odd given that we are very visible.”

Republican campaign supporters didn’t run lock-step for it either. Although Gov. Deal helped the campaign, his first full-throated, passionate speech at a press conference urging its passage only came Monday, the day before the vote.

Deal said he had not had the opportunity to speak at large events for the Atlanta tax.

Now, with his predecessor’s plan cashiered, the problem of funding a metro Atlanta traffic fix is his.

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Georgia Businessman Responds To President’s “You Didn’t Build That” Insult – “Obama Can Kiss My Ass”

August 2, 2012

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – President Obama’s message to entrepreneurs that “you didn’t build that” prompted one Georgia business owner to respond with a not-so-subtle retort.

“I built this business without gov’t help. Obama can Kiss my ass,” reads the sign outside Gaster Lumber & Hardware in Savannah, Ga. Owner Ray Gaster posted that and two similar ones at all three of his company’s locations in response to Obama’s comments during a speech to supporters in Virignia, which struck a nerve with small business owners around the nation.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help,” the president said at a campaign stop last month in Roanoke, Va.. “There was a great teacher somewhere in your life,” he continued. “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Since the comments created a firestorm, Obama’s campaign has sought to put the comments in perspective, saying that Obama only meant that businesses rely on the community to flourish. Yet, his opponents have seized on the remarks, making them something of a small business rallying cry.

Gaster, a Vietnam veteran, told FoxNews.com he built his now 28-year-old business from the ground up.

“I started on my own,” Gaster said. “The government wasn’t there. We work long, hard hours and what he said is an insult to any businessman.”

The sign has been criticized for its harsh language, but Gaster said that the rough words were necessary.

“When I heard what he said, I said ‘I’m going to give him an answer in Chicago language–something he’s used to,'” he told FoxNews.com. “If I would have said ‘Dear Mr. President…’ there wouldn’t have been as strong of a response.”

Gaster sent a photo of his sign to 45 of his friends and business acquaintances. He said he wants other businesses to post signs as well.

“We need to stand up to the criticism coming from our own government. If this economy is to get better, it will be driven by small and independent businesses. We are part of the solution, not the problem,” Gaster said.

“I want to use this sign to urge other businesspeople to stand up and say ‘Mr. President, you’re wrong. I built my business,'” he told FoxNews.com. “I represent the majority of business owners in my belief.”

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Pedophile Former LaFollette Tennessee Police Officer Michael Shane Baker Placed On Tennesse 10 Most Wanted List After Sex With A 13 Year Old Georgia Girl

July 21, 2012

TENNESSEE – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has put the former LaFollette Police officer wanted for internet sex crimes on its Top 10 Most Wanted List.

Michael Shane Baker is described as a bald, white male with blue eyes. He is 5’11” and weighs approximately 220 lbs. He is a former police officer and may be armed. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Authorities are looking for a former LaFollette Police officer who is accused of having inappropriate contact with a 13-year-old girl from Georgia.

A Campbell County grand jury returned a 44 count indictment against Michael Baker, 39, on July 11. He was charged with 22 counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and 22 counts of solicitation of sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to a press release from the LaFollette Police Department, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation contacted them several months ago about the allegations against Baker. LPD notified the Knoxville Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Division to assist in the investigation. The investigatin determined that the crimes were committed between August 2011 and December 2011 in Campbell County

Baker is believed to be living in the New Tazewell area of Claiborne County, but so far, authorities have not been able to locate him to arrest him.

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Chatham County Georgia Deputies Brutally Beat And Tortured Disabled Man For Their Own Amusement – Head Of Jail’s Mental Ward Tried To Cover Attack With Bogus Paperwork Saying Man Had Beaten Himself

July 19, 2012

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – A Georgia man that suffers from Tourette’s says that police deactivated a device that controls his symptoms and then beat him for their own amusement. He is suing Chatham County Sheriff officials for negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

Charles Ray, 34, says Sheriff’s deputies near Savannah, Georgia ignored his pleas and then purposely attacked him after he was arrested in July 2010 on drug possession charges.

Upon being brought to the Chatham County jail for processing, Ray alleges that he warned officers that passing through the facility’s metal detector would deactivate the battery-powered deep brain stimulator that helps him control the symptoms of Tourette’s. If the device does not work, Ray is prone to uncontrollable tics and obscene outbursts typical with the neurological disorder.

“Upon being transported to his cell, plaintiff advised the sheriff’s deputies which were escorting him that he should not go through the scanning device as it would affect the batteries in his Tourette’s device and render it useless,” the complaint, filed this week, reads. “The deputies did not heed plaintiff’s warning and forced him to go through the scanning device, which in fact did turn off his Tourette’s device and cause the symptoms of Tourette’s to evidence themselves, including jerking of his arms and legs, facial tics and other neurological actions which evidenced a lack of control on plaintiff’s part.”

After the device was deactivated and Ray was at the mercy of the disorder, he says that the cops repeatedly harassed him and beat him as “a form of amusement.”

“After the metal detector turned the battery off that charged the electrodes for the brain mapping, the plaintiff could not control his physical and verbal actions and the deputies ignored his protestations, and when he failed to control himself, he was beaten,” the complaint continues.

Attorneys for Mr. Ray say that their client was tied to a chair “and made to stay there for hours without benefit of food, water or bathroom privileges.”

“While abusing the plaintiff by beating him and kicking him, the deputies considered it a form of amusement and laughed at his protestations,” the complaint reads, adding that the officers assaulted the plaintiff “by beating him with their fists and kicked him while he was restrained.”

The lawsuit alleges that, after the incident, the head of the mental ward attempted to cover up the attacks by writing a false report. Instead of admitting to wrongdoing on the part of law enforcement, the internal papers instead suggested that Mr. Ray “beat himself against the wall, thereby causing his many injuries.”

Ray’s attorneys, Julian Toporek and Richard Darden, are suing the head of the mental ward — Officer Floyd Jackson — as well as Chatham County Sheriff Al St. Lawrence.

When asked to comment by Courthouse News, Chief Deputy Roy Harris said the department is aware of the lawsuit “and are talking steps to address it.”

When approached by the Savannah Morning News after the lawsuit was filed, Sheriff St. Lawrence tells the paper that he was initially unaware of the allegations and, if received written charges, would “just turn it over to the county attorney like I always do.” According to a 2000 article published in The Augusta Chronicle, Officer. St. Lawrence was previously named in a suit filed in a wrongful imprisonment charge.

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Nutcase Columbia County Georgia Compliance Officer Jimmy Vowell Caught On Video Invading Sleeping Woman’s Home Without A Warrant, Goes In Her Bedroom And Yells At Her About Her Lawn

July 11, 2012

MARTINEZ, GEORGIA – Monday morning, Erica Masters was sleeping in her bed when Columbia County Code Compliance Officer Jimmy Vowell came to serve a violation notice for her grass being too long. Erica caught the whole incident on tape.

“He let himself in and actually came through the house and into my bedroom. And yelled at me to wake me up, to let me know that I needed to come back outside and sign the violation notice.”

Erica says she was freaked out seeing a stranger in her doorway.

“I woke up, I didn’t have my glasses on or my contacts in and all I see is this big burly figure standing in my doorway. A big huge guy with a grey shirt. It scared the mess out of me.”

After the incident, Erica called the Sheriff’s Office to file a complaint against Jimmy Vowell. The Columbia County Environmental Compliance Manager, Mike Anderson, says he is aware of the complaint and that his office is investigating it. He also went on to say that his Code Compliance Officers cannot enter someone’s home without their permission, and that even if they had probable cause to enter, they would still need to be escorted by a Law Enforcement Officer. Erica feels as though her privacy was invaded by the county.
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Naked And Crazed Savage Black Beast With “Super-Human Strength” Threatened To Eat Cops In Lilburn Georgia

July 3, 2012

LILBURN, GEORGIA – A ‘zombie cannibal’ was tasered by police after he charged at them wielding a golf club.

Karl Laventure, 21, was believed to be high on bath salts when he tried to attack the officers in Lilburn, Georgia.

And after they had managed to subdue him he began threatening to eat them.

Laventure appeared out of some woods and was seen running naked around a golf range near Atlanta, swinging a club around his head and screaming.

Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had ‘super-human strength’.

‘He came running at us out of the woodline,’ officer Ross Hancock told local station WSBTV.

At first, they tried using pepper spray to stop him, but that left him undeterred.

‘He didn’t even wipe his eyes, he just kept them open,’ Mr Hancock said of the pepper spray.

They then turned to their Tasers and though that momentarily shocked Laventure to the ground, it did not stop him.

‘We had to Tase him approximately five more times on scene to get him down. It took several officers to hold him down to get him cuffed,’ Mr Hancock told the station.

A video clip of the June 14 arrest shows Laventure lying face down on the ground, shirtless, mumbling seemingly disconnected thoughts and threatening to eat the faces of the officers.

‘He was still talking gibberish, still cussing, still saying he wanted to eat us, eat other people,’ Mr Hancock added.

The video shows him talking about the deceased rappers Biggie and Tupac, making animal sounds, and continuing to threaten the police officers.

‘Among other things he said “I’m’a eat you. I’ll eat you, I don’t want to eat you but I will,”‘ one witness told Fox News.

Though they controlled him enough to force him to a nearby hospital, he attacked one of the nurses on the scene and another fight ensued.

His behavior is being blamed on the use of the synthetic drug called bath salts, which was also linked to previous violent outbursts throughout the country.

‘I’ve never had to encounter somebody who acted like this before, so there’s no telling what they may do when they are high on this drug,’ Mr Hancock said.

There have been a number of ‘cannibal’ incidents linked to bath salts in recent weeks.

Bath salts, a synthetic amphetamine cocktail known as ‘the new LSD’, was the believed drug of choice for Rudy Eugene, who he chewed off homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face in Miami in May.

While a man in Louisiana, Carl Jacquneaux, was arrested when he bit off a piece of his neighbour’s cheek, which a friend blamed on bath salts.

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Pedophile Former Cartersville Georgia Police Officer James Scott Arrested, Charged With Child Molestation And Other Offences

June 30, 2012

BARTOW COUNTY, GEORGIA – A former police officer who has career ties to Cartersville Police Department as well as the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office has turned himself in to deputies on several warrants, including child molestation, taken for his arrest.

Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Sgt. Jonathan Rogers confirmed James Scott’s surrender to deputies Monday when approximately five warrants were served against him.

Scott, according to CPD Public Information Officer Lt. Mark Camp, “worked for several departments, including the Cartersville Police Department, Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, Dallas Police Department and the Kennesaw Police Department.” He served with CPD from July 1997 until September 2011.

A request for Scott’s personnel file from CPD was delayed Monday until the department’s employee who manages such files returns to the office to process the request sent by The Daily Tribune News on Monday afternoon.

Further information will be provided as it is made available.

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Cherokee County Georgia Sheriff Roger Garrison Tries To Explain Away His Appearance In Photos Of Him In Ku Klux Klan Hood And Robe By Invoking “Blazing Saddles” Movie – Just Happens To Be Running For Re-Election

June 23, 2012

CHEROKEE COUNTY, GEORGIA – Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison said he has no affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, despite old photos that surfaced showing him wearing a robe and hood.

He wore the costume to a Halloween party around 25 years ago, long before he took office.

“I don’t deny it wasn’t stupid, looking back now, but there again I say what 21- or 22-year-old in this world hasn’t made some stupid mistakes?” Garrison told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer, who obtained the photos from a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Garrison is up for re-election this year, and is facing primary opposition next month.

“It’s purely political,” he said, “This is just the lowest of the low to infer whatever they’re attempting to infer there.”

Garrison said he and a friend were dressed as characters from a scene in the movie “Blazing Saddles” and that he has never espoused any of the KKK’s beliefs.

“I don’t think anyone who knows me is going to think anything of this, but it’s just sickening and it hurts my family,” said Garrison.

Garrison’s opponent, David Waters, said someone showed him the photos a year ago, but he chose to ignore them and focus on his own campaign.

“It is a bad judgment call, and (that) type of clothing represents hate, and I certainly don’t want any part of that,” said Waters.

Waters was not the source who provided the photos to Channel 2 Action News.

By phone, Fleischer reached one person who attended the party back in the 1980s, and said many of the guests were surprised to see Garrison dressed in that costume.

“I think the suit represents harm regardless of how it’s displayed. It’s a statement that the suit makes and to call that a joke, I don’t think a lot of people would laugh,” said Waters.

Garrison told Fleischer he’s hoping voters will pay more attention to his record as sheriff during the last two decades than a photo that’s even older than that.

“Everybody knows everything about my life. I would just ask that they look at my honor and my integrity and the things we’ve done for this sheriff’s office,” said Garrison.

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Fulton County Georgia Jail Has Bad Locks, So They Installed New Locks About Which They Still Have Doubts, Offering Inmates Free Food If They Defeat Them

June 22, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Jailers in Atlanta have a challenge for inmates: Get past the new locks being tested on cell doors and win free food.

Officials have been trying to figure out what to do about hundreds of locks which can be jammed at the Fulton County Jail, allowing inmates to get to each other.

Fulton County’s chief jailer, Col. Mark Adger, tells WSB-TV (http://bit.ly/KNZQHT) he’s offering free food for any inmate who can defeat the new locks being tested in one cell block.

Adger says jailers are choosing experienced lock beaters, to try to beat the new locks.

County Commissioner Tom Lowe has said the lock issue has been blown out of proportion, but others say it puts inmates at risk of being attacked by other prisoners.

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Atlanta Georgia Police Officer Jarvis Farley Arrested For Drunk Driving – Said “Oh, For Real?” When Told He Was Clocked At 128 MPH On 55 MPH Roadway – Was Mumbling And Couldn’t Walk A Straight Line

June 19, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – An Atlanta police officer was arrested for drunk driving last month after reaching speeds over 120 mph, according to a DeKalb County police report obtained Monday.

A DeKalb police officer clocked Jarvis Farley at 128 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-285, near Lavista Road, just before 3 a.m. May 25, police said. The officer pursued Farley, who was driving southbound in a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, until he exited onto Ga. 78 and pulled over.

The officer approached the car, and Farley immediately showed his police identification and apologized for speeding. The officer noted on the report that Farley’s eyes were “very bloodshot and glassy, and he had a strong unknown type alcohol on his breath with his speech being mumbled.”

When told how fast he was driving, Farley replied, “Oh, for real?” according to the report.

Farley told the officer he consumed a “few” beers that night and had been drinking throughout the day.

When the officer asked him to perform a walking test, Farley stumbled and failed to maintain a straight line, police said. The officer administered a field alcohol breath test, which indicated a positive result for alcohol.

Farley was then placed under arrest. As the officer searched him, he found an unopened miniature bottle of Tequila in the motorist’s left cargo shorts pocket. Farley was taken to jail and submitted an official alcohol breath test, which showed a .142 blood alcohol content.

Farley was charged with DUI, speeding and reckless driving, according to the report. A spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department said he has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation.

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Gwinnett County Georgia Police Officer Brian Kelly Quits After Arrest In Bartow County For Soliciting Act Of Prostitution

June 17, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – Former Gwinnett County Police public information officer Brian Kelly was arrested by the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office on May 31 and charged with soliciting an act of prostitution.

In a release, Gwinnett County Police public information officer Corporal Jake Smith said they had learned that Kelly had not reported to authorities in Bartow County that he was an officer at the time of his arrest, nor had he reported the arrest to his superiors in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett requires their officers to report an arrest to their superiors immediately.

Kelly resigned in lieu of being fired on Tuesday afternoon. He was a PIO for the Gwinnett County Police Department for from 2008 to 2010, and had been employed as an officer with Gwinnett County since October 2003.

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Tiny Minds Collide In Georgia: Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough And County Police Chief Greg Porter Involved In Hiring And Firing Pissing Contest

June 14, 2012

CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – Clayton County Sheriff Kem Kimbrough is firing back after the county police chief wrote a scathing letter criticizing his hiring of officers the chief has fired.

Greg Porter wrote the letter to Clayton County Chairman Eldrin Bell.

In it, the chief says “in his 26 years as a peace officer he has never witnessed such irresponsible acts by a law enforcement official.”

Porter goes on to refer to Kimbrough’s “questionable judgment and borderline unethical tactics.”

Channel 2’s Tom Jones showed the letter to Kimbrough who said he hadn’t seen it prior to that.

“I mean I’m shocked. I’m shocked to read this letter,” Kimbrough said. “You know that’s his choice of words. Out of respect, that’s not something that I would ever say about Chief Porter.”

Kimbrough recently hired three officers Porter fired. In the letter, Porter said the officers violated a citizen’s civil rights and violated other departmental policies. Porter said Kimbrough never came by the department to check the officer’s files.

The sheriff said that’s not true.

“I did read the file. I did examine all of the evidence.” Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough told Jones he has a right to hire and fire whomever he chooses.

“I felt like based on the investment Clayton County has made in these officers that putting them in a different job and a different assignment with some additional training was a sound investment,” Kimbrough said.

“An officer that doesn’t work out at the police department doesn’t necessarily, isn’t necessarily disqualified from working here at the Sheriff’s Office,” Kimbrough said.

Porter said in the letter hiring fired officers creates liability issues for the county. He also complained that Kimbrough keeps luring his officers by offering them guaranteed overtime.

Kimbrough said it’s like the pot calling the kettle black because Porter has hired deputies he’s fired.

Porter asked Chairman Eldrin Bell to look into creating an ordinance that would stop Kimbrough from hiring his fired officers.

Bell said a county attorney is looking into the issue. When reached by phone Porter said he had no comment.

Kimbrough says it’s important that he and Porter work together to deal with the issues confronting the community.

He said it would have been nice if Porter had addressed these issues with him privately. “I would have appreciated a phone call,” Kimbrough said.

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Widow Awarded $3 Million After Atlanta Georgia Police Officer William Martinez Died During Three-Way Sex With Woman Who Wasn’t Her

June 12, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – A jury has awarded a Georgia woman $3 million over her husband’s heart attack, finding that his doctor should have warned the Atlanta cop against strenuous activity like the three-way sex he was having at the time he died, WXIA-TV reports.

William Martinez, a 31-year-old Atlanta police officer, collapsed and died while he and a male friend were having sex with a woman who was not his wife at an Atlanta airport motel in 2009.

The jury on Friday found that Dr. Sreenivasulu Gangasani and the Cardiovascular Group were 60% to blame for Martinez’s death from atheroschlerotic coronary artery disease, agreeing with the plaintiff that the doctor did not properly diagnose and treat Martinez for high blood pressure, chest pains, shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.

They also charged that Gangasani did not warn Martinez to avoid strenuous physical activity until more tests could be done.

“The type of sex that he was engaged in is the type that’s totally unacceptable to our community,” said Martinez family attorney Rod Edmond on Friday. “But the fact of the matter is this man could have died running on the treadmill, running after a criminal.”

Last week, a Gwinnett County jury agreed, finding Gangasani “negligent.” But their verdict form also found William Martinez 40% responsible for his own death.

That shared responsibility reduced the award to his widow from $5 million to $3 million, WXIA-TV reports.

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Savage Black Beasts Ordered Pizza And Killed White Domino’s Delivery Woman – Stabbed 50 Times On Doorstep

June 10, 2012

CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA – Update:The two suspects in the homicide of a pizza delivery person are in the Polk County Jail on murder charges while investigators continue to look for a motive, according to officials.

Cadedra Cook, 18, of 229 Thompson St., Cedartown, and a 15-year-old male juvenile were apprehended around noon on a field on the property of the Old Hale Manufacturing Building on Lafayette Street, according to officials.

“We had been one step behind them most of the night,” Cedartown Police Department Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome said. “We were finally able to catch up to them.”

The two are charged in the brutal stabbing and bludgeoning death of Elizabeth Hutcheson, 27, of Cedartown, while she was making a delivery for Domino’s Pizza to the home.

Newsome said he is pleased the two suspects were caught within a day after the homicide. He credits good teamwork with all law enforcement agencies for quickly finding them.

“It was just cooperative police work,” he said. “Without the help of the GBI and the U.S. Marshall’s to a small department like ours, it would have been hard on us,” he said.

The CPD also had assistance from the Polk County Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Polk County Sheriff Kelly McLendon said 12 of his people were involved in the search and at least seven from the U.S. Marshall’s Service were on the scene also.

“We were asked to assist. We came. We helped out,” McLendon said.

Newsome said the investigation into the slaying is still open.

Police confirmed a telephone pizza order was placed at Domino’s shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday. Hutcheson was the delivery person sent.

Newsome said the suspects fled on foot.

Police officers found Hutcheson around 9:15 p.m. bleeding in the doorframe of Cook’s residence while on a routine traffic stop. She had been stabbed multiple times and was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center, according to officials.

Newsome said each suspect is currently charged with one murder charge. However, he said that could change as the investigation is completed.

“There will probably be more charges,” Newsome said.

The motive is still a mystery.

Newsome said money was taken from Hutcheson in the incident, but the amount was so little that he couldn’t see that as being the sole motive.

“When I saw everything, it didn’t add up to me,” he said.

However, Newsome said the investigation hasn’t confirmed his “gut feeling,” so he wasn’t going to speculate. He said it couldn’t be determined at this point whether the killing was premeditated.

Newsome said nothing has been able to confirm or deny that Hutcheson knew Cook or the juvenile.

He also said he can’t confirm the juvenile was the same boy involved in Cook’s arrest in March.

She was charged with interference with child custody and contributing to the delinquency of a minor in that incident, according to jail records.

Cook hasn’t gone to court on those charges, records indicate.

Newsome said Cook had not appeared to be violent in previous police interactions.

“This would be out of the ordinary for her,” he said.

Newsome said he personally told Hutcheson’s mother, who lives in Cedartown, the news of the suspects’ capture.

“She was very emotional and very appreciative of the efforts,” he said. “We had a very emotional visit with her.”

The rest of Hutcheson’s family is also from Cedartown, he said. That includes a boyfriend and a four-year-old girl.

Hutcheson was a 2003 graduate of Cedartown High School and a 2011 graduate of Georgia Northwestern Technical College in Rome, according to her Facebook page.

Newsome is meeting for a debriefing with law enforcement this afternoon to decide how to proceed with the investigation.

He has also been talking throughout the night and morning with Polk County District Attorney Bobby Brooks,

Brooks, who came to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office after being informed the suspects had been apprehended, said he hasn’t decided whether to try the juvenile as an adult.

That decision will be made later after the investigation in completed, he said.

Update:Ken McIntyre, vice president of communication for Domino’s Pizza said during an interview that the corporation was informed of the stabbing last night.

“We were horrified. An innocent person losing her life is just beyond words,” McIntyre said. “Are prayers go with the family.”

McIntyre said Domino’s was grateful that the police were able to respond so quickly in the capture of the suspects.

When asked about the risk to employees delivering pizza McIntyre said Domino’s gives training programs to its employees and takes preventative measures in order to lessen the risk of violent encounters such as limiting the amount of money drivers carry.

“We have been delivering pizzas for 52 years, and there’s a lot we do, but what we can’t do is eliminate evil,” McIntyre said.

Update:The suspects were captured around noon Friday, according to Newsome.

The suspects were found near Thompson and Lafayette streets, according to police.

Previously reported:A pizza delivery worker was killed Thursday night while making a delivery at 229 Thompson Street, Cedartown, according to officials.

The two suspects remain at large, police said.

Elizabeth Hutcheson, 27, was found by police around 9:15 p.m. bleeding in the doorway of the Thompson Street home, according to Cedartown Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome. Hutcheson suffered multiple stab wounds and had been bludgeoned, he said.

She was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center.

“It’s been 15 to 18 years since we’ve had a something this violent,” Newsome said.

Newsome said police believe the suspects, Cadedra L. Cook, 18, of the residence, and a 15-year-old juvenile ordered a pizza from Domino’s and they killed Hutcheson when she delivered it.

Murder warrants have been issued for both, but police have not yet found either.

Police do not have a motive and do not know if drugs were involved, he said.

“I feel rather confident we know what happened. We don’t know why,” Newsome said.

He said police discovered Hutcheson by chance just moments after the attack.

“Cedartown police was working a traffic stop in the 100 block of Thompson Street and officers heard frantic screaming,” he said. “They could tell it was something serious so they abandoned the traffic stop to go find it.”

Newsome said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has assisted the city in the case from the beginning and Cedartown is also receiving help from the Polk County Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbors to 229 Thompson St. said they are shocked at the brutal killing of a pizza deliver person Thursday night.

“I can’t sleep. I have to go to work, but I’ve been up all night,” one neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

“It’s just a shock that it happened so close to home,” another neighbor, who also didn’t want to be identified, said.

One said she saw police lights when Cedartown officers made a traffic stop on the street, just 50 feet from where Elizabeth Hutcheson, 27, was killed.

“I came out on the porch. Police had a car pulled over and then I heard someone screaming for help,” she said.

“They walked up there and she was laying halfway in the house, half on the porch.”

No one said they saw the attack where Hutcheson was stabbed multiple times and bludgeoned to death.

Police are still looking for Cadedra Cook, 18, and a 15-year-old juvenile suspected in the attack.

No motive has been determined and police are not speculating on whether the brutal slaying was premeditated.

Polk County Jail reports indicate that Cook, who was living at 1019 Jones St., Cedartown, was arrested March 19 on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and interference with custody.

It is unknown whether the minor in that case is the same one suspected in Thursday’s homicide.

She was released on bond March 20.

Cook’s Facebook page stated she was originally from Marietta and had ties to Aragon and had more than 200 virtual friends. It also lists her as a Rockmart High School graduate and married.

Domino’s Pizza was supposed to open at 11 a.m. on Friday, but remained closed, locked with opening lights off. Although four cars were parked on the lot, no one was in the building.

Calls made to the local franchise owner and to Domino’s corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., have not yet been returned.

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Fayette County Georgia Sheriff’s Department Attack Dog Gets Loose At 3am And Tries To Eat A Wal-Mart Employee

June 9, 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA – An employee of a Fayetteville Wal-Mart is recovering from injuries sustained when a police dog attacked him outside the store, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The incident happened about 2 a.m. Thursday when the worker, Mang Dieke, stepped outside to take a coffee break. As he sat on an outside bench near a Fayette County Sheriff’s K-9 officer’s SUV, a door of the vehicle popped open, and a Belgian Malinois leaped out.

The 52-year-old Dieke, of Riverdale, told Channel 2 that the dog immediately attacked him, latching onto his arm.

“The only thing I was thinking was to try to get away,” he said.

Store surveillance video showed Dieke struggling with the animal, dragging him by the collar into the store.

“The dog wouldn’t let go,” he said. “It wouldn’t let go.”

The dog’s handler, who had left the canine locked in a holding pen of the SUV when he went into the Wal-Mart to use a restroom, rushed over to the commotion and restrained the dog. Dieke’s clothes were ripped, and he sustained deep bites to his stomach, chest, arm and groin.

Fayette Sheriff’s deputies were puzzled at the dog’s behavior, saying it had 16 hours of training every month and had never shown aggression in public before.

Sheriff’s Maj. Bryan Woodie told Channel 2, “The dog obviously thought the victim was a threat of some sort. I don’t know why.”

Deputies also could not explain why the SUV’s door lock malfunctioned, allowing the door to open. A remote control has two recessed push buttons to guard against accidental openings. But the lock’s manufacturer told the Sheriff’s Office after the incident that the remote was subject to radio frequency interference.

“So it could have been some kid playing with a garage door opener, [or] somebody else in the parking lot unlocking or locking their door,” Sheriff’s Lt. Dan Thambert said. Sheriff’s deputies said they would replace the remotes with a newer model.

The change comes too late for Dieke, who wanted to know after the attack, “Why could they not contain their own dog in the public?”

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Former DeKalb County Georgia Detective Anthony A. Robinson Has Active State Certification After Conviction For Stealing From Convience Store 3 Years Ago

May 30, 2012

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORIGA – A former DeKalb County police detective was still eligible to be a sworn officer, despite being convicted of stealing from a convenience store more than three years ago, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council only on Tuesday learned that Anthony A. Robinson was no longer a cop and that a court order required him to surrender his certification.

Officials for the state agency that certifies police say a new state law can prevent such oversights in the future.

“It’s already working,” Georgia P.O.S.T. executive director Ken Vance said.

Robinson, 42, pleaded guilty in February 2009 to violating his oath as an officer and theft by taking, after he was caught on film in 2008 taking money and lottery tickets during a police raid.

As part of his three-year probation, he was directed to not “work as a police officer and surrender [his] certification as a law enforcement officer.”

But before Tuesday, Robinson’s status was listed on the P.O.S.T. database as “in good standing.”

“Nobody thought to notify P.O.S.T.,” Vance said.

Reached by phone by the AJC Wednesday, Robinson declined to comment. But he told Channel 2 Action News that “I didn’t know I was supposed to report [the arrest].”

As part of their certification process, all sworn police officers are required to notify P.O.S.T. any time they are arrested for offenses that are not traffic-related, Vance said. The agency then investigates to determine if the officer can keep his or her arrest powers.

“They know that,“ Vance said. “They are taught that in school, but they generally conveniently forget. [Robinson] didn’t report.”

Notifying P.O.S.T. is important, Vance said, to prevent cops who’ve lost their jobs due to criminal behavior from being hired somewhere else as a sworn officer.

At the time of Robinson’s arrest, he was held solely responsible for reporting it to P.O.S.T., Vance said. But the DeKalb Police Department was required to report that Robinson had resigned in lieu of termination, which Vance said did not happen.

DeKalb County Police Chief William O’Brien told Channel 2 that the reporting likely slipped through the cracks under the previous administration.

P.O.S.T. is supposed to be notified within 15 days of an officer being arrested, officials say.

“Two things were in place that failed,” Vance said. “Large agencies many times get overwhelmed and may overlook these things. But the more you pass on the problem, the bigger the problem gets. Then you have something bad that happens … and the agency gets the liability.”

Now, police agencies also are held responsible to report an officer’s criminal misconduct to P.O.S.T.

But that process did not work in November when DeKalb officers Blake Andrew Norwood and Arthur Parker III were arrested for allegedly beating a handcuffed teen, and subsequently resigned to avoid being fired.

Both were indicted earlier this month, along with DeKalb police Sgt. Anthony Remone Robinson, for that incident and for allegedly beating three other shackled juveniles.

P.O.S.T. officials say neither the arrested officers – Parker and Norwood – nor DeKalb Police leaders reported the arrests or resignations.

Vance says a new law is in place that requires a three-tier reporting system.

The arrested officer, the officer’s law enforcement agency and the arresting agency are now required to report to police. Conversely, P.O.S.T. is required to report to respective police chiefs, prosecutors and judges when an officer’s certification comes under scrutiny.

Vance noted only one problem with the new law, however. “There’s really no culpability for the agency or the agency head” that fails to report misconduct, he said.

Still, the law has already begun to work, Vance said. “We have about 200 more cases in the field that we’re having to work than we did prior to the law,” he said.

Robinson told Channel 2 that even though he might have been able to apply for, and get, another policing job since pleading guilty to the 2008 theft, he’s made no effort to work again in law enforcement.

Vance said Robinson could apply for reinstatement, but the chances would be slim.

“But because of that lapse, and his non-reporting, that’s going to make it that much tougher for him to stand in front of the P.O.S.T. council and say, ‘I really would like my certification back,’” Vance said.

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Veteran DeKalb County Georgia Police Officer Sgt. Jerry R. Banks Arrested For Interfering With Police Investigation

May 26, 2012

TUCKER, GEORGIA – Police in DeKalb County arrested a fellow officer who they said interfered with a police investigation in Lithonia on Friday.

Police said they were looking into reports of terroristic threats involving Cherise McMoore, 33, of Lithonia. While at her home in the 6700 block of Browns Mill Ferry Road in Lithonia Friday, McMoore came home with who police described as her companion, 42-year-old Sgt. Jerry R. Banks.

Investigators said Banks was taken into custody after they said he interfered with their investigation.

Banks has been charged with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers. McMoore was also taken into custody, and has been charged with terroristic threats and acts.

Police said Banks has been an officer with the DeKalb County Police Department since 1994.

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Pedophile Gwinnett County Georiga Police Officer David D. Lowe Arrested, Quits, Charged After Targeting Children By Posting Pornography – Moron Had Just Graduated Police Academy

May 26, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – Gwinnett County Police arrested one of their own Friday.

In a release, GCPD announced the arrest of David D. Lowe. The 26-year-old Lowe graduated from the police academy earlier this month.

Lowe is charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors. Investigators are looking into additional charges.

GCPD’s Special Victims Unit received a tip from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations about explicit video on the website MyYearbook.com, a site designed for use by minors. The site allows users to create a profile and only interact with people in their age range.

For example, if a 14-year-old creates a profile, they will only be able to interact with users between the age of 13 and 16.

The tip from GBI showed that an unknown person had created an account on the website and was sharing adult videos with minors.

GCPD’s SVU was lead to Lowe’s home based on this information. Police obtained a search warrant for their fellow officer and conducted a search on his home and computers Friday.

Lowe was arrested and will be taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

After his arrest, GCPD says Lowe was presented with a “notification of intent to terminate.” Lowe opted to resign instead.

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340 Pound Beast Punched, Spit At, And Pepper Sprayed Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store Workers In Effort To Steal Groceries

May 25, 2012

ATHENS, GEORGIA – The Georgia woman, 26, was so determined to shoplift beer, bacon, cheese, and chicken wings from a Piggly Wiggly that she punched, spit at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who confronted her as she tried to flee the supermarket Wednesday afternoon, according to cops.

Appling, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, allegedly hid items worth $88.27 in a canvas bag. She “attempted to check out, only putting one item on the counter,” according to a worker quoted in an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report.

When a Piggly Wiggly employee–who had been tipped to the pilfering by a shopper–asked Appling about the concealed items, she tried to exit the store. After worker Jonathan Orr tried to stop Appling, she “pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed him in the face.”

Appling kept spraying as several workers tried to keep her from fleeing. The 340-pound Appling also allegedly punched Orr in the face and spit on the 28-year-old employee. As she successfully bolted from the Athens store, Appling “was dropping beer cans out of her purse.”

Responding to a 911 call, a cop reported spotting “a very large black female in a purple dress standing there screaming at two store employees” who followed her outside the Piggly Wiggly, which was filled with a choking cloud of pepper spray. Police then arrested Appling, whose rap sheet includes several prior shoplifting convictions and outstanding arrest warrants in three Georgia counties.

Cops prepared an inventory of the items Appling sought to swipe: five packages of cheese; eight cans of Coors Light; vegetable oil; chicken wings; and five packages of bacon. As first reported by the Athens Banner Herald, she was charged with a variety of crimes, including aggravated assault, theft, simple battery, and disorderly conduct.

While in police custody, Appling told a cop to add whatever charges he wanted “because she was going to plea bargain and half of the charges would be dropped anyway,” according to the report. She also asked Officer Nathaniel Franco if her arrest would make the police blotter, requesting that the cop make his report “more interesting so that her arrest would make” the department’s compendium of notable incidents.

The unemployed–and now incarcerated–Appling “also commented that store personnel shouldn’t chase people like that because they could get themselves hurt.” Or shoplifters could get busted.

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Seven School Buses Crash On Interstate 20 In Georgia On Way To Six Flags

May 19, 2012

NEWTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – A crash involving multiple school buses on I-20 has injured a bus driver and 43 students, Newton County emergency officials said.

One bus driver has been transported to the hospital, CBS Affiliate WGCL reports.

Lt. Tyrone Oliver, Newton County Sheriff spokesman, said the driver had non-life threatening injuries. No child was seriously hurt.

The students were from Burke County Middle School in Waynesboro. The group was reportedly on its way to Six Flags theme park.

The cause of the accident was not clear.

An official at Newton County Medical Center said the injuries are minor, mostly bumps and bruises (referred to as “ambulatory treatments”) and that the students will be released to their parents.

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Veteran Macon Georgia Police Officer Sgt. John Horton Charged With Exposing Himself And Salon While His Wife Was Getting Her Hair Done

May 19, 2012

MACON, GEORGIA – A Macon police officer was charged with indecent exposure Friday afternoon on allegations that he exposed himself at Hair & Nail Salon, 4646 Forsyth Road, on April 30.

Sgt. John Horton, 42, was arrested at noon Friday on a warrant signed by a Bibb County Superior Court judge the same day, according to the arrest warrant. He was released on a $1,300 bond about an hour later, according to jail records.

The Macon Police Department is investigating the incident, according to the document.

Lars Anderson, Horton’s attorney, said Horton denies “in every shape and form that he exposed himself” at the salon on April 30 or any other day.

The incident is alleged to have occurred while Horton’s wife was “getting her hair done” and in the presence of his wife and children, Anderson said.

When the case goes to court, Horton’s wife will be there to deny that Horton exposed himself, he said.

Anderson said the indecent exposure charge is a misdemeanor.

Horton, who is assigned to the police pawn unit, declined comment Friday.

The owner of Hair & Nail Salon also declined comment, citing the police investigation.

Horton has been suspended for five days pending termination, according to police, who didn’t release details about the incident Friday.

Horton has been employed by the police department for 15 years, according to a roster of employees.

“He has a long record of service with the Macon Police Department and (the case) will be thoroughly and fairly investigated,” said Jami Gaudet, police spokeswoman.

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Fulton County Georgia Fired Two 911 Operators For Getting Pregnant

May 18, 2012

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Two women gave birth to two healthy girls two years ago. But before that, they both lost their jobs as Fulton County 911 operator trainees because of their pregnancies, they said.

After a lengthy investigation, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission agreed with them that they were discriminated against, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Now, Leeneeka Bell and Que’ana Morris say they plan to file a lawsuit against Fulton County.

The women told Channel 2 that they were pregnant with complications during their training.

Morris said her supervisor told her, “Once you rectify your problem which is your pregnancy then you can come back.”

The women said co-workers with the Department of Emergency Services had reason to worry.

“I think a lot of people got scared if they were thinking of becoming pregnant,” Bell said. “The story was, ‘Look what happened to the other two.'”

A statement from a Fulton County representative to Channel 2 said, “Fulton County is a progressive and inclusive employer that fully complies with relevant federal laws as well as our own internal policies and procedures. At no time did Fulton County take any prohibited action against the employees in question.”

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Former Talbotton Georgia Police Chief Michael Howard Pleads Guity To Lying To Federal Agents For A Slap On The Wrist

May 12, 2012

TALBOTTON, GEORGIA – A former Talbotton, Ga., police chief convicted of lying to federal agents during a corruption investigation was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison.

Michael Howard, 43, pleaded guilty in January to providing false statements to the FBI. He was one of five law enforcement officers arrested in a federal corruption sting that involved deputies extorting or taking bribes from people they believed were drug dealers.

Prosecutors said Howard, the son of former sheriff Herman Howard, lied about an encounter he had with an undercover informant. That informant, who posed as a drug dealer, told Howard he had $15,000 and would be traveling through Talbot County to buy drugs.

The informant asked if Howard would be interested in providing cover. Howard said he was, but declined the offer because he wasn’t in uniform at the time and couldn’t be of assistance, a plea agreement states.

Howard, however, told the FBI he hadn’t been shown the drug money.

“This is about making a statement to the officers,” said defense attorney Richard Hagler on Tuesday.

Noting his client’s minor involvement, Hagler suggested home confinement as a punishment. U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land then asked about Howard’s job at the time he lied.

Attorneys told Land that Howard was the police chief and also served as a part-time deputy.

“I do not think a sentence at the bottom of the guideline range is appropriate,” Land responded.

Howard faced up to six months in prison. In addition to sentencing Howard to six months, Land also ordered he pay a $1,000 fine and serve three years’ probation.

Three other former law enforcement officiers implicated in the sting have been sentenced. Former part-time deputy Charlie Stephens was sentenced to just less than three years in prison. Jeff P. Sivell and Alvin K. Malone each were sentenced to about 3½ years in prison.

The case against Michael Gamble, a county jailer the Georgia Bureau of Investigation accused of accepting bribes, remains open.

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Newton County Georgia Sheriff’s Department Arrested And Jailed Couple For “Loitering” And “Prowling” At Their Newly Purchased Home – After Neighbor Held Them At Gunpoint

April 22, 2012

NEWTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating why a couple was confronted at gunpoint by neighbors and then arrested and forced to spend the night in jail when they tried to move into the home they had just purchased, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The Kalonji family had just closed on a foreclosed home and were told by their real estate agent they should go over to the house and change the locks.

But when Jean Kalonji and his wife, Angelica, started working at the home, an armed man and another person who appeared to be the man’s son allegedly confronted them.

“He say to put the hands up and get out from the house, otherwise he would shoot us,” the husband told Channel 2.

The neighbors didn’t believe the couple when they told them they had bought the home and called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. The Kalonjis didn’t have the closing papers with them, so deputies arrested them, charged them with loitering and prowling and took them to jail.

Yvette Harris, the couple’s real estate agent, said they never should have been arrested.

“They rightfully own this house,” Harris said.

Kalonji, who grew up in the Congo, said the experience brought back painful memories.

“There, they put me down with the gun to my head, and come here, the same,” he said.

Mark Mitchell, spokesman for the Newton Sheriff’s Office, said authorities are “looking into it, exactly what occurred, why it occurred.”

A person at the neighbors’ house said no one wanted to talk to Channel 2 about the incident.

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Crazed Milledgeville Georgia Police Arrested And Handcuffed 6 Year Old Girl For Temper Tantrum

April 17, 2012

MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA – Milledgeville police say they handcuffed an elementary school student for safety after she allegedly threw a tantrum.

According to the police report, kindergartner Salecia Johnson is accused of tearing items off the walls and throwing furniture. The report says the girl knocked over a shelf that injured the principal.
She was crying in the principal’s office at Creekside Elementary before police arrived Friday. The report says when the officer tried to calm the child, she resisted and was cuffed.

“Our policy is that any detainee transported to our station in a patrol vehicle is to be handcuffed in the back. There is no age discrimination on that rule,” said Milledgeville Chief of Police Dray Swicord.

They took the child to the police station where she was charged with simple assault and damage to property. Because of her age, she will not have to go to court.

13WMAZ spoke with several other Central Georgia police and sheriff’s departments. None of them could remember handcuffing a child that young. They say the use of handcuffs would be at the officer’s discretion and based on whether the child is a threat to herself or others.

“A 6-year-old in kindergarten. They don’t have no business calling the police and handcuffing my child,” said Earnest Johnson, Salecia’s father.

“Call the police? Is that the first step? Or is there any other kind of intervention that can be taken to help that child?” asked Candace Ruff.

Police say they tried to contact Johnson’s mother but weren’t able to reach her.

Her mother, Constance Ruff. says her daughter was suspended and cannot return to school until August.

“She has mood swings some days, which all of us had mood swings some days. I guess that was just one of her bad days that day,” said Constance Ruff.

“She might have misbehaved, but I don’t think she misbehaved to the point where she should have been handcuffed and taken downtown to the police department,” said her aunt, Candace Ruff.

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Savannah Georgia Police Officer Sgt. Allan Clairmon Fired After Beating His Wife

April 1, 2012

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – A Savannah police sergeant has been fired after he was arrested on charges related to a dispute with his wife.

Savannah-Chatham County police spokesman Julian Miller says the officer, Sgt. Allan Clairmont, was terminated for “conduct unbecoming of an officer.” He had worked for the department since 2003.

The Savannah Morning News reports Clairmont was arrested Tuesday in neighboring Port Wentworth after his wife reported he forced her to leave a restaurant where she was dining with friends. She told police he later hit her in the face and side several times.

Court papers show the woman filed papers to divorce Clairmont in 2011, but the divorce has not been finalized. It was not known if Clairmont had hired a criminal attorney.

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Texas Gives Special No Death Penalty Deal To Notorious Serial Killer – Killed Newlywed Couple And Hitchhikers Across US – Had Torture Chamber In Back Of His Truck – Averaged 3 Kills A Month In 1990’s

March 30, 2012

TEXAS – A serial killer who set up a torture chamber in his truck and kidnapped mostly female hitchhikers across the United States has admitted murdering a newlywed couple in Texas, according to reports.

Robert Ben Rhoades — already serving a life sentence for the death of a 14-year-old girl in Illinois — this week pleaded guilty in West Texas to killing Patricia Candace Walsh and her husband Scott Zyskowski, both in their 20s, the Deseret News reported.

Prosecutors had agreed not to seek the death penalty in exchange for the pleas and Rhoades, 65, was given two life sentences, the News said.

The paper said Rhoades, a long-haul truck driver, was the subject of the book “Roadside Prey” by Alva Busch.

In his cab was “a type of dungeon with handcuffs on the ceiling,” the News reported. In 1996, the Tucson Weekly, citing officials, said it was believed that Rhoades had been killing an average of three women a month by the early 1990s.

The Associated Press reported the couple, from Seattle, were hitchhiking to Georgia to preach the Christian gospel, when they took a ride from Rhoades near El Paso, Texas in early 1990.

FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said investigations concerning Rhoades were continuing.

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Sparta Georgia Police Officer Travis T. Edwards Arrested And Charged With Dog Fighting And Cruelty To Animals

March 13, 2012

SPARTA, GEORGIA – The GBI arrested a Sparta police officer and charged him with dogfighting and cruelty to animals, the agency said Tuesday.

Officer Travis T. Edwards, 33, was taken into custody Monday after an investigation led police to his Hancock County home, about 100 miles east of Atlanta, the GBI said. Authorities said they found several pit bull dogs, which were confiscated.

Special agent in charge Tom Davis said the GBI received information that prompted them to seek a search warrant from the district attorney’s office.

Davis wouldn’t disclose the role Edwards allegedly played in dogfighting. The officer was arrested at the Sparta police headquarters, Davis said.

Another man, Reginald Rayshon Shivers, 42, of Milledgeville, was also arrested and charged with dogfighting and cruelty to animals.

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Veteran Richmond County Georgia Deputy Sheriff Jason Evans Suspended For Just Three Days After Kicking Man In The Chin

March 2, 2012

RICHMOND COUNTY, GEORGIA – A Richmond County deputy was suspended for three days and put on probation for 12 months for kicking a man in the chin.

Deputy Jason Evans was responding to a call on Feb. 16 when a man became “verbally abusive” and Evans kicked him in the chin, Sheriff Ronnie Strength said.

The man was not hurt badly enough to require medical attention and Strength said Evans has not had discipline issues in the past. Evans has been on the force since 2005.

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Former Columbus Georgia Police Officer Edward Pascucci Pleads Guilty To Robbing Bank – Didn’t Want To Be Homeless – Wanted Health Care At Taxpayer Expense In Federal Prison

February 26, 2012

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA – A former Columbus police officer admitted in court that he robbed a bank last year so he can get health benefits being in a federal prison.

Edward Pascucci told U.S. District Court Judge Clay D. Land Thursday that he was facing “severe health problems” and homelessness when he decided to rob the Citizens Trust Bank last August, according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

“I didn’t want to be homeless,” Pascucci said, according to the paper. “I should not have manipulated the justice system, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get help.”

The FBI said Pascucci walked out of the bank with more than $1,000, according to WTVM-TV. He was jobless for more than a year when the crime occurred.

Pascucci – who served as a police officer for 15 years – was sentenced to five years and three months in prison.

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Walton County Georgia Deputy Sheriff Thaddeus Lloyd Suspended After Pictures Of Him, Patrol Car, And Nearly Nude Woman Surface On Cell Phone Confiscated In State Prison And On The Internet

February 14, 2012

WALTON COUNTY, GEORGIA – Thaddeus Lloyd, a deputy sheriff senior with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, was suspended with pay last week after pictures of him in front a patrol car with his hands on a woman nude from the waist down surfaced on a cell phone confiscated in a state prison.

Lloyd has worked at the sheriff’s office since Dec. 27, 2006, but was working with the Clarkston Police Department when the photo was reportedly taken 11 years ago.

“We were notified by the (Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police) about the incident and soon after the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council said they were beginning an investigation on it, so he was suspended pending the outcome of that,” Sheriff Joe Chapman said.

The photo, which Lloyd said was taken when he was off duty, has been posted on Myspace and Facebook and the law enforcement officer said the picture was never intended to be made public.

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DeKalb County Georgia Police Officer T.J. Crumpton “Reprimanded” After Beating Motorist During Bogus Arrest

February 2, 2012

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA – A DeKalb County police officer has been reprimanded for using excessive force and being unprofessional when arresting a man in October 2010, internal department documents show.

According to a DeKalb County Police internal affairs investigation acquired by Channel 2 Action News, Officer T.J. Crumpton slammed Brian J. Peterson into an SUV, a police car and to the ground while Peterson was handcuffed.

“I hit the concrete. I feel blood running down my face. Once we get to the patrol car he throws me into it full speed and then he throws me on the ground,” Peterson told Channel 2.

Peterson encountered Crumpton on the night of Oct. 20, 2010, while Crumpton was working an off-duty, part-time job at a Memorial Drive bar.

Crumpton charged Peterson with public drunkenness, felony interference with government property (kicking a squad car, the initial incident report says), giving a false name to police and obstruction.

While one person interviewed during the internal affairs investigation supported Crumpton’s assertion, two DeKalb officers told internal affairs investigators that Crumpton was too heavy-handed.

“She saw [Crumpton] throw the suspect into the passenger’s side of a black SUV in the parking lot, causing a dent,” the IA report said Officer S. Harvey stated during an interview. “After arriving at the [police] vehicle, officer Crumpton threw the suspect into the driver’s side rear of the vehicle causing a dent. Officer Crumpton then threw the suspect on the ground causing an injury to his face/head.”

Crumpton’s attorney, Tessie Edwards, declined to comment when reached by phone Thursday.

When taking a lie detector test during the internal investigation, police determined that Crumpton was dishonest when he denied using profanity while arresting Peterson and slamming the man into the two vehicles, according to the internal report.

Peterson spent five days in jail and eventually lost his job as an insurance broker because of the felony charge, his attorney Mark Bullman said in a letter threatening litigation and sent to the department last autumn. The charges against his client, Bullman said, were bogus.

“No one at DCPD has done anything to have the arrest voided and the charges dismissed, despite having overwhelming evidence that no such crime occurred,” Bullman said in the Oct. 17 letter. “Mr. Peterson will be seeking damages associated with loss of his job and income.”

In an interview with Channel 2, Bullman said, “They know Brian did not do this from every witness we spoke to, except officer Crumpton. … There is absolutely no excuse for that man to have been remaining at the department, none.”

The DeKalb County District Attorney’s office dropped charges against Peterson in November 2011. Speaking about the arrest, the loss of his job and what he had to say to his family, Peterson told Channel 2, “It was embarrassing. It was very hard.”

DeKalb police suspended Crumpton for 10 hours.

“For violating federal and state laws and DCPD policy, DCPD saw fit to give Crumpton a day off without pay,” Bullman said of Crumpton’s punishment in his letter. “This response is ludicrous.”

According to personnel records obtained by Channel 2, Crumpton has more than 30 infractions, internal investigations or complaints, including 10 incidences of excessive use of force dating back to 2005.

And one police major, reviewing a 2009 infraction for taking a part-time job without department permission and as a result being unwilling to report on another officer’s excessive force, recommended Crumpton be fired.

“In review of IA’s three-year disciplinary history of Officer Crumpton, he has repeatedly shown a patter of misconduct that is indicative of someone who consistently uses poor judgment time and again,” Maj. Lionel G. Higdon said in a June 3, 2009 letter to Deputy Chief G.R. Horner obtained by Channel 2.

At that time, Crumpton had amassed four counseling letters and more than two weeks of unpaid suspension between 2007 and 2009 for offenses ranging from insubordination to neglect of duty.

In his letter, Bullman argued that Crumpton should face criminal charges, citing the officer’s history of getting into trouble.

“Crumpton clearly violated Georgia law by false swearing in his affidavits to obtain the felony and other warrants, which he knew were not supported by the facts,” Bullman said. “If anyone should have been arrested for the events of that evening, it is Officer Crumpton.”

The District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case, but no charges have been filed against Crumpton, a spokesman said.

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Dekalb County Georgia “Officer Of The Month” Ghayth Abdul-Mughnee Arrested, Fired, Charged With Drugs And Stealing From Those He Arrested

January 26, 2012

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA – A DeKalb County police “Officer of the Month” who was charged with stealing from people he had arrested has been fired, the department said Thursday.

Officer Ghayth Abdul-Mughnee, on the force for four years, was arrested Wednesday on a warrant charging him with theft by taking, possession of marijuana and violation of his oath of office. He was taken to DeKalb police headquarters in handcuffs.

Asked if he stole, the 30-year-old Abdul-Mughnee told Channel 2 Action News, “No, I’m innocent.”

“My girlfriend is setting me up,” he said.

The officer had been placed on administrative leave, and additional charges were pending, police said.

The investigation against him began when officers responded to a domestic call shortly after 2 a.m. Monday at the Abdul-Mughnee’s Lithonia home. The officer’s live-in girlfriend, Shawte White, told police about the alleged thefts as she was being arrested for simple assault.

Police said Abdul-Mughnee would bring items home from work that belong to people he arrested. Investigators said they found in the officer’s home a laptop computer, cell phone and iPod, as well as several bank cards and banking information.

The 33-year-old White also told investigators her boyfriend brought home marijuana he had seized from suspects, police said.

A police car Abdul-Mughnee had been allowed to take home as part of his Officer of the Month commendation for December was impounded as evidence.

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MARTA Police Officer Willie Clarence Lee Jr. Arrested In DeKalb County, Charged With Child Molestation And Sexual Exploitation

January 5, 2012

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA – The DeKalb County Police Department’s Special Victim’s Unit on Wednesday arrested MARTA police officer Willie Clarence Lee Jr., 46, on charges of child molestation and sexual exploitation. The unit began its investigation after text messages and a pornographic image were found on the cellphone of a 14-year-old girl, according to a DeKalb police press release.

The girl’s caretaker filed a report with DeKalb Police on Monday. Investigators believe that Lee, an ex-boyfriend of a family member of the victim, has been involved with the girl for five years, police said. He was given a $10,000 bond at a court appearance Wednesday. Clayton County Police assisted in the investigation.

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Veteran Lincoln County Georgia Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Darryl Bently Suspended Amid Investigation

November 27, 2011

LINCOLN COUNTY, GEORGIA – WJBF News Channel 6 has learned that a deputy with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office has been suspended.

Sheriff Gerald Lawson says Sgt. Darryl Bently has been with the department since 2005.

Bently was suspended after a complaint came in from a citizen.

Lawson says Bently has been suspended with pay until an internal investigation is complete.

The GBI is investigating.

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