Fired Hopewell Virginia Police Officer Bobby CoPenny Jr. Arrested After Standoff, Charged With Abducting 18 Year Old Girl

June 17, 2012

DINWIDDIE, VIRGINIA – A former Hopewell police officer was arrested after barricading himself in a home, ensuing a police standoff that lasted more than an hour Wednesday afternoon.

Bobby CoPenny Jr. was taken into police custody Wednesday after police said he barricade himself inside a home in the 5000 block of Moody Dr. around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said special agents with the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Richmond Field Office, were attempting to serve an indictment on CoPenny Jr. when the incident occurred.

While police attempted to serve the warrant, CoPenny Jr. barricaded himself inside the home and refused to come out, according to police.

The standoff lasted approximately 90 minutes before police said CoPenny Jr. surrendered peacefully.

The indictment came after the City of Hopewell Police Department requested the Virginia State Police investigate an abduction allegation involving CoPenny Jr. The abduction occurred January 13, 2012 in the 1500 block of Piper Square Dr. and involved an 18-year-old female, according to police.

“The Hopewell Police Department immediately responded and conducted a preliminary administrative investigation when informed of this allegation on January 17, 2012 involving CoPenny,” said Chief John Keohane, City of Hopewell Police. “This is a very serious crime and will not be tolerated in our department as such actions degrade the public’s trust of its officers who are sworn to serve and protect.”

CoPenny, Jr. was terminated from his position as an officer with the Hopewell Police Department following a June 12 grand jury indictment on one felony count of abduction with the intent to defile.

Following the Wednesday standoff, CoPenny Jr. was taken to the Dinwiddie County Jail for further processing and is being held without bond pending a June 27 arraignment in the City of Hopewell Circuit Court.

There were no injuries during the incident Wednesday, and Virginia State Police continue to investigate the situation.

CoPenny had been employed with the City of Hopewell Police Department as a uniformed officer since 2003. He was suspended without pay on January 26, 2012 and terminated from employment on February 3, 2012 based upon several department policy violations regarding this incident.

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Former Columbus Ohio Police Officer Brad E. Hare Charged With Abduction And Robbery

May 27, 2012

COLUMBUS, OHIO – A Columbus man is speaking out about the encounter that lead him to chase down a former Columbus Police Officer now charged with abduction and robbery.

According to police, 39-year-old Brad E. Hare stole a car last Thursday before later having an altercation with a young woman in Iuka Park.

Jess Peacock lives across the street from the park. He says he frequently hears screams around his home but last Thursday, he heard a bone chilling scream that he knew was different.

When he went outside Peacock says he saw several people huddled around a young woman in the park. Brad Hare ran past Peacock. The people in the park indicated the woman was fine but to chase after Hare.

Peacock says acting on instinct he began chasing Hare, while barefoot. Peacock and a few other men eventually cornered Hare and waited until police arrived.

Hare is a former Columbus Police officer who was involved in a shooting back in 2006. No charges were ever filed against Hare or the other officer involved in the shooting.

Peacock says detectives came to interview him after the incident and told him that Hare had struggled in life since the officer involved shooting. Peacock says he has compassion for Hare.

“Not that he shouldn’t be held accountable for anything that he did…he has a sad story and it makes you feel for the guy. Looking at him I guess what I think is I hope he can find some sort of redemption,” Peacock said.

Hare is next scheduled to be in court on June 1st.

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