Justice: Town Supports Shiner Texas Hero Who Beat Man To Death After He Caught Him Sexually Assaulting His 5 Year Old Daughter – Sheriff: “You Have A Right To Defend Your Daughter.”

June 14, 2012

SHINER, TEXAS – Shiner is a place you can raise your cattle and chickens under the hot Texas sun, cool off with a bottle from the Lone Star State’s oldest independent brewery, then go to bed knowing all your neighbors and believing that you’ll be safe.

But a few days ago, one of its trademark ranches turned into a crime scene. That’s when a father reportedly spotted a man sexually assaulting his 5-year-old daughter, then beat the alleged abuser to death.

In a community that prides itself as being peaceful, a place where things like this just don’t happen, there is a sweeping consensus that justice was served.

“Any father would have done that,” Michael James Veit, whose son graduated with the father from Shiner High School in 2007 and who now lives across the road from the ranch where the killing took place, said Thursday. “Everybody is saying the father is justified.”

According to the Lavaca County Sheriff’s office, the 23-year-old father and his family were enjoying a barbecue last Saturday at their ranch on Shiner’s outskirts where they keep horses and chickens.

His young daughter had gone off toward the barn, to feed the chickens, the child’s grandfather — who isn’t being named, to protect the identity of his granddaughter — told CNN affiliates KSAT and KPRC.

Then her father heard screaming and ran. He found a 47-year-old man in the act of sexually abusing his daughter, according to Sheriff Mica Harmon.

The father stopped the alleged abuser, then pounded him repeatedly in the head.

“I jumped the fence and saw the man on the ground,” the grandfather said of what he first saw. “At that point, I didn’t know if he was dead or not.”

Authorities did, in fact, pronounce the alleged abuser dead. Lavaca County Precinct Judge Alene Lyons said Monday that a preliminary autopsy report show he “died from blunt-force head and neck injuries,” adding toxicology report results should be back in six weeks.

Sheriff Harmon described the victim as an acquaintance of the family, known for his horse-grooming abilities. He has not yet been publicly identified by authorities.

The father himself called 911, telling them that his daughter’s alleged abuser was lying, beaten, on the ground. Afterward, the sheriff said that the admitted killer appeared “very remorseful” and didn’t know the other man would die at the scene.

Asked whether authorities would press charges against the father, the sheriff responded, “You have a right to defend your daughter. He acted in defense of his third person. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney, who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him.”

Neighbors portrayed the father as hard-working, friendly and polite, the type of guy who reliably addresses others as “Sir.”

“He’s not a violent guy, he’s never been in any trouble in his life,” said Veit of a man he described as a single father who worked nobly to make ends meet. “He’s a good, honest, hard-working kid.”

Most any violence is unexpected in Shiner, a community between Houston and San Antonio that has about 2,000 people within its city limits and another 1,500 or so on its outskirts, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Billing itself as the “Cleanest Little City in Texas,” Shiner is known for the Spoetzl Brewery, a wire and plastics company, not to mention its acres upon acres of plains and farms. Veit calls it “a small-town community,” filled with folks who may not be wealthy but who work hard and look out for one another.

“Nothing ever happens, there’s never any murders here,” Veit said. “Everybody knows everybody, and gets along with everybody. (This killing) is a real big shock.”

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Hero Gets A Tiny Slap On The Wrist After Her Tuna Sandwiches Sent 47 Police Officers To The Hospital – LOL

December 8, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, UK – A former British cafe owner was ordered to wear an electronic tag as punishment for poisoning 47 cops with contaminated tuna sandwiches, the Birmingham Mail reported Tuesday.

Cops ordered 100 sandwiches from Muriel Morris’ Meal Machine cafe in Birmingham, central England, on July 3 last year so they had something to eat while policing a demonstration.

But Morris sent them contaminated tuna and chicken sandwiches that made 47 cops ill, with some feeling so sick they thought they were going to die when they were on the way to the hospital for treatment.

Morris, 70, of Birmingham, 120 miles north of London, admitted to four charges of breaching food hygiene regulations in Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. She sold the cafe and retired after poisoning the cops, the court heard.

One officer said in a statement to the court he felt so sick that “I thought my life was coming to an end.”

District judge Robert Zara ordered Morris to wear an electronic tag and obey an overnight curfew. He also imposed a four-month suspended sentence.

The poisoned cops were policing demonstrations between right-wing English Defense League protestors and anti-fascism groups.

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Hero Sued, Then Beat The Shit Out Of Priest Who Molested Him And His Brother

October 30, 2010

CALIFORNIA – In an interview with the Mercury News eight years a, William Lynch said that he was so angry at the priest he had sued for molesting him as a child that “I could kill him with my bare hands.”

Lynch surrendered today to Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies who suspect him of tracking the Rev. Jerold Lindner to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos in May and pummeling the 65-year-old retired cleric so badly that he ended up in the hospital.

Lynch, 44, of San Francisco, was booked on suspicion of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, a felony, and was given a bail of $25,000. There is no scheduled arraignment.

The retired priest’s condition after the attack was unclear today and he could not be reached for comment.

The vigilante attack on Lindner reportedly happened May 10, when Lynch called the Jesuit retirement home, identifying himself as “Eric.” He pretending to have a “death notification” for the elderly priest, officials said.

The person who answered the phone confirmed Linder was there.

Lynch then showed up and confronted the priest.

“Do you remember me?” he reportedly said.

The priest said he didn’t.

Then, Lynch allegedly said “You abused me and my brother.”

And then he attacked, sheriff’s officials said, beating Lindner with his fists so badly that he left Lidner’s body covered with bruises.

After Lynch fled, police were called. Lynch was reportedly
interviewed by deputies on Oct. 18.

Soon afterward, Lynch’s surrender was arranged through his attorney.

Santa Clara County sheriff’s did not have an immediate answer why it took so long to find Lynch, who had sued Lindner for the abuse years ago.

Lynch could not be reached for comment Friday.

But in 2002, Lynch told the Mrecury News that he has suffered decades of psychological trauma and attempted suicide over his abuse.

Lynch accused Lindner of abusing he and his brother when during a church-led, family camping trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1975.

He said he and his then-4-year-old brother were sodomized by Lindner, forced to perform sexual acts on each other, and told they would go to hell if they told anyone what happened.

Lindner was removed from active ministry in Los Angeles in 1997 in response to a civil suit filed by Lynch that year. He was reportedly sent to the Jesuit Center in 2002.

Jesuit officials reportedly agreed to a confidential settlement.

A 2002 Los Angeles Times report said Lindner has abused children, including members of his own family, since the 1950s.

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Zoning Board Won’t Let Man Build On His Land – So He Opens A “Nature Park” For The Homeless

August 24, 2010

SKOWHEGAN, MAINE – Neighbors in a central Maine town are upset that a landowner who can’t build on his quarter-acre parcel has opened up his land as a “nature park” for the homeless.

An 84-year-old homeless man and his Rottweiler have set up camp on the property on Coburn Avenue in Skowhegan, a quiet residential street near downtown. A banner says, “Nature Park, Nature Trails for the Homeless People of Somerset County.”

Neighbors tell the Morning Sentinel the neighborhood is inappropriate for a homeless encampment. They say landowner Bruce Obert, of Norridgewock, is miffed that zoning laws bar him from building on the land.

Obert says since he can’t build, he decided to turn his property into a park for the homeless, complete with a picnic table and portable toilet.

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