2 On 1: Savage Black Beasts Attack White Woman Ordering Lunch In Denver Colorado McDonalds Drive-Thru

May 22, 2012

DENVER, COLORADO – Police are investigating a vicious beating at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Denver.

Shannon, who asked us not to use her last name, was the victim of an attack on May 9 just before noon.

She called our sister station KUSA 9News, and asked for help finding her attackers.

“I don’t feel safe anymore,” Shannon said.

Photo Gallery: Woman attacked at McDonald’s drive-thru

The attack happened in the middle of the busy lunch hour at the McDonald’s on 3300 Colorado Boulevard near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Radio reference recorded dispatchers describing the attack, as multiple 911 calls came in.

“Two black females are inside. They’re fighting inside the car still in the drive-thru,” one dispatcher can be heard saying.

Shannon has been coming to the same drive-thru almost every day for five years without a problem… until this incident.

“I witnessed this young lady throwing trash out of her car and all I said was that it wasn’t cool,” Shannon said.

A few choice words later, Shannon thought the argument was over.

“All of a sudden I was being attacked,” Shannon said.

Two women jumped out of the car in front of her.

“She was right in my window just punching me in my face, pulling my hair,” Shannon said. “She started biting on my hands so severely. I thought she was gonna bite ’em off, actually.”

Then a man jumped out of the car and threw a soda through her window.

“He said, ‘This is for you, you white b—-. This is a grape soda.’ And then they took off,” Shannon said.

The attack happened in plain view of a rooftop security camera, but Denver Police told Shannon the actual beating wasn’t caught on tape.

Investigators won’t release the security video, calling this an “open investigation.”

McDonald’s management has no comment, but say it is cooperating with police.

“If they can do that, they can snap and do something else. Something worse,” Shannon said.

Shannon hopes police find whoever beat her up before they do it again.

“I don’t want anybody else to get hurt like I got hurt,” Shannon said.

The description of the suspects – two black women and one black man – is vague. The best clue police have to go on right now is they were driving a light-blue Cadillac with temporary tags.

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Cumberland County North Carolina Deputy Sheriffs Repeatedly Uses Taser Weapon On Woman In Front Of Her Child – For Blocking McDonalds Drive-Thru

February 6, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA – Deputies used a Taser on a woman who wouldn’t surrender to them after she cut into a McDonald’s drive-through line and then refused to move her car without being served, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Evangeline Marrero Lucca, 37, of the 100 block of Snow Hill Church Road, pulled up to the window of the McDonald’s on Legion Road, near Black and Decker Road, on Friday afternoon and held up the line for about 20 minutes before deputies arrived, said Debbie Tanna, a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

Staff at the restaurant reported that Lucca drove her Ford Taurus to the pickup window, bypassing the order screen and payment window, and tried to order her food there, she said.

“She did not want to wait in line,” Tanna said. “They told her she had to go around and wait like everybody else did and place her order that way, that they weren’t set up at that window to take her order or take her money. … She wasn’t having any of that.”

The woman refused to move her vehicle and became confrontational with the employees, she said.

“When we arrived, she really got mad,” Tanna said.

Attempts to reach Lucca for comment were unsuccessful Friday.

Customer Anthony Rich said he pulled into the parking lot to order lunch and found a long line of cars at the drive-through. He said he got in line and waited, eventually getting up to the first window, where he commented about the long line.

An employee told him the woman was refusing to move, Rich said.

The employee told him the woman frequently comes to the restaurant and cuts in line, and that, “We’re not having it anymore, so we called the cops,” Rich said.

Lisa Powell, who owns the franchise for that McDonald’s location, said in a prepared statement that employees called deputies “after lengthy conversation with the customer” about why her actions were unsafe.

Rich said deputies soon arrived at the scene and ordered Lucca to get out of the car, but she refused. The deputies continued their orders for about 20 minutes, until they finally removed a young girl, he said.

“Two or three officers entered the car with her and started trying to forcibly drag her out of the car, and that’s when you could hear the clicking sound of the Taser one time,” Rich said. “They pulled on her a couple of times, and then they Tased (stunned) her again, and when they Tased (stunned) her the second time, she just flopped out of the car like a fish.”

Lucca was charged with second-degree trespassing. Social workers took custody of her 3-year-old child who was in the car, Tanna said.

Tanna said deputies are not allowed to use Tasers on a person who simply refuses to comply with orders without danger involved, but in this case Lucca was engaging in “threatening behavior.”

“Our top priority was making sure people weren’t hurt because we didn’t know if she was going to drive the car off and run over somebody,” Tanna said. “Then there was the baby in the car we were concerned about.”

The deputies performed a “drive stun” on Lucca, a technique that does not involve firing probes into the target’s skin, she said.

A drive stun involves removing the Taser cartridge and touching the weapon directly on the skin to create a “pain compliance effect,” according to the Fayetteville Police Department’s use of force policy. A drive stun is applied to pressure points on the surface of the skin and allows officers to restrain a suspect without full incapacitation.

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San Francisco California McDonalds Targets The Homeless By Removing Dollar Menu Items

September 7, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Unhappy meals have arrived at a McDonald’s in San Francisco.

Homeless people who hang out at the nearby Golden Gate Park used to get 99-cent burgers at the McDonald’s located at Haight and Stanyan streets in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

But the eatery got rid of its Dollar Menu about a month ago. That move, which McDonald’s called a simple business decision, means items on the menu are now too expensive for the people who spend much of their day hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Items on the Dollar Menu now cost around $1.50.

“I eat less. I have to get more money,” said 29-year-old Nicholas Newhart to The San Francisco Chronicle . He was not happy with the price increase and said, “If I don’t have a dollar and I want food, I just end up going to a trash can.”

Homelessness has been a problem in San Francisco for decades. Tension between business owners and homeless people who hang out on sidewalks in front of their stores and offices has prompted Mayor Gavin Newsom and some Haight Street merchants to support a ballot measure in November that would ban sitting or lying on public sidewalks, The Chronicle reported.

Some homeless people think the more expensive menu is the next logical step in the crackdown, though the move does not affect other McDonald’s in the city.

“That means that the Dollar Menu is a hoax, a fraud, a phony,” Blake Edwards told KGO-TV .

Franchise owner Natalie Gonzales said the speculation as to why she raised prices at her restaurant at Haight and Stanyan streets is “absolutely false.”

“This was a business decision based on a number of contributing factors,” she said.

Customer demand and other factors often lead to franchise owners changing the prices of certain menu items, said Julie Wenger, marketing director for McDonald’s Pacific-Sierra Region.

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