Miami Florida Police Didn’t Consider House Might Have A Back Door – Neighborhood Evacuated As SWAT Team Spends 5 Hours Forcing An Empty Home Into Submission

July 8, 2012

MIAMI, FLORIDA – A suspect remained on the loose Saturday when a SWAT team responding to a what they thought was a barricade situation found the man had left the home.

Miami-Dade officers went in the home on the 10000 block of Southwest 69th Terrace Friday afternoon after learning there might be an armed man inside refusing to leave his home.

Police said the incident began as a domestic dispute between the man, Carlos Guerrero, 36, and his brother. When the rescue squad arrived, they saw Guerrero run toward the house. When police couldn’t make contact with Guerrero, they were concerned he might be barricaded inside and a danger to himself or the community.

“We learned that he is a veteran and there were firearms inside the house,” said Miami-Dade Police Det. Alvaro Zabaleta. “So now, of course, when you add to the formula an individual who has firearms inside the house, refuses to come out, who’s already had a physical confrontation with somebody, then of course that escalates things a little bit.”

Police taped off several blocks surrounding the home and kept dozens of neighbors out of their homes for more than five hours. Other neighbors who were inside before the SWAT team arrived were told to remain inside.

Melissa Morejon was outside the police tape while her mother and son were inside.

“He tried going out earlier but they wouldn’t let her out of her house. They told her to go right back in,” she said.

Morejon spent much of the evening on the phone with her mom who kept her updated on the situation.

“She heard the police trying to negotiate,” Morejon said.

Police are searching for Guerrero to find out what happened. Although neighbors were displaced for hours, police said they had to take every precaution to keep people safe.

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Savage Black Beast Killed While Eating Another Man’s Face In Miami Florida

May 29, 2012

MIAMI, FLORIDA – The crime shocked South Florida and has drawn the attention of the world. A naked man is shot by Miami Police while eating another naked man’s face on the MacArthur Causeway.

As the story quickly went viral across the Internet, some have likened the attack to one by a zombie. Details of the unthinkable attack included police reporting that when they ordered the cannibal to stop, he looked up with blood on his face and growled at officers.

The suspected cannibal has been identified by the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s officer as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene. Eugene may have been homeless at the time of the attack, his last known address was in North Miami.

Since news of the unthinkable attack first broke, the big question has been, why? Why did the man attack the other? Why were they naked? Why did the attacker turn into a cannibal on the causeway?

The president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Armando Aguilar believes the entire incident is the fault of a new drug trend that has led to similar incidents. Emergency room doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital said they too have seen a major increase in cases linked to the street drug called “bath salts” or the new LSD.

“We noticed an increase probably after Ultra Fest,” said emergency room Dr. Paul Adams, at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
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Quota: Miami Florida Police Brass Orders Officers To Arrest 2,000 People Over Memorial Day Weekend

May 23, 2012

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – A reported arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend is causing anger and concern among community activists and union officers in Miami Beach.

Rumors of the quota, which allegedly calls for 2,000 people to be arrested over the holiday weekend, first came to light in an email complaint from the officers’ union. In that email, the union called the quota “aggressive, patently unfair, and unjust.”

Police Chief Raymond Martinez has denied the reports, saying in an email to Local 10, “I want to be clear, there is no arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend or any other day on Miami Beach.”

But the ACLU is also concerned, especially when it comes to protecting civil rights.

“This is a big mistake they’re making,” said ACLU attorney Howard Simon. “Their goal should be zero arrests, not two thousand arrests. If police are going to use arrests not as a last resort, but as a first resort they’re going to make the situation worse.”

They also said police need to use “professional training” to diffuse situations rather than arrest party-goers as a first response.

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Florida State Police And Miami Police At War – Cops Don’t Think They Have To Obey The Same Laws Everyone Else Must Follow

November 9, 2011

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Recently released amateur video of two Florida Highway Patrol troopers apparently speeding down a highway appears to be the latest jab thrown at FHP.

CBS4 News partners Univision say the video was shot by an unidentified police officer, allegedly last Thursday on the Florida Turnpike and given to the press.

It appears to be a direct response to the video leaked last month of FHP Trooper Donna Watts pulling over and briefly detaining Miami Police officer Fausto Lopez at gunpoint for reckless driving while he sped to an off-duty job.

Law enforcement sources say that incident caused major friction between the agencies, and the new video of the speeding troopers appears to be the latest in the slugfest.

FHP Union President Bill Smith told CBS4′s Natalia Zea that his agency would investigate the speeding troopers, if the officer who shot the video would come forward with more information.

“Are your guys being targeted on the street by other officers?” Zea asked Trooper Smith.

“Well you start to get that feeling. You start to get that impression because troopers are not going out looking for police officers in marked cars or unmarked cars, that’s not our goal,” said Trooper Smith.

Rumors of street cops giving payback to FHP troopers abound, and in at least one case an FHP patrol car was vandalized.

Over the weekend, Miami City Commissioner-turned-trooper Joe Sanchez left his Miami home and later discovered his patrol car had human excrement all over the windshield and the side of the car. It appeared to have come from a Port-O-Potty.

“I think it’s just some disgruntled employees of other agencies, hopefully it’s not the City of Miami, I don’t know,” said Trooper Smith, adding that the incident is still under investigation.

Despite this brewing battle, Trooper Smith says everyone behind a badge will help each other when it counts.

“They might glare at each other but I really honestly think they’ll be back there to back each other up.”

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